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Central Gwinnett High School Reviews

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Central Gwinnett High School is a public high school in Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States. The school is operated by Gwinnett County Public Schools. Jordan Middle School and Moore Middle School are its feeders. Central Gwinnett High school had very friendly and great counselors. The students there were very diverse, but mainly minorities
Central Gwinnett has been my home for all four years. This school has completely gone against everyone’s preconceived notions about it. Regardless of the few bad apples, most teachers are willing to help and be there for you. It’s also extremely diverse which I find to be amazing.
Central isn’t a bad school over all. Many people try and talk bad about it when in reality it’s a pretty good school. It’s an academy based school and I love that. I’m interested in being nurse and being able to take healthcare classes so when I enter college I’m better prepared is very helpful.
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Central Gwinnett High School has a number of positive and negative aspects to it. There is such a diversity that can only be found at Central and a school spirit that can’t be replaced. The issue is the faculty and the limited resources. The faculty will constantly say they care for the student body but give them the help they need. The students there are passionate about learning by only can do so much with the lack of supplies they have.
I've been going to this school for a good while now and I can say that it's one of my best schools I've ever attended out of my whole life. There is so many opportunities and multiple tools to take advantage of and work with which helps not only with my school work and goals but my extra curricular activities as well which helps just create an overall great experience here. I also like how I'm able to get the information I need about everything from college readiness to how to keep a high point average in all of my classes. I really value that because I feel as though my concerns are always taken into consideration as well as all the other students at Central Gwinnett Highschool. I believe that the way they've have been operating up until now have been amazing and I don't see any need for improvement.
Central Gwinnett High School is a really great school! We're pretty diverse and teachers are amazing. The students here are like family- you'll love them. The only problem with the school is that we are constrained on resources. Other than that, you'll love it here!
I enjoyed my three years at Central, it was very refreshing to see how much everyone cared for each other. There is no sort of hate that goes on at Central. The administration does care for the students and teachers alike. However, while Central is a great high school, there is a lot of issues with academics. Students are given so many standardized tests, its outrageous. The student's level of stress on almost any class is enough to cause damage to mental health. So much, so, that the students won't even learn the material, they learn it for the test but due to the amount of work and tests they take, they aren't able to retain anything. You are almost always behind and teachers aren't so caring when it comes to it. Most of the time, you are left to teach the class to yourself by yourself. However, can you imagine 6-7 standardized tests a year, not including finals which is 8 a semester nor regular class tests, which is maybe 12-14, so a student can expect about 26 tests in 12 weeks?
I feel as my school has taught me great lessons. We come in as middle schoolers not knowing what to do ,and are taught the lessons such as how to act proper for the real world. They also teach us our main classes as rigorous as they can by allowing AP classes to force us to get out of our comfort zone and expand our knowledge.
My experience has been subpar as of lately. You really must make an effort to be involved, make friends and have good grades. If not you will have a bad time. That pretty much goes for any school to be honest.. I've grown to love this school. The students not so much, the majority are rude and disrespectful to teachers and fellow students. The hallways are crowded... but if you surround with like minded people (who want to do well and be involved in school activites) and overall positive individuals. It will make it seem like the rude students aren't even there.
I attended Central for 4 years and I was challenged and encouraged to be my best in all areas. The teachers are knowledgeable and willing to help you with things you need.
I went to Central Gwinnett starting my sophomore year and graduated in 2015. I was never a troublesome kid in school but I would say I was at the top of my class either. So I feel like I drifted through high school because I was a part of a "special" crowd. I was a student who went to class, sat quietly in the back and just completed the tasks the gave to me. The only teachers I can really remember showing interest in what I would do after high school are my art teachers because I could draw. When I met with my adviser all I can remember them asking was "Do you know where your going yet?" because college was the next step.
It's an okay school. The teachers, counselors, and administrators don't really do much to help you though. You are pretty much on your own as a student
Central Gwinnett high school is a great high school for many students. I attended in 2016, and graduated with great individuals. Central Gwinnett has an outstanding academics, and resources that will benefit students in their future careers. Central's mascot is the Black knights, and have a powerful sports team. I was apart of the Black knight Marching Band for 4 years and had a blast. I wouldnt trade this High school for any other High School.
Two things I want to say is food and restroom. First, the food is worse than ramen cup, and in restroom most in time when I come in is a mess.
I came to Central Gwinnett High School my 10th grade year. So far, my experience has been pretty good. This school creates so many career and educational opportunities!!!!
I transferred to central towards the end of my sophomore year and from then my teachers and counselors were constantly checking on me and made sure I had future goals set to be successful in life. Central always kept me involved with having very fun events like college signing day and senior celebration. Central Gwinnett will always be in my heart. I am proud to be a Central Gwinnett alumni.
Central Gwinnett High school gets a bad reputation sometimes, However it is a great school choice. The breakfast was really good, lunch could be better. It has been a few years so my review might be out of date.
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At Central Gwinnett it’s really traditional. Things are classy and in order, great school spent all 4 years there and I will be graduating from Central in May.
This school is very diverse. That made it easier to connect with other students. I made a lot of new friends. We have a block schedule so we are in each class for about 90 minutes. I like it because we barely have any homework because we have enough time in class to get it done. However, I do not like the short amount of time we have for lunch, most of the time students take the rest of their lunches in there next class to finish. Most of the teachers are nice and very helpful. I also like how they constantly guide you on what to do for applying to colleges. The clubs are fun to participate in as well as going to football games.
Central Gwinnett High School was an interesting experiment. I love how diverse it is, that is what really helped me connect with new people. Even though their sports are not a winning team but you make very good friends and you have a wonderful time playing whatever sport you enjoy playing. I played volleyball my senior year and it was a great experience. There are some people you would want to avoid simply to avoid drama. There are some teachers that don't really teach but the majority of teachers I had taught. This school specifically is not as hard as I thought compared to other schools I've been to. Now if you take ap classes then that's different, but the majority of the classes is not that hard. As long as you pay attention in class. One thing I did not like is how short their lunches are because of the block schedule. We only have 22 minutes for lunch which is not enough time to eat. But overall I think block schedule is good because you can graduate early if you wanted.
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