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The education at CFCA is very good. The school has a good, drug-free environment and is a Bible-based Christ-encouraging school. The class sizes are small which is amazing because teachers are able to give their full attention and expertise to each and every student and they are always there for help and for people who struggle on a certain topic. The sports at the school are also very well--the basketball team won the State-Championship in 2019. The only reason I did not give the school five stars is because the guidance counselor is also the principal.
I really enjoy my time at Central Florida Christian Academy because the teachers show great care for their students and for their futures. The school has a great atmosphere and I met some of my best friends there. One thing I would like to see changed is course variety, especially in AP level classes.
I’ve been going to CFCA for two years going on three and they’re really welcoming and friendly. Their sports are really good at coming together as a team and team bonding.
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What I liked about CFCA is the commitment the teachers have of helping the students. The teachers try their hardest to help in anyway they can and care for the students. Also the school is clean and well organized. The school also has a very good sports program including Baseball, Basketball, and football. One thing that can change though is the way some of the students can behave but most are respectable.
Teachers are great, easy to get help, small class size is awesome, lacking in choices in extracurricular activities such have as clubs due to small school size.
They are very knowledgeable of their subjects they teach their students with passion and conviction.
They are very strict about bullying. They dont tolerate verbal or physical abuse.
I really enjoy the arts at central florida. They are available to everyone.
I love how they have a program called heart for the hearts. I love their school spirit. I will never forget that!
We don't have a school nurse any more but they handle illnesses pretty good. When it comes to more serious issues such as bullying the faculty is always on top of it and make sure students are behaving.
Education wise this school has a lot to offer. They make sure you know everything in order to be ready for college. The only thing I wish they offered more of was clubs and activities to get involved in.
All the teachers go out of their way to help a student. That is why I do prefer CFCA over other schools. At any other school a teacher would teach you a lesson and that's it. At CFCA teacher will be right by your side. They not only teachers but friends, and mentors.
I enjoyed my time at this school. If you follow the rules you will be in good standing. I did this, therefore I had favor with the teachers and staff. I enjoyed leadership roles that were provided and participated in school functions regularly. The teachers really expect you to be self motivated so be prepared to work hard.
The school has gotten stricter when it comes to health safett
There are quite a few sports and clubs this school offers such as :

The debate team, Student Government association, Boys and Girls Bible study, Boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, gorls softball, Boys baseball, boys football and track and field
The school administration at times becomes too gossipy with each other and speak about things that should be confidential in front of the students. The principal is also the guidance counselor which does not work even in a small school like CFCA. I don't fell like I have received very much guidance regarding college admissions, financial aid, SAT/ACT prep, etc. because the principal is very busy trying to be a principal like she should. The office staff is average, sometimes speaking to the students in a rude/short way, but speaking to the parents with great concern, kindness, etc. Regarding policies, I am glad they are in place. However, very inconsistent when holding students accountable. Sometimes they look the other way and don't address situations with certain students, but punish others.
The school needs additional clubs and organizations. Debate team, thespians, etc. Currently the amount of clubs and commitment from the faculty is slim.
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The school has been average in academics. They have not been able to acquire a permanent and talented math teacher which has hindered many high school students. Thanks to the small classes and environment I have been blessed to have individualized training and been able to create a great bond with teachers and fellow students. Additional feedback from a Senior student is to have a full time high school counselor. Currently the principal is also the counselor and this has caused many headaches and stress for seniors trying to decide on colleges, send out the correct and updated transcripts, help with essays, etc.
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