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My school is like a family, everyone is so close and caring. I am so dedicated to my schooling but also go to as many events as I can to support my school. Our teachers are parents to those whose parents aren't in their lives. My school is one of a kind.
At Central we have a great nurse that is here a few days out of the week. Otherwise the office ladies are very good at taking care of us and helping us with what we need. There are also many higher staff members that help with bullying and drug issues.
We have a wide variety of clubs and sports that can fit anyone that wants to participate. There is something for almost everyone at this school.
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The faculty does a great job on the whole.
There are a vast number of extracurriculars to do.
The experience I've had at this school has been excellent. One of my favorite was doing the musical. I was typically a sports guy and had never done it before. However, finally doing it brought me out of my comfort zone and did the musical again this year and now the play.
Most of the teachers at my school exhibit great conduct and go above what is necessary. I am very thankful for having gone to a school where the teachers care very much.
My overall experience at this school was pretty good. Of course there will be mean kids and bad days but I luckily didn't have a large amount of those.

Some of my favorite experiences at this school were the Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Odyssey of the mind is a creative problem solving program for talented and gifted students. Around September the headquarters send out a problem guide with a list of problems to pick from. They range from hands on to performance. My group usually did the performance problem. After you pick your problem you must follow the rules and guidelines to find a solution. Each problem will have its own set of rules that must be followed. In April all the Iowa teams would meet at Iowa State University to perform their solution. During awards there is one big award and then first, second, and third. I have been apart of this program for six years and in the last two years my groups and I have made it past the state competition and on to the worlds competition after receiving the highest award at state.

At the worlds competition in 2015 my team was ranked eighth out of twenty four states and seven countries. That was my best high school experience.
The majority of the teachers were very good at helping students and making sure that they got what they needed to from the class. There were however some teachers that just showed up everyday, taught what they needed to and then went home. Or they were only a teacher so that they could be a sports coach.

I was usually in the art and writing classes. They teachers for those classes used creativity to run the class and you could tell they loved their job and what they did from day to day. My art teacher would push us until she felt we had done our best then she took her favorite works to art shows throughout the year. The first time something of mine went I couldn't have been more excited.

There were definitely teachers at the school that loved helping students then there were some that didn't really care for their job and couldn't have cared less then they did.
The extension of the school policies for health and safety are low. Aside from security cameras and a need for visitors to sign in, the security in the school is non existent. This isn't a bad thing though, as crime is virtually unheard of in the town of DeWitt.
There are a variety of club and organizations at Central High School, most revolve around some sort of athletics. The most popular activities are the football, and Track & Field teams. They tend to get the most attendance and talk. Outside of the amazing athletic areas, you don't have much choice, unless you're a farmer or a welder.
Its okay, the athletics departments are amazing and everything about athletics is great, but if you are looking for anything else you will be meet with disappointment. The academics are not stressed, nor cared for. The performing and fine arts are not given much attention or care. The students here are generally snobby and don't really care for each other. Ultimately, I would have preferred to go to High School some where else.
The school's teacher were okay by most means, but that is it. They were okay, there were few that went into a 'cool, fun' teacher ranking. Most students and teachers knew the lingo and did the work required but that is it, academics is not important or stressed here.
The beginning of my high school there was amazing food but near the end it started to get nasty. The faculty did a wonderful job, the options they had to deal with was what sucked.
The teachers are super caring and helpful.
This school sticks to their policies and punishes the students necessary to a High School standard.
Athletics is all this school cares about. It overrules the entire town.
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This school is more sports obsessed than anything.
There were few teachers at this school that gave me knowledge of what the real world is and feels like.
There isn't much counseling available to the everyday student. They provide help to those kids really in need with the help of the local AEA, but tutoring, college prep, etc. is terrible. We never get any help. The facilities are great.
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