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Central Decatur Middle/High School Reviews

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I always loved this school. All the facility members are easy to talk to and help you out in almost anyway you need it. I have been at this school ever since the beginning. I started in Pre-school and now in the middle of my senior year. My grades have been doing excellent and I am still having a lot of fun. The best time of the school year is homecoming week. You get to dress up each day of the week, and on that Friday, we have Spirit games. Spirit games are little games that student council and teachers put together for 9-12 to compete end. The grade with the highest score at the end wins the spirit stick. Although my grade never won the spirit stick, we all still had a blast and came closer together as a class.
I had the chance to leave this school and go to another one for my senior year, but this school was where it all started and I want to finish it here. I have so many memories here and . I'll never want to give it up.
It's a good school well funded and great people who really want to help you learn what you need to know for your future.
Central Decatur is a great school. There is great teachers and staff and there is a wonderful atmosphere.
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I love going to the sporting events and being a spectator. You can really feel all the love and passion our school throws at the team no matter win or lose.
They show up to do their jobs and lead classrooms responsibly and take full advantage of helping each student.
Our administration is supportive of school clubs.
So far my experience at my school has been overall positive my favorite experiences have been with FFA. Last year my FFA chapter hosted a District Review Night while there I was able to meet people not only from my community, but also from other schools. Thanks to FFA I have also been to leadership contests which has helped make me a more effective communicator.
I believe at my school most teachers work hard to help their students excel in the classroom. Our math teacher is always available before school to help students with assignments. Our agriculture teacher is always willing to teach us life skills. Our physics teacher is always willing to help students out with physics problems.
The school nurse if very helpful with different injuries that may happen here form sports and P.E. The police are known to do random dog drug checks in the students lockers and vehicles, also checking for guns in vehicles.
The school is not worried about bullying
There are many different extracurricular activities in this school, with many different clubs and organizations, some being recognized on state and national levels.
Academics offered at this school are above average, thanks to the principle and superintendent being very easygoing and helpful with extracurricular activities. The curriculum here is very diverse offering many different chose options for your career.
Its not horrible but its not the best either.
Most of the students here are physically fit and live to play in competitive sports, also maintaining their grade to be eligible to play. Most students are involved in sports, even if they do not play the sport. The fitness programs here are acknowledged by the state and nation as one of the best speed and agility training, by the coaches redesigning top college workouts.
At our school the food served is awful and often goes to waste
Most of the teachers here are very interactive with the students in clubs, sports, and social activities. Most of them have a coaching license, help with sports, or are advisors in many different clubs throughout the school.
I find that our school has great extracurricular activities. Many of our students are involved in the FFA club due to its activities and events. It is the most popular activity our school has.
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I have been very grateful for the overall experience from my school system. I have had many favorable experiences with my school, consisting of field trips with my clubs and a playoff game with my high school football team. This school is very unique by having our superintendent supervise of three schools. I would highly recommend for any student wishing to participate in many agricultural activities to come here and gain knowledge from the agricultural vocational teacher.
Most of the students at my school participate in social activities such as sports, clubs, organizations, or community work sometime throughout the year. Peer pressure isn't that much of a problem here due to how the school lets the students represent themselves by their clothing attire. Everybody is accepted into a sport or club as long as they put in the effort and supporting grades to be eligible. There is not really an ethnic/racial diversity in this school due to the lack of jobs in the area and the area of careers in the local area.
I my high school, the teachers are here to help the students not only with their grades, but with feelings they bring back from home. The staff here is very enrolled in the after school activities and clubs, most of them having a coaching license or advisor of a club. The principal is very helpful with our FFA chapter, signing off on community activities that seem to be going on every week. The guidance counselor is very helpful with college applications, ACT advice, and scholarship essays. The office staff has a number of people that also help with my MYF group and love to help with my Tractor Restoration class expenses. The staff is very watchful over attendance, making sure that a tardy or absence is made up for.
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