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Central Davidson High is every friendly school with helpful teachers and administrative staff. You, as a student or parent, are a priority to them and they are there to listen and offer assistance the best they can. The music department is amazing and very talented, but the sports department could use some improvement. But all in all, the school is good to its students and offers tremendous opportunities and growth. Go Spartans!
Central Davidson High School is a great school for education. It is a great environment that promotes a good agenda that encourages students to keep their grades up. I have learned so much from the education here at this school, even more than any other I have ever been at. Every teacher is always very involved in each of the different students and makes sure to focus on them when they do not completely understand something. The janitors always make sure to keep the school in its best shape. The administration is always very involved as far as school spirit and making sure everything flows with excellent rhythm. Central Davidson is overall a great school and I am extremely proud to call it my school.
The rules about tailgates, prom, and homecoming. The students should be able to have more trust fo do more and be involved
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My experience at Central Davidson has been great so far. The teachers are very much involved in wanting the students to succeeded and do great things in life. These teachers and administration have so much faith in every student. I couldn't ask for a better school. I would like to see each student have their own individual computer or laptop.
Overall I have had a great experience at Central throughout my 4 years here. I have had great teachers and learned a lot of information to help prepare me for college. I have also discovered what major I would like to pursue because of the accounting classes we offer at this school. I have met a lot of my good friends here and I will miss it after I graduate.
Central Davidson has been a good place to be these last 4 years. Overall its a pretty good school, our band is probably the best thing we have. The environment is mostly welcoming, but I think some of the teachers need to take there job more seriously.
What I liked about Central was the school had an excellent band that is always supported by the school and the community. It is hard to find a school that supports a program as well as this.
The worst part is how the teachers and school or student "representatives" do at actually representing which is a poor job. The school favors some sports over others which in turn has a negative impact on "pep" amount. The "main" sports such as football, basketball, or volleyball get pep rallies but not arguably the best performing sport at our school, wrestling. They give no pep rallies or hardly any mention of all other than maybe a daily announcement with 3 sentences about it AFTER a match or event. The students are not all bad but at least a good 1/3 of the students just simply don't care or make the school less comfortable/generally positive at all. One principle is nothing but a favoriting pervert that won't dress code simply because he probably likes the view. Another principle favors the "pitiful depressed" ones or just favor's women over men in general, the effort in meeting children with special needs is very poor, most students are more mature and responsible then staff!
Central Davidson has been a place of motivation and character. The support I have been able to receive from teachers and administration is admirable. I would love to see a change in communication for students.
I was highly involved in the JROTC program for four years where I gained a lot of leadership skills and many great memories/ friends.
The environment is overall very welcoming and enjoyable. Most of the staff is very helpful and truly cares about the education of their students. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to go to a great high school. The students are very involved with clubs, sports and supports all the sports teams.
High school was a great learning place I had fun times playing sports and gaining more knowledge through my year in high school. The teacher helped me with all the questions and problems I had issues with aswell as administration. The school was an overall great learning place and I would go back if I could.
During my 4 years at Central Davidson, there are a LOT of things about the school that I am thankful for. Most of the teachers are proficient in what they teach and deserve respect, there are many different activities and classes for students, like the band, that are excelling in their field, and we have great administration that cares about the individual students and the school. I'm proud to be at a school that does fairly well in most sports, as well. The cross country team has previously had a great record, and both men's and women's soccer teams are doing well. Although I wish we had a better football record, it doesn't stop the large community of Spartans showing up at nearly every game. As for the band, the wind ensemble hasn't gotten anything other than a superior rating at MPA for over a decade! I think largely because of our band directors, who really strives to see the band succeed. Overall, I can't really complain about my experience. Thanks, CDHS.
Students at this school are making far less academic progress given where they were a few years ago. I do not feel the kids are college ready. Staff needs to be improved to help the students instead of acting like one of them. So many of them act very immature. If you look up academics on the ratings for this school it is very low.
All my teacher cared they would try their best to help me in any way. They even try to help me out of school.
It was overall a pretty good school. The only problem I had was there was not a very big variety of advanced placement courses.
I love attending Central Davidson. My experience there has been for the most part great and I think they exceed well in academics and preparing us for college. I have made personal relationships there with students and staff that will last a life time.
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Central was your your typical small town school house. You had lifelong friends that were literally neighbors, exciting Friday night lights football games that I always enjoyed whether we won or loss, and teachers that wanted to see their students be successful. There wasn't much discipline issue in my classroom. I felt like I was always focused on academics. However, the student and teacher population did lack diversity so when I went off to college it was like culture shock. There were also teachers that acted as if they were students and loved to be in on the students drama, unfortunately. Overall, I had a decent experience at Central Davidson that prepared me to graduate and continue my academics at a university.
Central Davidson to me is a very safe and welcoming atmosphere which is very beneficial to the overall learning experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last four years here and will always hold a place for CDHS in my heart.
Central Davidson High School is a good high school. The vast majority of teachers that I have had here are committed to their jobs and to their students. Central Davidson offers a fair amount of different core and elective classes, and they offer different "pathways" for different elective subjects such as business, foreign language, and architecture. The student culture is excellent and the atmosphere on campus is great. Central Davidson has a championship culture with multiple championship-level sports programs such as cross country, wrestling, soccer, softball, and swimming. The atmosphere at any football or basketball game is enthused and vibrant, especially when the opponent is West Davidson.

In all, like any school Central Davidson may have its minor flaws, but overall it is a good school.
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