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Central Dauphin Senior High School Reviews

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I like how I can get help whenever I need it whether it be from a counselor about college, or from a teacher about a simple homework problem.
I have has a very good experience at Central dauphin High school. All the teachers and students are very nice and helpful. The teachers at this school build bonds with their students and treat us like their own child. This schools makes me feel welcomed and I am glas to be apart of the Central Dauphin high school family.
Central Dauphin cares more about students behavior and discipline more than academics. Countless times administration has made decisions that are more concerned with a students behavior rather than making sure they are passing their classes and that they are prepared for the real world. I would like to see more focus and attention on actual academics than unnecessary distractions.
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Central Dauphin High School is a very good school. Great teachers and programs. It is a large school with great sports/choir teams.
My overall experience at Central Dauphin High School has been extremely positive. I have enjoyed the academics, sports/club/activities. and staff. As a matter of fact, several teachers have influenced my decision to pursue a degree in education after I graduate. I only hope I get the opportunity to teach someday and make a difference in children’s lives like teachers have made in my life.
Central Dauphin is a high school with a healthy school and athletics system. There is a healthy mix of all kinds of students, and everyone has the opportunity to fit in, and find something they would enjoy.
There is a wide variety of ethnicities and races which bring many cultures together. The staff is alright there are a few teachers that are very friendly and upbeat while others are very strict and unemotional.
Central Dauphin High School is an excellent school. Throughout my four years I have spent there, I have had many memorable and fun experiences. I am very involved in music and my teachers are very knowledgeable and always eager to help. I have met some of my best friends at this school.
This school is very big on diversity and embraces that. They do their best to make all students feel involved and loved by constantly asking for students opinions on how we could make the school better. The teachers genuinely care about their students and are constantly going out of their way to help them out in whatever way they can. It is overall an amazing place to be and I’m glad that I’m spending my senior year here, surrounded by people who care about my future.
I would like to see more classes focused on more practical things, such as getting us prepared to be on our own. Also, they should stress more resources to help prepare and get us ready for college.
I would like to see better opportunities for every student at the school. Opportunities can include more college fairs and even career fairs, such as field trips. I do like how now, after many years, the staff is finally letting the school be decorated with artwork.
Everyone is very nice but drama spreads like a wildfire. Overall all the teachers are passionate about teaching and love their job which makes classes fun and learning interactive.
Central Dauphin High School provided an excellent history english and science department while lacking in the math department.
There is a great community of students and many clubs and activities. School involvement and club participation contribute to the overall feel. There are of course some issues here and there but overall a learning experience.
Central Dauphin is overall a good high school. The class sizes are not too big and most of the teachers are good. There are plenty of different clubs and activities to participate in. There is also a variety of school sports as well if interested.
I thoroughly enjoyed the focus on academic excellence from this school. In addition, they provide students without a plethora of extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports, and musical ensembles.
I moved to the Central Dauphin school district when I started middle school and it was one of the best things to happen to me. I have made so many friends here and I have good relationships with a lot of my teachers who are always willing to help me out with school work.
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Central Dauphin High School is huge and very spacious. It also has many windows which helps the atmosphere. I love most of the teachers at this school and the principals are really professional. Most importantly you feel safe at this school. However, some students need more discipline and how this school does discipline is wrong. Most of the time the target individuals as a whole and not just a specific one and as a result, it can be unfair. Also, some of the new rules set in place to prevent such inappropriate behavior are not thought over very well.
I love the teacher all of them are helpful and generous to student. I like diversity in class room, and everyone is helpful 2.
It is a good school that keeps clean and has the right mind set to prepare kids for their future. They could do better with management but overall it is a safe and nice school to go to.
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