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Central Dauphin East Senior High School Reviews

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My fondest memory of Central Dauphin East Senior High School was the diversity of the student body and exemplary arts and music departments. I have met and am still in touch with many of my teachers from the class of 2010 and I am looking forward to my 10 year reunion next year!
As an immigrant, CD East eased me into all the different cultures and backgrounds we have in the US in a central location and helped me assimilate quicker. Teachers were great and school was relatively clean. Plenty of extracurricular activities.
That our school had the best diversity kids out of any other school. We had the best teachers that helped us in our work. And always encouraged us to work harder and never quit. If we ever had something going on our teachers and our counselors were ready to listen to us.
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I love Central Dauphin East High School, Itis a clean educational center with dedicated teachers/ staff and is full of many clubs you can join. students are mature and respectful and always bettering themselves. I love that my school is the best out of the district in Track and fields. our football team is just amazing full of dedicated students both out and inside of the school .
CD East High School is an incredible school. We have such a diverse population and I like to say that there is every kind of person here. There could be improvements in things like negative and positive consequences, but that does not take from the fact that the teachers at East High are the best in the district. They take time and effort in their teaching and seem to love their job! I am really going to miss the diverse environment as I move to college, but I am very glad to be a soon-to-be alumn.
A lot of the teachers that I have encountered are good, and seem like they care about the children being successful. Would like more help and assistance from the counselors with help with higher education.
Overall, CD East is a decent high school to attend, since it teaches us to live in a mixed-culture environment. However, they are some negatives such as not good sports teams that you could have at other schools in the area.
East High is one of the best schools in terms of teachers and the facility is really amazing. The teachers actually care about you to the point where they go out the way to ask if you’re okay. i loved the teachers to the point where i want them in my everyday life.
Central Dauphin East is a very diverse school and teachers are very supportive. These teachers really care for their students and really want us to succeed in life. Especially sports East coaches would do anything for their athletes, food they got you, need a place to stay they got you. I’m a senior at east high school and has really been the time of my life and that’s because of Central Dauphin East high and the way the teachers treated us like their kids. So my overall experience at central dauphin east high has been outstanding wouldn’t go back to change anything
Overall, my experience with Central Dauphin East High School was beneficial. Regardless of the negative occurrences, learning happens everyday. I have learned to strive further with my goals and to acknowledge and give my own self recognition when others failed to do so. This school also told me to make a living out of each day that continues to pass, “be G.R.E.A.T.” The letters in GREAT basically spell out a suggested motive that students should follow by in order to have a successful school year.
Central Dauphin East High School is a very well rounded school. The school life, diversity, culture, and overall school experience is one of the best you will get from any high school. The only thing that could be improved is academics in the slightest. Course selection could be a little better, but the wonderful teachers make up for it.
I loved everything about East High, and I've made some of my best friends there. It is a wonderful school filled with lots of diversity and great teachers.
Central Dauphin East taught me the importance of tolerance when meeting people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and identities in my four years of attendance. These are qualities not taught in most schools across the world as we see most educational institutions are taken up by one predominant race. Central Dauphin East provided me with extremely inclusive teachers and faculty to make sure I was not only comfortable, but prepared for what I was learning so I would be ready for life after graduation.
What I love about CD East High is the amount of diversity and culture there is to learn and experience all around! We are a family and would never wish to be any other! However, when it comes to supplies and technology, I believe it can be improved and supported with more fundings.
It is a great school if you can look past the outside stigma. Wonderful teachers, small classes, and a great opportunity to achieve so much.
I really appreciated teacher and staff member of east high. Number of College in high subject should increase, number of book in library and school should provide Laptop for each students.
Central Dauphin East is the most diverse school I’ve ever been to but it does lack of support given to students.
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Central Dauphin East is a lively, diverse school to attend. Students find themselves wanting to be involved in a lot more than just the classroom. There are some flaws when it comes to academic performance in general at East, but overall it is an amazing school that prepares students for the real world.
its a very diverse school, the whole staff are ready to help you when you need help.The students are well behaved and they love and care for each others.Also we have alot of clubs that makes us feel like we are home.
CD East High is an okay school. School pride is big, there’s plenty diversity, and the faculty is great. The food sucks (all public school food sucks) and idk much about sports because i never attended nor participated. College readiness depends entirely on the student, if you want to go to college & you’re studious, also willing to learn, then you’re in good hands because the teachers will help you. if you want nothing to do with college then......okay you won’t be ready for college at all.

p.s - i’m a junior in college so i’ll tell you right now that college is fun and all but hard as hell so be ready. if you’re willing to put in the effort to learn then you’ll do great but if you’re a procrastinator & you do things last minute, it won’t work. college classes & exams are NOTHING similar to high school classes & exams
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