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I think for the most my high school experience was ok. There are moments and teachers I look back on with fondness and there are others that I don't. I feeling like there was a lack of true interest and dedication from some faculty which at times made learning challenging. It can be an extremely challenging job, being a teacher, especially of high schoolers I think however it can also be extremely challenging being a high schooler and I think more understanding and care could of been put into acknowledging that.
The Juul rooms have toilets! This needs to be fixed, when I am juuling in the juul room, I don't like to see toilets
While I've only been at Central Crossing High School for a few months, I've loved being here. Theres tons of open clubs and after school activities to get involved with! Not to mention all of the volunteer activities that students can take advantage of to boost their college applications! Don't even get me started on college though, students can enroll in multiple programs to ensure their academic success out of highschool; or take a College Career Readiness course.
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The teachers in the building were very understanding and cooperative when it came to work load and stress. The teachers put forth effort to connect and truly understand their students, I have learned lifelong lessons about responsibility and accountability from them. In addition, the opportunities offered at Central Crossing are plentiful. In academics there’s College Credit Plus giving you college without the cost. Clubs for everyone including student council, chess club, key club, and so much more. Sports went from golf to swimming to color guard and not to mention the outreach to future high school students such as the junior winter guard and other youth sport programs. My experience at Central Crossing has been almost 100% positive except for the costs for some clubs, sports, and art programs can be a little high. All in all, Central Crossing has been great thus far and I will miss it dearly when I graduate this year.
Central offers a wide variety of clubs and activities, and if you can't find something you like, than you're not looking hard enough. A majority of the teachers are angels, and the majority student body are amazing people.
I loved participating in extra curricular activities, which enhanced my high school experience. During my experience, my counselor was not helpful, and did not seem to care about helping me specifically.
I think the teachers were absolutely amazing. Administartion was very good and always willing to listen. The athletics were beginning to get better with new coaches and more school spirit. The bands and all other musical departments were honestly really good and had several awards. The biggest and best part of the school is the school is capable of dealing with absolutely anything academically. Some students are special needs and some students are extremely inteligent and everyting between. I had transferred in from a small private school and the adjustment was not easy at first however, once i made it it was one of the best moves of my life.
Everyone is very friendly and you learn a lot about yourself and how to be better prepared for the future
Enjoy the environment and the facility but would like to see more involvement of teachers in students lives. Also would prefer a greater emphasis on higher education.
I enjoy attending Central Crossing because the teachers are all so nice and are really involved. The teachers there actually try and care about us graduating. I think some of the teachers try more than others but they all still try. They all want the best for you, they make you prepared for college and for living on your own.
All together, my experience at Central Crossing High School was very average. I met some good people and gained some experience while attending, but the culture and administration was poor-average.
I loved my experience here. The teachers are fantastic and I would recommend a lot of people come here
A very nicely diverse school with educated teachers and somewhat respectful students. Range of sports and different options more than the basics.
I think Central Crossing had a lot of variety for clubs and activities to get students involved. However, I don't think it was a very open-minded environment. It could be really difficult to be different and acceptance was hard to find if you were any kind of minority. I would recommend a lot of diversity training for the faculty, and more groups/activities geared toward raising awareness.
Central crossing was a good school and like any other schools out there they excelled in some parts and others not so much.The teachers were in particular great for the most part, to this day I'm great full for what they have done for me.Central is a very diverse school but I think the administration needs to work on how to handle students from all backgrounds in a fair manner. Over all I think this school was a good experience for me.
My time with Central Crossing was a quality high school experience. I was able to active in a variety of activities that suited my interests, and I also had many amazing teachers.
There were some great teachers, but the system is not set up the best. There are not a variety of challenging courses, but they prepare you for college.
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The school is very inclusive and helpful, but sometimes it is hard to ask for help, or you do not know who to ask for help. There is also information gaps sometimes, where teachers will forget to tell students about upcoming events, but they are usually heard about around the school. Fairly newly built and lots of space for school and after-school activities. And teachers are very willing to start after-school activities
Central Crossing is a very close family based school. It’s very accepting and widely diversity throughout the school is very different compared to other schools around the area. The staff is kind and respectful even at times they shouldn’t have to. There’s so many smiling faces and some not so smiling faces but everyone tries, effort and respect are very much valued in the building and Central Crossing does a wonderful job displaying those features with everyone in it.
Attended sophomore year through graduation, was apart of the NJROTC program, fantastic program although usually overlooked by the school and district. teachers were always helpful and proud of the school.
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