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Central Community Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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My experience in Central Community Jr-Sr High school was pretty good. Teachers are very nice and are willing to work one-on-one with students. Students are pretty good. They are willing to take the time and study and keep their grades up.
Athletics are amazing here! Great coaches that know a thing or two to make an amazing team. Sportsmanship here isn’t the best I would say though. Many of the ‘star players’ tend to be trained more and tend to get more help than those that are new with not as much training. The ‘star players’ then to be over played also.
There does tend to be a bit of favoritism in this district also, but that happens everywhere.
it was okay. not much diversity, and sometimes the staff felt disconnected from the student body, but an overall good school. great food and sports team. thank you for reading bro
I liked how well the teachers taught at my school. Every teacher had a unique way of teaching and was always willing to help someone. Something that may need improvement would be time management.
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It was a great community full of many different activities for whatever people are interested in. The school is very focused on allowing students to succeed, even if they are in extra circulars.
Needed a better evaluation of teachers, some were clearly just there to clock in and out, and did not care about if students actually took anything away from the class. Also needed more college courses and a more diverse elective selection.
wish they had more choices
I think the grading scale is tough
Most teachers encourage you to come to them if you need help
I feel since we came from a small community that all the parents care about their own child(ren) and their child(ren)'s friends. We have a very caring community.
Most teachers just do what they have to. There are only a few teachers who seem to truly care about you, your well-being and who are willing to help you if you are struggling.
The best thing about Central is that all of the staff is so supportive and welcoming to every student in the district. This school is very unique because of its one to one program and our school calendar. Our one to one program is with iPads instead of laptops. The school calendar is very unique for around the Northeast Iowa, because we have an extended calendar with more breaks. This also means we are in school for more of the school year. If I had the option of going to Central again, I would indeed go back. I love all my teachers and administrators. They help me with everything that I have questions with, as support me with all of my activities.
Recourses within this school are readily available, but in some cases you may have to go looking for them if you really want their benefits.
At Central Community School academics are taken very seriously. Students are held to a high standard of work and are taught from a young age the importance of doing your best. Teachers are always available to help, and enrichment activities are available for students who excel above expectations. For those who may struggle in some subjects there are people available to help them understand and get the most from their education.
Extracurricular activities at this school are above average in my opinion. There are a wide variety of options available from sports to speech to FFA. All the different groups get involved in each other's activities. If there is a fundraiser, they all help each other out to raise money and support the cause. The same goes for attending events. There is always an eager crowd ready to do what they can to encourage each other.
School spirit and fan support are both great! Our school spirit and fan support both help to encourge the student involvement in sports.
Personal safety at this school is not an issue. The school is very safe overall.
The teachers are all very interactive with the students and provide help in a student is struggling. No student is ever ignored or goes unhelped.
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It's a small school and everyone knows pretty much everyone. This school is unique because the students are all close and interact with one another. As a result of the close environment, there is little to no bullying because almost everyone at the school are friends in some way.
After-school activities have a lot of administration support behind them. The extracurricular activites keep students out of trouble and focused on what their goals. They encourage students to try their best and they show students that anything is possible when they try hard.
The principal, guidance counselor, and office staff are all very helpful whenever a situation comes up. There is little to no bullying but when and if there is, students feel comfortable enough to tell a staff member or an adult about it and the issue gets resolved.
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