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Central Columbia Senior High School Reviews

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In the small town of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Central Columbia is a great school for any parent's child. In Elementary school I learned how to read, write, solve simple math equations, and how to make friends. When middle school came, I learned about multiplying/dividing, space, American culture, and right from wrong. I remember being so excited for high school, being in the "big kid" school, and finally being able to call myself a freshman. Throughout my four years there I can finally say high school was a truly enlightening experience. Freshman year was great, I loved my teachers, friends, and the sports/activities I was involved in. When sophomore year began, I can remember not wanting to go back. I didn't have many friends and felt alone and lost. Fast forward to senior year, I couldn't wait to get out of here and by the time I blinked Graduation was upon me and tears fled my eyes in remembrance of all the years at Central.
The teachers and the small class size both helped me to become a more outgoing person in my senior year.
The teacher are involved and help prepare for your future. In my years at central Columbia my teachers have helped me through all of my classes and it has allowed be to be prepared for college.
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Teachers are very involved in helping students succeeding. They will do the very most they can in helping you pass and be the very best you can be
I liked how the system of “pathways” helped me to decide what career I would like to go into and what classes to take to help me for college.
At Central the teaching staff is excellent and will help a studmet with anything and everything. It’s a nice and clean school with top notch safety procedures. They offer so many clubs and sports and encourage everyone to get involved in something. Overall a great high school experience.
We are a smaller school in a rural area. There is not much diversity. Some of the teachers also graduated from the school and that creates some 'school politics' that are difficult to deal with. Otherwise it was a really good experience. I feel prepared to start college in the fall.
The experience is great. Teachers get you ready for college. The sports at are school have done an incredible job. In the last couple of years the students that have been involved in have won district championships.
Central is a school district that takes safety very seriously. Some of the teachers do everything they can for the students. Including staying after school to help students.
Central Columbia is a place I am happy to call my school. The faculty is very nice and help you to achieve whatever goal you set for your self. They have assisted me on my journey to hopefully become a software developer someday. There is so much that you can be involved with at Central. The sporting events are a blast to attend and they are unmatched in terms of school pride.
Central Columbia is a pathway school that allows you to explore areas of interest that might lead to a career. The teachers are among some of the best and extremely helpful! Administration is good and cares about the well-being of all of its students. Central Columbia has prepared me for college and offers many opportunities to earn college credit before graduating high school.
Great teachers, faculty, and staff. School spirit is awesome. Students get along well and are very encouraging.
Central Columbia High School is a pathway-based school which helps students find out what they want to do later in life. The wide variety of classes, clubs, and activities available show students what interests them, what they dislike, what they would like to pursue, or what they would like to change in their schedules to get them on track. Pathways ranging from music, to art, to engineering, to welding, and many more, give many different opportunities to students. This school is great when considering students futures.
The pathway system and teachers are excellent, but some of the clubs seem somewhat neglected. Also, I think there is a lack of interest as an engineering school even though we call ourselfs one. Great school overall.
Of all the places to go in Bloomsburg, Central is by far the best! From top notch educators that truly care to brand new facilities, Central replaces a lack in size with a surplus of competitive students.
I liked that I could take all of the AP classes and the variety of classes I wanted to, I did not like that there is so much pressure put on kids to be perfect in academics, rather than focusing on other skills such as the arts
Some of the teacher care a lot about the students, while other pick favorites and shove others to the side. We focus heavily on our education and have wonderful planning for them. I just wish they could stick to those plans better and do what they say they’re going to when they say they’re going to do it.
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It was great I loved it and it was a great experience and and as a student it was a great place to be
More of a variety of classes for students to pick from within different pathways. For example, possibly a class in or relating to digital forensics.
Central Columbia High School ending up being a great school for new students to adapt to. The students and teachers ending up making my transfer to a new school very painless. I was able to join activities with students with similar interests even in such a small area. I ended up with a great group of friends that have similar and different interests then me.
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