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Central City is an amazing school. The environment is so positive and because it is such a small school makes it very comforting knowing that teachers know you by name as you pass the halls. Don't get me wrong during passing period it becomes a bit crowded but that is totally fine. It may be a small school but many amazing students have gone through those halls and accomplished so much in a small amount of time. Their sports program is amazing and the coaches they hire know exactly what they are doing. They are able to provide athletes an amazing high school experience and able to provide them a life long memories. The classes are amazing and the teacher are able to have a personal relationship with the students and be able to connect with their students on a different level.
I was always good as school and always got great grades, but this school made me feel less than a good student. I graduated with a 3.86 GPA but they still tried to fail me 2 weeks before my graduation. The only reason is would give this school three stars is because of the wonderful administrative lady that treated me so well everytime I was a little late rushing from a shelter I was staying in more than 3 miles away. The wonderful English freshmen teachers Mrs. Batizy and another one who's name I can not recall at the moment. A hispanic U.S. History teacher who made you feel like you were a part of history. The teachers are what made my happiness in school possible. That is what I loved at my school.
Overall, I like Central. It's a very safe school and the teachers are great. During COVID-19 they have gone above and beyond for us and I'm extremely grateful and hope to have the best last year here at Central.
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Central City Value High School is an amazing school because it's not one of those typical high schools. Although we are a small school we have schools values and everyone is one community. In this school, no one is left out because there's good teachers who have taught us our values and are also great examples.
It is a really nice small school. The teachers are focused in getting all students ready for college. The environment is very welcoming and friendly.
central city is a nice high schools and all the teacher are very nice with the students also they always try to help you when you have a bad grade or u fell bad with something happen to you.
While I attend this school i Felt like I didn't belong for my first 3 years of school . I was very shy and didn't talk to much. While time passed more and more people began to open up and talk to me . The school food was okay sometimes it was good and other times it wasn't The school is also really small not that many benches , so we sit on the floor sometimes. The teachers are really good and interact with the students and have some sort of connections between them . The sports department is amazing , unfortunate we don't have foot ball but we offer many other sports.
Central city is such a amazing place, from the faculty to the student the energy in the school is amazing. There is so much help in this school with programs that can help you make up classes, as well with partnerships with colleges and after school programs. Our graduation rate is 98% of the students who graduate, as well as everyone always end up going to college even if it is a two year.
I like that Central City Value High School is not a big school. It feels like a community because you know every teacher, faculty, staff, and student.
My experience in central city value high school has been a great experince. The teacher have really helped my with my grades and helped me with any problems I may have.
What I like about Central City Value High School is that its a unique and conservative school. Although this schools is small and not big like other schools, they provide full support to all students and their educations. Developing the students fullest potential in Academic, values, etc.
Central City Value is an amazing school where every student has a great education for the future. This School is a fun learning environment for students to be ready for college/university. Being here for 4 years has made me a better person on myself and also my education to have a GPA of 3.1 and above. I recommend for parents to take there children to this school for a good education.
They are very encouraging in doing your best. Know what goal your aiming for and do anything in their power to help out in any form.
It is a respectful environment, we help each other out. Teachers care for their students education. I have learned and achieved with good grades honor rolls every year.
The faculty and staff at Central City Value pride themselves in giving not only the best possible education possible, but also the very best help in the sometimes stressful college applications process.
What I most liked about this school was their teachers. Teachers really make the effort to teach you in a way that is easily understandable.
What i liked about central city is that it is a nice and welcoming community, teachers are always willing to help you. They also dedicate time to making sure you learn the subject.
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Generally a good school. The teachers care about their students. They are always willing to help. Offers AP classes. Schools builds a good culture for the students. Allows them to grow.
I liked that there are teachers who strongly believe that every individual can strive to their fullest potential whether it’s in school or work. On the other hand, a change I would like to see are the food served during school breaks , the food are not delicious and some are stuck to either just drink milk or fruit. This is a concern since most of the food get thrown away and it’s a waste of food that many people around the world aren’t capable of getting any resources like food.
My experience has been good. The teachers want you to succeed and the sports section is doing very good.
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