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Central City High School Reviews

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Central City High School is located in rural Eastern Iowa. The 2019 graduation class is around 30 students. Having a small class is great for one on one help. It is not so great when it comes to privacy and the availability of resources. Being a small school also means little parent involvement. Overall, I'm happy with going to school in Central City.
It's a small school in a small community but all of the teachers are friendly. The students are nice and well behaved. Although I think there isn't enough discipline.
Central City isn't the worst school out there, but it's also nothing special. Most of the teachers are very lenient and let students slack off, which leads to a lot of in-class distractions and no one really learning anything.

The best part is that you can take college classes through Kirkwood for free, and the credit can for sure transfer to in-state colleges and universities (most likely out-of-state ones, as well). You do have to pay if you fail the class, though.
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I prefer bigger schools but it's okay. Since it's smaller, it's easier to get help with things and know all your class mates. I personally did well at this school and believe I will make it well in life with the things I have learned here, though it will be nice to know more people in college.
Brand new high school was built and laptops given to all
I would choose to attend this school as the involvement of parents, staff and students provide a quality of education that surpasses most other mega schools
The principal and guidance counselors always have an open door policy with the students.
This small school does its best to provide and promote fitness & sports.
All of the kids know each other since the start of Pre-K and grow with one another until Graduation.
All teachers are very qualified and are generally interested in the success of the students.
I have mixed feelings about my school. I feel like I am not getting challenged with the classes, but the teachers are caring and want the best for us. Our athletics are extremely poor, which makes high school less enjoyable. However, it is nice to be in an environment where everyone cares. I also can take college classes so I get a head start on my major.
I feel incredibly safe in my school. Recently, the school facility had practiced various procedures if a gun man were to invade the school. It is comforting knowing our school wants us to feel safe and that our teachers have knowledge of what to do if an incident were to happen.
Our policies are relatively average. Some people complain about teachers talking to them about wearing shorter shorts. I think it is understandable, we are in a public school so we must dress appropriately. Overall, we have no restrictions that are out of line.
Last year my school began various school clubs. They sent out a survey of a variety of clubs students would like to participate in. I think this is great that the facility wants to provide more opportunities to all students.
We do not have very good athletics in my high school. My school is generally at the bottom of the conference will nearly all sports. However, a few years ago the school hired two fantastic coaches. Our softball coach is building the program very well. We have improved greatly over the years. Last year the boys' new basketball coach was hired. He has helped our boys improve a lot!
We actually have some of the best academics in the state of Iowa. Personally, I do not think they are challenging enough. The materials are not too difficult. However, we do get the opportunity to go to a local community college to receive college credit if we qualify.
I usually get a salad because I am trying to be healthier. The salads are nice, they provide us with other healthy options. The school lunches are not that impressive, but have improved a lot over the years.
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Many teachers do the bare minimum but there are a few that do go above and beyond. The teaching styles are fairly similar but nothing like college.
We actually have a pretty good food variety and the food itself really isn't the usual 'cafeteria food' that everyone hates.
Facilities are not too bad overall but our teams are not the best which makes school spirit tough.
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