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I've been attending Central Christian School for 6 years now and I really enjoy it. I feel prepared for college and ready to take on the world. I wish there were more challenging courses aside from dual-enrollment, but it is nice that they offer that. Athletics are prominent if you are interested in that. I wish there was more diversity and clubs.
Central Christian School has great food, academics, and sports. But because it is a christian school there is little diversity in anything and people can be quite judgmental at times, but for the most part the students and teacher are very nice and fun to be around. My overall experience has been pretty great so far.
Central Christian school was definitely... an experience. The education was subpar, had a strikingly low amount of diversity, and did not help me prepare for college anywhere near as much as i needed. While the small school environment lead to a mostly pleasant learning atmosphere, the size of the schools staff and budget lead to them providing a select amount of classes for their students, as opposed to the large array of choices one might have in a public school. Their elementary school is great, and can definitely help young students develop good morals, however, i wouldn't keep a child in Central past the second to forth grade. However, Central's best quality is some of their teachers, who actually want to connect with you and help you grow as a person.
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A great school that teaches students about God through academics. The teachers truly care about you and are willing to help with pretty much anything you need.
I love the school and its teachers, but there are some small things that could be different. Overall, I wouldn't have wanted to attend any other school.
The principal is very nice and caring yet stern when he needs to be. He tries to find alternative options to expulsion such as community service, this way you keep the student in a christian environment. We all must sign a student handbook which states that we agree to the rules and guidelines stated there. There are things in the handbook such as uniform rules, grading standards, and a promise to always post things on social media that will uplift others and reflect well on our character.
We have sports: Volleyball, Soccer, girls and boys Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball, Baseball, and Running Club. We have SGA(Student Government Association), FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes), an Outreach Club and a Welcoming Committee.
Central Christian School has many rules for the students to follow, these rules at first seem harsh and to strict. After being at CCS for a year or two you soon realize these rules are for our good and they are only there out of love. If you follow the rules you will find you will have a much better time. The teachers sincerely care for each and every student. Each day after school the teachers hold what they call help class, this is a smaller one on one tutoring in all subjects from Math to Spanish. Academics are the first priority, if you want to play sports you must maintain a certain GPA. Also if you get into trouble and must serve a detention once you get to practice your coach will decide is you will play the next game. Our music class competes in a Coral competition and always comes back with wonderful compliments and rankings. There is something for everyone at Central Christian.
The academics are great. There aren't two many AP classes. You have options for different classes and courses. They also offer different diplomas.
The school is in a continuing state of expansion. They have been upgrading the school and now have better bathrooms and classrooms. The school has been getting better every day.
There isn't really a school nurse, but they do have a good first aid and health safety system. Most care is given by coaches who have some knowledge in simple health care. There is always something they can give you or do for you. We really don't get any bomb threats or shootings but the school does have a pre-planned escape route for natural disasters and is able to lock down the school in case of a gunman.
Even though it is a Christian school, they welcome all students. There are students there from Haiti, Mexico, and all over the United States. The teachers always love to teach us of different cultures and religions. There are 'cliques', but in the end it doesn't matter because everyone becomes friends. The 'cliques' end up more like little groups just to talk about common interests and never exclude people.
I loved the teachers at my school! They were all very friendly and willing to help you with any kind of problem whether it be school, friends, or family. Even after graduating, some students come back to talk to teachers. They get help with their college work or just sit and talk. I know that I will always be welcomed back if I need to talk to any of my teachers about something.
The school does a good job of maintaining policies in a fair way. They have some rules that are a little strict, but in the end most of them are understandable. If a student has an issue with a rule or policy, the staff will take the time to talk to you and try to solve the problem. The S.G.A was able to change a few rules while I was in school.
There are quite a few things to do after school. There could be more though. The school lacks in supervisors for activities otherwise, they would most definitely offer more. The activities they have, provide a safe places for students who need to stay after school or need something to.
The sports teams are always very into their sport and determined to do their best. Coaches do a good job of making exercising fun and do things that everyone can be involved in. The students do a great job of supporting the teams and going to games. They have almost all of the common sports and are looking into growing the variety.
Over the four years at my school, they found new and better tasting foods. The lunch room workers were very eager to know what the students liked and disliked. They stopped making some of the nastier lunches that no one wanted. They also tried to find healthier options as we started to get new students with health problems and certain allergies.
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My school proved itself to be vary helpful in preparation to college and life outside of high school. The teachers and advisors are very willing to share their personal experiences with college and life to try to help the students with their situations. High school can be tricky, and my school was a good place to figure out life and find advice and guidance.
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