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Central Christian really prepared my son for college. He started in elementary and graduated from CCS. We decided it was a bit of a sacrifice for us but well worth it. Thank you to all the faculty and staff, you are great.
Central Christian Schools is the best school I've ever been to! I'm very blessed to get to go here. The teachers are great, the environment is very Christian based, but if your trying to find a school that has a student average of over 15 people per class, you'll have to find somewhere else because the classes are very small, which means we get to know eachother very well.
Central Christian School is a school unlike any other. They show excellence in academics and strong focus on Christ. The teachers at the school are excellent at not only presenting the material for the class as a whole but also working with students who need some extra help. The student body is accepting and fun, thus creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for people to be in. I transferred as a freshman and was extremely nervous about fitting in and being able to keep up with classes, but the student body welcomed me with open arms and the teachers were there every step of the way to make sure I excelled in every area of academics. My experience at CCS is a beloved memory and a very treasured experience.
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I love being able to participate in SALT, which stands for Serving and Learning Together. This school activity goes out and serves certain aspects of our community in Central Oregon. I had the privilege of choosing the Military/Veterans group. I was able to be a leader my Senior of this group, serving those who have served or are serving us. The electives the school offers is just as diverse, allowing a range of activities to end each day with. I was a part of the Golf elective, which helped boost my love and skills for the sport.
CCS is a unique school that gives students the opportunities to learn in a well-mannered environment, unlike that of a public school. Christian students can come to Godly-based classrooms and participate in worship every Wednesdays. The school is gracious towards students and slow to judge, believing that within the bad there is good. This school is remarkable in its teachings, giving every student a strong challenge that prepares them for college.
The teachers at CCS are kind and determined to have every student pass each year with flying colors. They are interactive and bring modern ways into their teachings to make lectures exciting and interesting. They are family-oriented, making every student feel like they are part of a family.
we meet the standard requirements
small school that allows good relationships with each student.
great teachers, Johnson, Smalstig, Sloan.
I really enjoyed my time at the school, now that I look back on it. You get over the intolerance of the staff and students after a little while, but as far as academics go, it's probably the best you can get in this area.
If I would have gone to CCS for all four years of high school, I'd probably be going to a state-of-the-art university, but the one year I spent there really, really prepared me for college and I'm thankful for that.
There isn't a very extensive sports program at CCS. Only certain sports are offered, and the CCS sports teams are horrible, to put it nicely.
They do not have a school lunch program. Students need to bring their own lunches on days except for Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, students can pay for food the school orders, like Dominoes or Little Caesar's pizza, nachos, etc. Some Fridays, if you pay $1, you can get smoothies or sundaes, donuts, things like that, and the money went toward the formal, or the student athletes, etc.
The senior class in charge of the "senior store," where students can purchase snacks or non-caffeinated drinks, and the money goes to the senior class and funds the senior trip, among other things.
The dress code is reasonable. Girls are asked to dress modestly, because it is a Christian school. The principal has told us "not to dress like we're for sale," and they don't have very strict restrictions on it. If you violate it, then you will be nicely reminded to change your clothes next time.
The principal is very involved in school events, and even teaches a math class. She loves getting to know all of her students, and she has such a sweet personality. She's awesome to talk to about struggling with grades, or problems involving another student.
Attendance is pretty straightforward. Ten unexcused absences in a quarter means you're dropped from the roster. It's not smart to miss any days, though because missing one day can put you severely behind on homework.
The office staff are very helpful, and pretty nice.
Bullying isn't tolerated, though mild forms of bullying are quite common. Since things spread like a wildfire, it is easy for gossip about students bullying one another to get around, so the staff will often find out. Usually, they will talk to the students involved (either together or separately) just to find out what's going on and why. Then they will work with you to come up with a solution. If the solution does not help, the parents of the students will be contacted.
The guidance counselor seems to help the senior class more than the others. She can be very strict about grades, but at the same time she will do anything she can to make sure you don't fail high school. Sometimes, however, if you need something done, such as having your transcript sent to a college that you're interested in or that you have been accepted to, you'll need to remind her to do it multiple times, otherwise it will not get done.
I have yet to see any major problems with culture & diversity or social issues at Central Christian schools, and I graduate this June. Previously, I did attend public school, so I have background from both public and private schools. It wasn't until I came to CCS that I noticed that the social problems are often worse at public schools, because the public schools are too big for the staff to get involved to try to help with the schools social problems. I've often had the stereotype of Christians being close-minded and not accepting people, but I've always felt at home and welcome at CCS.
The faculty at CCS is is amazing, and for that alone, this school deserves an A. All of the faculty is highly qualified for their positions, and they will do anything in their power to make sure that every student graduates with their class. They take the time to get to know each of the students, because everyone has different interests and different ways of learning things. Teachers are very good about making sure topics are clear enough for everyone to understand. The building needs to be updated, but they are building a new campus starting this summer, and that shouldn't be a problem after that point.
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