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Excellent Mennonite Christian school, very small class sizes, personal relationships with skilled, invested, caring instructors. You won't find better teachers anywhere in the state of Ohio. State-ranked sports and music programs.

Only comment/complaint is about the student body -- this is not the kind of school to send your kid if they are weird and have special needs, but still 4 stars since the extremely kind teachers made high school survivable for a weird kid like me.
The overall experience at Central is good. The teachers are very good and they more than prepare you for college. The athletics are all competitive, and they seem to overachieve for a school of this size. The music department at Central is also very good. The one thing that I would change about Central is updating some of the facilities.
it is a small school with a Christian emphasis. there are many different activities for students to get involved with.
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In my time at Central Christian, I experienced great personal, academic, and spiritual growth under the guidance of dedicated faculty and staff members. I am so grateful for the relationships I have with my former teachers—many have had a significant impact on my life. Being so small, the sense of community is strong, and I felt supported by my classmates, teachers, and community through my education. The music department is incredible, and that is probably what I miss most about the school. The only real issue I encountered at Central was inadequate guidance counseling. The Mennonite colleges are the only schools promoted, so I was on my own for looking into more academically rigorous universities. I think if the mindset was tweaked, Central could have a greater percentage of students attending more prestigious colleges.
A fabulous school that promotes cultural awareness in a strong academic setting. The teachers are mentors and care about the well being of their students.
My children were provided with wonderful opportunities in the fine arts and athletics.
College preparation is excellent and my children are at the top of their class in university. Thank you Central Christian!
Excellent academics in a Christ-honoring atmosphere. My children graduated from Central Christian well prepared for the rigor of their college programs. They continue to thank us that we made the decision to send them to this school!
Most importantly, they were nurtured in the spiritual development and foundation in Christ.
Central Christian was so formative for my early years of education. The teachers were extremely supportive and nurturing and I know that with the small class sizes, my opportunities for learning were far greater than the opportunities friends at local public schools had.
Great community and education. The teachers truly are invested in student's education and are there to walk along side them.
Central is excellent at challenging it's students academically. The teachers are incredibly helpful and wish to challenge students with harder material. There is also a solid relationship of trust between the students and teachers. The school is wonderful if you are looking for a strong backbone of faith that includes daily chapels and Bible study courses. Plus, the music and drama programs are run incredibly well.
Central Christian did a wonderful job of preparing me for college. The faculty and staff are amazing and truly care about each student's academic success.
Cross country, volleyball, golf, soccer, women's tennis are the fall sports
Teachers are 100% A+, in my book. Loving, considerate, accessible, genuine..... The list goes on and on!
The dress code promotes modesty and appropriate professional attire. As stated previously, all faculty and staff are caring Christians dedicated to bettering the lives of others
Our Guidance Counselor is excellent at dealing with a variety of sides from a Christian standpoint
This school is a home away from home. The teachers fear God and keep His commandments. They love, care for and respect 100% of the students. This is a school of Mennonite beliefs and values, but all Christians are welcome as well; denominations are not discriminated. Beware: if you don't have a true love of Christ, this school probably is not for you.
All students are accepted. There are some Hispanic families who send their kids to our school, lots of exchange students in the high school, and even a few Amish students.
Since it's a small school, many kids are involved with athletics. Some students even play three sports. Other kids love to come out and cheer the teams on.
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There are high quality academics--the first year of college wasn't much different (some college classes were a little faster paced). Most students go to college and many end up teaching or in professional fields. Central also has a program that all middle and high school students participate in that focused on developing personal skills and values that are important in the workfield.
Policies on bullying, dress code, attendance, and behavior are pretty strict. Most students do not have any problems with the policies.
Amazing music program! Many students are involved in sports. We also have Science Olympiad and a Snow Club (Skiing an Snowboarding).
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