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i loved the people i went their with! sports were great! it has changed alot since i went there though since it was baptist academy
Teachers kinda suck but I think they really do care about us. There is definitely favoritism and I’ve heard that we are pretty behind in math but ahead in everything else. I wouldn’t recommend this school though if your student doesn’t easily fit it or learn fast. There’s extra help you can ask for from your teacher though if needed.
Central Christian Academy provides a good place to meet fellow Christian students. Saying this, that's pretty much it. The teaching is subpar, barely having a math teacher and having teachers that get sidetracked more than one should admit. Though they do help you get ready for college, there is nothing more. Hopefully, in the future, the school will grow to be something more than it is as of now.
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It is a small private school for children in the Greater Indianapolis area. Located on the South side, this small institution offers basic courses required for either a Core 40 or Academic Honors Diploma. It could add more to both its elective and athletic programs, which primarily and almost solely support boys basketball. It could also continue to add more professionalism in its teaching staff and an increase in academic and social advancement.
I have a few that have graduated from Baptist Academy (Central Christian Acadmey), and one who still attends.
The school has been around for the many years, however the teachers are Newer. the teachers are there for the reason, they are kind and hopeful to the children...they pray for them and with them and give them such a great future to look forward to.
the students here are many different backgrounds, and getting more diverse as the time goes on....
We have sports, the coaches will include the students in some way in the sports, if the students want to... Being part of the IHSAA, we encourage students to participate
The school accepts the vouchers, and allows families with lower income to send and invest in their childs education. The school will help your family if there is a way, they will help you find it!
Overall Horrible School!!! The students were exposed to Sex,Drugs, Bullying,
Do Not Send Your Children To this So Called "Christian School"
Baptist Academy (now called Central Christian Academy) is a great school. We may not have as many sports or classes as public schools, but we are proud of what we do have. We have won sectionals in IHSAA 1A boys' basketball in 2013, won the PAAC conference in both soccer and boys' basketball, have gone to and placed at AACS Nationals at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, and in the 2014-2015 school year, all AP English students received at least a 2 on the exam.
Our teachers are awesome. They are soo passionate about not only their job, but even more so the students. They pay attention to not only our grades, but also how we are generally doing in life, and they are always there to talk to and help. I could go on and on and on, but I think you should just come see what I am talking about for yourself.
Although you do have to test when applying for this school, they rarely turn anyone away. We are a Christian school, therefore, the most important goal is to reach out and help all students in any way possible. The main reason this school has a student test before 'accepting' one is to see where they are academically. By one testing, they know where this student should be-the exact classes and level.

If you were to visit our school for a day, some things you would easily realize are that our school is very small, neat, and well-dressed/modest. But, from the start you would also notice that we are a family. Rarely is there bullying that goes on at our school. When one falls, 5 other peers are there to pick him up.
We do not have a bus program at our school for many reasons. But, if anyone ever needs a ride, our office always finds them a ride by means of carpooling.

Our guidance counselors are decent, and the school is great at preparing us for college. Tutoring is always offered by either online or older students helping younger students.
Salads are available for purchase every single day. Also, they sell many different snacks ranging from unhealthy things like cookies to more healthy things like cheese sticks or fruit. They always have options of healthy and unhealthy snacks available every single school day for the students.
There are a few after-school activities such as sports, help class, after-school care, and students are encouraged to help teachers with cleaning their rooms, etc. Also, many school functions are held outside of school, and most of the school always participates in those activities.
There have been only a handful of physical fights at Baptist Academy, compared to a fight or few everyday at a normal public school. No one has ever brought a gun or something similar to school. We take drugs very seriously at our school, and anyone involved with them will face expulsion. I believe the school is extremely safe.
Considering the school is small, we are not diverse much in any way. We do have kids that come from all kinds of different homes- poor or rich, broken or great, etc. We all accept each other no matter what condition.
It is completely different from any other school-public school or any other private school. During pep rallies or spirit week, almost all the students participate no matter how silly they might look!

Every other school has 'popular kids'; however, at Baptist Academy there really is not a 'popular group'. Even though we had 50 kids attending our high school in the 2012-2013 school year, our basketball team managed to win our sectional(competing against schools with hundreds of kids in their high school!).

I would recommend this school any day for anyone, no matter what kind of student or person.
Unfortunately, Baptist Academy does not offer as many classes as they desire. The basic classes are offered, and additionally AP Literature, AP English, and AP Mathematics are also offered. Help class is offered for almost all classes after school ends. The teachers will stay as long as they are needed, not just when 'a typical teacher day should end'. Scheduling classes is always simple and fast, and students have two weeks at the beginning of each semester to drop or add classes.
Baptist Academy, being a small school, is known for acting much like a family to the students attending. The staff not only cares about your grades; but, also, they are willing to be mentors to each student.

Bullying has never been an issue at this school. Even though everyone knows everyone personally, we all find a way to get along one way or another.

In the end, everyone at this school knows that even though grades, behavior and things such are important, they are not of most importance. The main goal of the faculty and staff at Baptist Academy is to preach and hopefully lead each and every student to the only one true Lord, Jesus Christ.
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