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Central Catholic Middle/High School Reviews

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The only thing good about this school is that it has a small amount of students. About five hundred students attend this school(middle school and high school). Most of the students here would rather go to Senior High, but there parents force them to go to Central Catholic. Some teachers here are amazing and the best you will ever find while others are exactly the opposite. I have had two different principles, three different councilors and six teachers leave since I started to attend Central Catholic. Students here are either nice and respectful or disrespectful and ignorant.
Everyone and anyone can get involved in activites
I'm so glad i came to a private school instead of a public because I feel like this school has really pushed me to become successful
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I love most of my teachers because most of them truly care about you and your family.
we have a lot more healthy choices available in our lunch.
Most student try to help each other out to do whats best for them
The teachers are very involved with the student
I'm the only full Hispanic in my senior class
I wish we had a specific counselor that would help only seniors and would focus on seniors only and helping us out with college and scholarships
There are not many clubs at my school. There is STUCCO, National Honor Society, Art Club, and Student Council. I have not seen or heard of any more than this.
For starters, if you go out for a sport, you have to take a weight lifting class at school. If you don't then you can't play that sport. Before any state playoffs or state wrestling, we have a pep rally and they're usually really intense. Every gets pumped up and it's very fun!
I started attending this school my junior year and I loved it from the beginning. It has a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The students and faculty are extremely nice in all the things they do. The best part is that we have meeting every week to help keep bullying out of our school. It's a very caring school and i'm glad i'm getting the chance to attend here.
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