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I like that no matter what I can be myself. It was really hard for me to fit in during middle school so I thought during high school I wouldn't meet any friends. When I had gotten to central I met so many friends and people who truly understand me and that is what makes school a lot more better not only the people, but also the teachers who have the biggest heart here. They are like your other parents when you need help.
The education is amazing and the teachers are phenomenal (shout out to Madame). The real problem is socially. Since most of the students there have been together their entire lives, outsiders are often looked down upon.
I like the atmosphere and morals that are taught. The teachers really care and are all very knowledgeable!
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So far I am a Junior in Wheeling Central, I love the diverse classes and the rigor of the classes. The teachers are phenomenal and always there to help you if you have a question or problem with an assignment. As long as you keep up on your work you'll be able to do well.
Out of all of the high schools near Wheeling, CCHS is by far the best choice in the area. Is it perfect? No, but this school allows you to prepare for college and chase your dream. In all honesty, beware of the History and English department here. The Math, Science, and Religion are the best academics you can achieve in the tri-state area. Every Thursday, our school goes to mass. As of today, our football team is back-to-back State Champions. No matter what you are chasing: academics, sports, religion, arts, etc. Wheeling Central Catholic High School is the best choice.
I liked Central Catholic High School because it was a small school that allowed me to obtain a good education that prepared me for college. I enjoyed playing baseball for three years during which we played in the state championship game one year and semifinal game one year. There was opportunity to take advanced placement classes and receive college credits. It was a family type atmosphere of people. Most of the students all knew each other and the teachers all knew their students, unlike the local public school. I am thankful for the education I received at Central Catholic High School.
It s an excellent college prep school with strong athletes as well. School spirit makes school enjoyable.
My years at Wheeling Central were re-memorable in good and bad ways. Teachers need to be more caring and understand. Central has a bad bullying problem. The coaches need to show less favoritism too. I got an extremely good science and math education at Central.
I love central!!! I have so many new friends every just loves everyone and it makes you feel amazing and welcomed! I learn so much too things that I can actually remember
I really enjoyed attending Central all four years of high school. It was a close-knit, family like environment. The classes were challenging but manageable. It is a great school to prepare you for college.
Wheeling Central is a community as well as a school. Great athletic and academic programs.
our teachers, staff and students take care of one another. We have good anti bulling programs and strive to make each person feel loved.
Our clubs are lots of fun. The moderators are very open to our ideas and each club adds to the school. They are very welcoming to others and do many activities for the community.
We have great spirit here at my school. We always attend sporting events and the teams always have parties for their members. Our clubs always will do special things for the rest of the school, like bake sales, and make sure that every club is promoted.
Most teachers are very accepting, hardworking and give good lessons. Some other teacher are very knowledgeable but some do not have very engaging lessons and it is difficult to pay attention. One teacher teaches at a level for colleges students and does not teach us anything. We have to rely on helping others to learn the subject.
Many levels of sports and after school academics
I felt extremely prepared for college
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The food services at Central Catholic are very clear cut. You either get what they have or get a salad. Those are the only options available at the school. The hot lunch is either a hit or a miss. The lunch ladies are exceptional women and are the sweetest people in the school.
There are so many things wrong with this school and their school policies. The school will not punish for bullying or any other real issues within the school. Kids are constantly being punished for dress code violations and being punished for things that are not relevant. Also, school policies are carried out depending on who you are. If someone was on the football they will most likely not be punished for anything. Also, kids on the football were allowed to miss classes due to getting massages and other things to prepare them for games.
There are a lot of athletics at Central Catholic being that it seems that the school's main purpose was to win state championships. The student involvement at games was great.. depending on what sport you played, and if the team was winning. Football games at Central were always a great time until 2014 because our football team was not producing the results the students want to see. In previous years boy's basketball did not have many students attending games because the team was having off years. The second the 2014-2015 season hit and the boys started winning game after game the student body really started to show up.
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