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Central Catholic is a family. Not only does it have amazing academics, but it has an amazing Christian life. Faculty and staff members work very hard to accomplish a unison of the religious life of the church, academic studies, athletics, and a familial aspect together to create an amazing second home for kids. It is full of diversity and spirit.
Wonderful school to send your child to they will have a good experience in high school. Central has great food and wonderful classes encourage your child to get in sports and hang out with there class mates. Send them to the football games and basketball games those are the best during the school toy will really see central pride during the games.
Well my experience with Central started my 8th grade year in which this happens in every students 8th grade year, we visit all the private High Schools for the day so that we have a better understanding on how each school is ran . The reason why I chose Central was for the involvement Outside of the school with the inner city schools and outreach programs that Central has a part of. The teachers at Central make us feel like we are already out in the field of our choice the teachers stay on top of us and guide us they make us do 100% they just don’t give it to us they make sure we did the 100% . My favorite part that makes Central stand out from a few other schools are the acts of kindness that are mandatory for us to do every year of school it makes me feel better as a human. Central also makes sure that during summer we don’t lose are thoughts at Central the doors never lock and the teachers doors are always open as well .
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The academics can be improved for sure. I don't think we have enough AP classes and we need more knowledgeable teachers. But the school spirit is AMAZING! Central will become your family after you spend time here. Join clubs and sports you like, explore your interests, make connections. Though the food in cafeteria is average, people are nice and friendly. Hope you enjoy Central if you are coming!
Central Catholic High School, is a Catholic, co-educational, college prep secondary school in Toledo, Ohio. Being one of two co-ed Catholic schools in the Toledo area, we have a lot of talent roaming the hallways. The school does a great job preparing you for the next step of your life, by offering a range of classes based on interest. It is not just a school but a family. The Irish spirit can be felt by all.
What I enjoy the most is the loving and family-like environment. They lanently teach us to be loving and trusting with one another.
Catholic co-Education college preparatory school. Incredibly diverse with a vibrant Chinese exchange program. The school stresses quality of understanding and education for the development of the mind. Excellent staff. Yearly tuition was around 10000 per year and offered a variety of payment plans. Excelled in college readines (I am currently a Junior in University). Offered multiple and non exclusive clubs. General security was offered and doors remained locked durring the day to secure safty of students and vetting process of incoming studdents to allow for a safe environment. The food at CCHS is private anf ranged arounf 5$ for a tasty lunch woth a plethera of options. The culture was moderate and not overwellming.
I loved the atmosphere at this school. As soon as you walk in, you can feel the buzz and excitement that everyone there has. An nothing beats the football games! Seriously the best experience ever! However, the high-level staff is very disorganized and it makes for very frustrating rules and disorganized events, which makes students and teachers both frustrated. But it makes for good stories, and nobody minded it too much!
I think that if you like to have a diverse environment in a school you should definitely go to central. The teachers here often care a lot about their students and the students often care too. Central offers a stellar academic experience.
I love it...everyone is so inclusive and kind! The teachers truly care about your future and the athletics are amazing!
Central Catholic High School is by far the best college preparatory institution in Ohio. The oozing spirit and timeless tradition make Central extremely unique. When you walk through the doors, the feeling is sensational. Classes do very well preparing for college courses and the real world. The teachers grow bonds with you in the classroom. The coaches continually make you into a better person and player. Central Catholic is the greatest and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some of the best years of their life!
Central Catholic High school was home to me from the moment I stepped foot on campus, no other high school compares with the academics and friendly teachers you'll meet in the four years you will attend. You will make friends that will be your friends for a lifetime and you'll make connections with coaches or teachers that you meet. Sports teams are outstanding and provide you with a good work ethic that you will have forever. At Central Catholic High School you will learn to grow as an individual and find yourself and who you really are. The school provides many religious opportunities for anyone that is open with their faith. Overall Central Catholic High School was a great decision for me and looking back, being graduated, I wouldn't change my choice of High School that I picked.
My experience at Central Catholic high school has been okay. There are a few changes I would like to see happen like food wise and being more organized. I think the school’s food choices can be bad. Sometimes the food can be eh ok and sometimes the food can be good like their fries.
My expience at Central Catholic High School has been one ill never forget. I have meet the best teachers and friends. No matter what mood you are in walking in, it will immediately change to a good one. You will always see a welcoming face and will never feel alone. I feel ready for college with my academic background. I feel ready to face any challenge and have a humble view with the diversity here at central.
I loved the science and biology departments at CCHS, and it’s been the place I felt so welcomed to every day. Amazing spirit, wonderful teachers and friends I’ll keep my whole life long have made my high school experience one I’ll slways treasure. The BEST high school there is!
Tradition is what I have thrived on while at Central Catholic. I’m one of 65 members of my family to attend this amazing institution and I couldn’t be more proud. What I’ve learned is that whatever classes you may take while school, whether they are honors or standard, you will meet people that will impact your life in a transformative way. I’ve found some of my closest friends here at Central Catholic. CCHS has taught me to adapt with my surroundings so I am able to prosper in new environments. A change I would make is to make College Credit Plus(CCP) classes more available to their students. College debt is not decreasing and with CCP students would be able to save thousands of dollars in schooling at the college level. CCHS is in a more poverish area and if they would just take advantage of the opportunities at hand then many students could save themselves from debt.
Very good prep for college. Many honors and AP classes offered.
A fine athletics department and tons of clubs and intramural activities as well.
The teachers are knowledgeable and care about students.
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Central Catholic High School is a hidden gem in an overly populated Catholic School presence in the Toledo, Ohio metropolitan area. As a graduate from a local girls high school and a lifetime resident of the Toledo area I can sincerely say that I whole heartedly recommend Central Catholic High School to almost any one. The best thing about CCHS is that no matter what ethnicity, religion, culture, academic standing - it's home. I believe that high schools purpose is to prepare you for college or adult life - I am confident that CCHS does this better than any other school in the Toledo area. From the academics, the clubs, the "We are family motto", service to our community and last but not least - athletics - there is something for everyone at CCHS and I am proud to say that my children have graduated from not only an academically competitive school but also a school where the development of the whole person is appreciated and expected. Thank you CCHS.
For motivated students, the academic experience at Central Catholic can be both rewarding and frustrating. There are many courses that are challenging and educational; others, however, can lack structure, care, or true learning. Despite this, as a honors student looking towards college, I think I can say that I will be prepared once I graduate. There are many other factors that make this school great, including its myriad clubs and activities, and driven sports teams. The after school activities are what helped me to make the friends I've kept through my four years. While I wasn't always sure this school was where I wanted to be, I know now that it was where I was meant to be.
The family environment at Central made it truly special. The school faculty was always there for students and did everything they could for our success. Academically challenging and helped with College preparation.
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