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Central Catholic embodies the true spirit of brotherhood, teaches young men the tools and work ethic it takes to become a successful man, and is overall the best high school in the San Antonio area.
teachers are very well educated. welcoming environment. The facilities are wonderfully advanced in today's age.
At Central Catholic the atmosphere and setting is very welcoming and positive. It is an all boys private school that teaches its students about brotherhood and forms boys into suitable men of society. My experience at this school so far has been great! I've been involved in football, baseball, and JROTC and my experience with those sports and nothing but good memories. I have nothing bad to say about my school and wouldn't change anything .
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Very good school with minor flaws. Great learning environment. Most importantly the teachers care about each individual student.
Amazing school! Incredible teachers and staff. The concept of brotherhood and the unity of the student body is executed perfectly.
I’ll start off by saying, “The freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.” In this review, I plan on sharing the truth within my experiences at Central Catholic High School (CCHS) in San Antonio. My personal opinions are also included in this review, so keep that in mind while you read this. I am in no way trying to use this platform for force, fraud, or defamation.
Central Catholic High School is a school where anyone would want to go. Their purpose is to educate and push every single one of their students to be successful later on in life. Central Catholic is an unbelievable school, which they do their job with love and purpose. The feeling
Central Catholic as a freshman and sophomore was a truly remarkable experience. But after the first two years, most of the best teachers, counselors, and administration who embodied what it means to be a Marianist left the school. Their absence was felt almost immediately since the school hired incompetent new administrators. They brought in mediocre teachers at best, and the whole school culture changed for the worst. The school started to focus solely on the image of the school and started focusing less on what made central such a remarkable institution in the first place. Now the school just seems like another regular school, whose focus is on admittance numbers and the image of the school. The counselors care more about test scores than on the growth of the student through actual counseling. That is not to say central is a bad school. It still has the best alumni core than any other school in the city, it still has passionate students who strive to become better men.
I loved the Brotherhood at Central Catholic High School. The memories I made with my friends will last a lifetime. The Marianist principles taught at Central Catholic guide students into becoming faith-filled Catholics.
At Central Catholic, boys from diverse backgrounds are able to cultivate a unique bond of brotherhood while receiving a valuable Marianist Education. The parents and alumni of Central Catholic High School are very active groups that help Central achieve its mission.

Central Catholic parents have a long history of working with the school’s administration, faculty and staff to create an educational environment that exhibits the Marianist characteristics of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith.

As students graduate, they become a part of a special brotherhood of nearly 10,000 alumni living around the world.
During the years I've been around Central Catholic, I have seen students flourish from Freshman year to Senior year- socially, spiritually, and academically. The teachers at Central Catholic truly care about the well-bring of their students and go above and beyond to support them and guide them through their time in high school. Also, it is great to see the number of students (about 90%) involved in one or more extracurricular or co-curricular activities, as they are constantly building upon their brotherhood that is established the summer after their 8th grade year.
I graduated from Central Catholic in 1983. Has with most students I can say that my my time there was a good and hard experience. Teachers cared and were always willing to help. If is a college prep school and you were expected to preform. I got through it was not until later I really learned with Central Catholic had instilled into me. A great work ethic and an amazing Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is not only your graduating class but all those that have gone through Central Catholic. 10,000 + Alumni that will help you get a job when you graduate from college. Another great advantage is that Central Catholic is the very fabric of San Antonio
My time at Central Catholic was amazing! The teachers are truly passionate about educating the whole student and preparing them for life outside of the classroom. Part of the values of CC education is a community spirit where every parent, alumni, and friend of Central Catholic is still involved daily.
The abundance of activities for every person is astonishing: JROTC, Robotics, Athletics,
The Marianist education received at Central Catholic definitely changed the course of my life. The lessons of service to others, maintaining a strong faith life, and excellence in academics have resonated in all my endeavors since my Central Catholic High School education. I am deeply grateful to the Marianists and Central Catholic for their profound role in my development.
Whenever someone asked where I went to high school, I am always proud to say Central Catholic. This school is famous for making the people who attend extremely prepared for college at any level, but also a gentleman who is more mature than most his age. The best things about this school are the academics, the involvement of faith, and the lifelong friendships that will be made. The only reason I rated my alma mater four out of five is because of the exodus of highly regarded teachers. Many new and fresh faced teachers have shown up and the school does not have the same feel.
CC is a San Antonio institution and excels at academics, sports and helping young boys become young men. CC is definitely not for everyone but if you want your son to learn what ot tales to become a man and to serve others while being held accountable, this is the place. In addition, the Brotherhood (network) which spans generations will help your son in the future, especially when it comes to career amd business. Many call it the Central Catholic Mafia because we get thkngs done to help eachother and there are very many accomplished alumni in business and government.
My experience attending Central Catholic was amazing. This college prep school does exactly what it advertises, I am now in my first year in college and because of the preparation Central Catholic provided, it's made my first year a breeze.
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Central was a great school when I was a freshman, but now it has changed for the worse. Many of the teachers that I loved my freshman year are gone, which takes away from the culuture of the school. The so called brotherhood doesn’t exsist, maybe it did at one time but it certainly doesn’t anymore. Central Catholic has also lost many competent administrators, and those competent administrators have been replaced by incompetent, disorganized, and generally disliked administrators. The councleours and administrators don’t care about the students, they merely care about maintaining the school’s outside image. Central Catholic is merely a shell of its former self, and the pride once associated with being a Central Catholic student is no longer there for me.
I have three boys that attended Central Catholic. One of my boys attended Carleton College, one Rice University and my third is now in graduate school at Texas A&M. Central is an outstanding school for boys, particularly academic and athletically focused students.
Excellent academic preparedness for college. Focus on developing spiritual side of student. Quality of teachers has steadily improved.