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great school for teaching discipline and learning how act like an adult. I feel smarter than all my peers in college because I know how to complete homework well.
Wonderful teachers and music program. I feel like a part of the community. It’s close to home so it’s easy to get there at 7 AM for band.
Excellent environment, highly qualified teachers who take a true interest in students, clean and beautiful campus, great sports and arts programs
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Central was an academically rigorous and socially inclusive school. They had top notch teachers who cared about you and wanted to help you learn and encouraged students to push themselves to succeed. Students are welcoming, supportive, and kind to one another.
The counselors are beyond the best thing this school offers. They are 100% understanding of medical, family, or any issues high schoolers go through. They also understand the level of work each student at Central faces. If it weren’t for them, students like me would never be as strong and independent.
My time at Central was filled with fun experiences and cherishabale moments that I will never forget. Service has been one of those experiences that has helped me grow during my time at Central. I am thankful for my service experience and the fact that I was able to do something to help those who are outcasted by society. I loved the experience, it taught me many things.
The student body is very welcoming and the teachers are excellent. The small class sizes compared to other High Schools allows for close connections throughout your time there.
I absolutely loved my time at Central Catholic! I transferred to this school after my first semester of my freshman year and this was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Academically, it is extremely challenging which is rough at the time, but once I started college I was beyond prepared. The Central Catholic community is so strong and I have made friends that will last a lifetime. I keep in contact with many of my high school buddies to this day (4 years later). Their athletics program is second to none and the overall environment teaches students valuable lessons about life. Although this is a Catholic school, the teachers are very open to hearing differing opinions about religion and are accepting of all students regardless of their beliefs. Such a wonderful experience, I would choose it again in a heartbeat.
The education is pretty good (maybe if taking AP or honors).
Many opportunities for students to participate in.
I love CCHS, it has provided me with a deep sense of community and family that will follow me long after high school. I feel so blessed with the chance to attend CCHS and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great sense of community.
If your child wants to succeed he/she will there, the teachers are devoted to every kid that passes by them. They will push your kid to the level necessary to go to college or university. The people are nice and kind. The school goes out of their way to make sure your child is safe and successful. The tuition may be a little high but if you are in need or aid you will get it.
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The school itself is a good place to go. The teachers really care about the students and are passionate about what they teach. The campus is kept well and the sports and extracurricular events are fun. There is a sort of sports over academics vibe at times which sucks but it is not the worst thing to have to happen in a high school.
My experience at Central Catholic has been quite good. It seems to have prepared me for college thus far. There aren't any major complaints that I have about Central, although I will say that the food is wayyyy overpriced.
A really good school with wonderful resources, teachers, and the environment. The school spirit is very exceptional, especially during sports. The diversity is wonderful too.
I liked the community and all the opportunities the school has provided me with. If there is one thing I would like to see change within the school it would be the diversity.
The teachers work very hard to prepare and support students. However, the student body itself fails to promote the dignity of other people: peers, teachers, staff, and those outside school.
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Central Catholic High School is a college prep high school in the city of Portland, Oregon. Offering competitive sports programs, a diverse culture, multiple clubs, Advanced Placement classes and caring teachers/administration. What sets Central Catholic High School apartment from others is their involvement in the community requiring each student to perform service, giving back to society. This year I am going to the Dominican Republic to help empower young girls and this time is applicable to my required service hours for my senior year. I would recommend CCHS to any high school student wanting to be challenged and stretched to be the best person you can be in all areas from academics to sports.
I came to this school without knowing anyone or anything about the area it was in. I met a lot of cool people and had fun, but I would have liked for there to be a little less emphasis on sports and more support for clubs and academics.
I just loved the community it brought and how I felt welcomed the moment I walked in. People are nice and the teaching staff is absolutely amazing.
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