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Pittsburgh Central Catholic is a highly esteemed institution that turns young boys into men and is well worth the investment. Although it is a steep tuition the lessons a young man will learn from the brotherhood simply cannot be matched. Along with the lifelong relationships you will make at Central Catholic they provide an education that is undoubtedly one of the best in the sate and maybe the country. It truly exemplifies what a 'college prep' high school should be like. The teachers never push a religion onto there students and allow them to think for themselves as that is apart of becoming a man. Most students have an outstanding relationship with their teachers and counselors. The sense of pride you get while attending this institution is something any one watching from a distance can see. Always remember Tradition Never Graduates!
What I like about Central is that there is help everywhere for anything you are in need of. Wether it’s classes, need someone to talk to, I trust the counselors to talk to them about anything, and how prepared the school gets you for college. A lot of the teachers care about you as an individual, I’ve had teachers go out their way to talk to me when they noticed I wasn’t in a good mood, some has guided my ideas for what I wanna do for life , and ways to make money in life. The only thing I would change about Central is some of the school rules is the handbook : such as hair policies, if I could wear my hair how I want to without being told to cut it, change it, etc, that’d be great.
Overall my experience at Central Catholic has been quite pleasant. The teachers and classes I have had were all very good and taught well. The only problem I have is the constant changes to the student life. It can just sometimes be hard when you get accustomed to doing something and then the next year it changes again.
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I’m a Senior at Central Catholic High School. The school focuses a lot on extracurricular activities including community service, clubs, and sports. Central Catholic is a college preparatory school, which they do a sufficient job at. School spirit is a large part of Central Catholic and the whole school take part in it. The teachers are well educated, and some are very good at their job, but most, but there equally the same number of teachers that can’t perform to their applies.
My time at central catholic so far has been great. There has been a lot of working with teachers challenging me along the way but I know it is all for the best so that I am prepared for college. I have played football and rugby which have both been very positive experiences each teaching me time management and hard work.
The community is horrible and all boys here are impolite. I regret sending my children here. They became horrible people because they thought it was cool. Just saying, if you want your child to morally decompose, send them here.
sent both of my boys to central, the were heavily involved in athletics, clubs and musicals , course work was demanding but prepared them very well for college life . the student at central walks in as a boy and leaves a Young man ready for the real world
Ups and downs and lonely if you don't find a group quick. Football is the only sport that is cared about. Academics are great and they push you. Shroom or you're lame to the kids. Teachers are average for the most part. Eller, Brown, Roche, ret, Morgan, Budacki are great. Thomas however, is a sad, insignificant, small manchild who picks on kids becuase hes nothing. Find a group or you will be lonely.
My experience has been honestly amazing so far, as I come to the close of my final year I can finally say this school is truly special. I don't think I have ever seen a school even compare to one like central. The teachers, and staff care about you sometimes more than my parents even care about me, haha! The counseling center and all its workers included could easily be one of the best around. One of the best decisions in my life was to attend Central Catholic.
Great community and experience, great academics, but falls short in the aspects of administration. The administration struggles to connect with its own Students, often overstepping their own boundaries or falling short of the desires of students, which can be frustrating. The teachers are wonderful however, and the students themselves have a strong bond that I believe will carry on well past graduation from high school.
It is a great school that offers and sets up many opportunities for your future. Central Catholic although it is nit very diverse has a well accepting group of people making everybody feel at home. Central is a brotherhood which helps build bonds and connections that no other school has to offer for its students and faculty. The teachers at central care very much for the kids and show how much they appreciate them through their willingness to help the kids succeed no matter what the cost.
It is a brotherhood at Central Catholic. An all-boys preparatory school that takes education seriously, and keeps Christian faith at the center of all learning. It's a privilege to be a Viking. "For God and Country."
I loved how the teachers and students really cared for each other. Another thing I liked is how the teachers make class interesting and fun! I'd definatley come back to Central if I had to again, I really learned a lot and was a great place that you enjoy yourself meeting new people.
After attending Viking for a day and the orientation, Central made a great impression on me from day one. I noticed a sense of pride and tradition from the teachers and students that made an immediate impact on me. It was clear that the teachers loved their jobs and truly cared about the students. This was evident with the students I have been able to interact with through my first semester. Everyone seems to want to help each other succeed. On the other hand the all boy environment is not for everyone. At times the atmosphere might be overwhelming but the support system in place is great. The school consists of boys from many different backgrounds and this is probably the main reason it proves to be such a special place for so many people. I’m enjoying my time there and will be sure give back in the ways that Central has given to me.
Good school, very strong alumni and parents groups, football is a big deal here but so is academics. For a Catholic boys school, it is even fairly open minded. Central Catholic gives you what you put into it. If you're a jock, you will get a jock experience; if you are a nerd, you can get a nerd experience. If you're an introvert, you'll get nothing more than yourself. Central doesn't "make men of boys" it enables boys to become their own man. So I'd recommend it for students who are willing to experience a rounded high school and partake of as much as possible.
This school is a wonder. I came to this school from a Catholic middle school in a small and not very diverse community. When given the choice of which high school I wanted to go to, Central Catholic and Serra Catholic were my two top options. After visiting the schools, Central stood out to me the most. Now, halfway through my freshman year, I can see that there is not a better choice I could have made when choosing the best high school to go to.
Central Catholic is an amazing school where you are sure to find what you are looking for. There are so many different types of people who go to school here and you are definitely going to make a lot of friends. The teachers truly care about and want the best for you. The athletics are great and all the teams are really good and have many alumni to help out. There are so many different elective classes that you can take so that you know you are studying something that you are interested in. The campus is also incredible because of the history of the school and also because of the brand new STEM building.
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Faculty is superior with the perfect mix of experienced and seasoned professionals (science and gifted ed) and more contemporary points of view (tech). The connection to ethical behaviors and service projects is ideal. Top-notch academics and high expectations. Worth every penny!
I have watched my son who was withdrawn and displayed antisocial behavior develop into a very charismatic young man. He has explored the area of computer programming and attended a 2 week camp at George Mason University to learn to gaming programing in 2D. This is an opportunity that he would not have experienced any where else. He also, attended Penn College's Pennsylvania's Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) which is another opportunity he would have never experienced. This experience for him has been worth every sacrifice made.
There are many incredible teachers who are willing to work hard to improve the experiences of students. Amazing athletic programs and a great community, lots of resources for the students to use. The students who like it the best here are the ones that make the best use of it.