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It is so easy to be involved at Central Catholic to gain many experiences. Since my freshman year advance and honors classes have been available with knowledable teachers. They set you on a guidance plan each year to have a successful year. Know in the area for their sports program gave me a well-rounded high school experience.
I am a Freshman at this school and it’s been great. At most schools freshman get treated so awful and unfair but at Central Catholic it is different the student life is the best everyone is treated respectfully and fairly and the school is smart about situations and decisions in those situations.
I really love how small the school is because it allows for a strong sense of “family” between the students. This school provides a safe and happy environment that provides all the essentials that a student may need to be both spirtually and academically prepared for the next stages in life.
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Central Catholic High School’s mission is to witness to the Gospel, while developing the spiritual, academic, and social character of students. I appreciate Central Catholic for furthering my faith in God from a divine being to a father figure. The academic rigor at Central Catholic has helped me get into University of the Pacific, where I plan to enroll at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry then the McGeorge School of Law. I am involved in 21 extracurriculars including 4 sports (golf, basketball, track and field, and cheerleading) and 5 leadership positions including ASB Senior Class Representative, Key Club President, and Treasurer of Hispanic Youth Leadership Council Culture Club. The small community allowed me to know all students by name and to take advantage of these opportunities that made me into the spiritually developed, academically prepared, and globally conscious young woman that I am today.
I have had such an incredible four years at Central Catholic High School. I have been involved in many things on campus and it has been so easy to get involved. I love the small knit community and how the faculty and staff care for me. I am sad to be leaving Central Catholic but I know that they have prepared me in the best way possible.
I liked that the school was small. I feel I received a much more personalized attention to my actual academic needs. At times I would have liked less attention.
Not every teacher at the school is capable of teaching well enough to prepare students for college. Teacher retention is low due to low pay so some aren't even credentialed fully to teach. Only a few sports' teams are treated with respect and many are given lesser treatment i.e. poor equipment, coaches or no facilities on site. Students don't want to participate in those teams so they tend to not do well.
Central Catholic's emphasis on "it's a We thing" created a great community and family-like feel. Although the academics were not amazing, the atmosphere made up for it. If you put the effort in no matter where, you will come out successful. The nurturing atmosphere helps you to accomplish your goals, and with hard work, prepares you for college.
I love being a student at Central Catholic High School. The atmosphere is amazing and it truly embodies the "WE" mentality they claim to have. Everyone treats each other like family and is comfortable talking to almost everyone since it is such a small school. The way the schedule is set up allows for many after school/before school opportunities to get one on one time with every single teacher.
I have been going to central catholic for only 5 months now and it is one of the top private schools in California. I've really improved my grades and focus being around kids that are so focused and ready for the next level pushes me to be the best of my ability. The only thing I would have to say that need to be added is a mandatory athlete study hall this could help 3 sports athletes like my self manage time better and get work done before practice also you can get help from tutors that are in the study hall in classes you don't axel in.
Central Catholic High School is a small close knit environment. CCHS prides itself on its safe and academically strong environment. My favorite part about CCHS is that everyone is family. No matter who you are or where you are from, at CCHS you are family. There is a group or club for everyone, and bullying/hate is nonexistent. The only thing I would change about CCHS is the facilities. We just recently built a new fitness center, however, that is the only updated facility. Most are worn down and outdated. Other than this, CCHS is by far one of the best schools in this country and I am proud to be apart of this family.
School advertises itself as a college prep program, but does not prepare students adequately for college. Academics and teaching overall are weaker than most. Three principals in the past four years don't help the situation.
High teacher turnover coupled with teachers who don't know how to teach make for a poor academic experience overall.
Lots of clubs and sports
It is a pretty old campus and every winter the roofs leak
Lots of different activities to participate in, which provide many opportunities
I have had good rigorous education and I have been prepared for college
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I've had good experiences with teachers with whom I have communicated and made an effort in their classroom.
School was fairly safe. I never felt fearful on campus. Campus gates are usually open because majority of the parking is inside the campus.
Played baseball and was involved in a service based club. Enjoyed both even though the head coach at the time was a complete asshole.
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