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I love Central Catholic!!! The teachers are really passionate about what they do and not only teach you as a student but as a person as a whole. They really prep you for college and life. The family feeling from Central is one that you will get from no other school.
I liked that Central Catholic is pretty diverse and helps students get many different points of view. The administrators are not very open to new ideas and exploring ideas that the students bring up; they are pretty set on doing things their own way. I wish the administrators collaborated with students more to understand how they could improve the school from a students’ perspective. The teachers are great, they really care and want to see you succeed. Many of them will stay late to offer extra help and explain certain topics.
I went to public schools my whole life until coming to central for freshman year and right now I’m a junior at central.Honestly, it feels like a public school who worships Jesus and wears a uniform. Academically speaking, I don’t feel any more or any less challenged than I did when I was at public schools and as far as athletics go, we even compete in a public school conference. All-in-all, central is definitely not the prep school it makes itself look like before you come. They also pride themselves way too much in their racial diversity and always try to make it look extra diverse for the pictures. In reality it’s predominantly white with a decent sized Hispanic population.
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I’m in my senior year at central catholic and I love it so much! All of the teachers are willing to help and there are so many amazing clubs and activities. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else for high school and I’m so grateful that I found central.
I was adamant about coming here in the first place. Although after going to clubs and meeting new people it became easier. It's a really great school with very good education and engaging students who push students to do their best. There are only a few things that I would change.
Central Catholic is a diversified private school that is more than preparing me for college. I feel the college prep courses are rigorous and the teachers are top notch. The school atmosphere is like a family. School and athletic events are fun and inclusive. I would recommend Central Catholic High School.
CCHS was the best high school experience I could have asked for. Yes - it is a high school & there will be cliques and good and bad days.. that happens everywhere, but the sense of community created by the faculty and students is unparalleled to any other. When speaking about high school experiences with college friends, a lot of my CCHS peers agreed we had a much more positive experience than our friends that went elsewhere. Not only were we getting a fresh start in high school, but meeting people from a variety of surrounding towns and different backgrounds was an eye opening experience having come from a small town.....It was beneficial during such key years of adolescent growth. Your grade became like a family- whether you were all best friends or not, there was no bad blood ever and everyone came together for events, sports, projects, etc. The teachers/coaches always took on more than what was asked and you could tell that they truly cared. Lucky to be a raider!
Great teachers, great people. The teachers are always willing to meet before or after school if you don’t understand a lesson.
Central is a great school, but sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable there because many of the students are rich. Seeing people act so entitled makes me unhappy because I grew up knowing money wasn’t always in abundance.
I love central, it will alway be my second home! The 4 years I spent here were the best of my life. I will alway appreciate the teachers and staff and all that they did for me!
It felt like a close knit community and I’m surrounded by amazing, ambitious people. I can see now why so many alumni rave about the school and many former students come back to teach here.
CCHS have a great number of AP and Honors courses, with an also vast variety of sports and extracurricular activities
One of Central Catholic's themes is that we all part of one big family. The school maintains close relationships during and after graduation. CCHS has great sports teams and cheering section "the Raider Red Sea". Academics are good with many Honors and Advanced Placement courses available. The school also has a strong focus on getting involved with the community through charitable work. The guidance department is fantastic and works hard to make the college application process as easy as possible.
I loved the energy of the school when I was first admitted but it changed over the years. Teachers became more strict. I did meet a lot of new people which I loved about the school, kids were from many different towns. I’ll miss my friends when I head of to college but I do think that Central Catholic prepared me for what’s to come.
Central Catholic is a great high school that prepares its students for college. The faculty are great individuals and have years of teaching experience. The sports teams are also very good and the men's football and basketball teams are competitive every year.
Great school, great for getting ready for college! It’s a great environment to challenge yourself. The staff here are a amazing and know when to push you so you can succeed in life.
Central Catholic is a great school. There are so many opportunities to get involved in activities. The school spirit is what makes Central very special.
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Central catholic is a good place to go to school. They’re dedicated to teach and prepare the body for college. The teachers care for their students as well as guidance counselors. One thing I’d like to see change is the outside community of the school being the fact that the school is in the middle of Lawrence.
Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school with an academic campus in Lawrence, Massachusetts and an athletic campus in Lawrence, Massachusetts associated with the Marist Brothers of the Schools and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and founded in 1935 by Brother Florentius.
Central Catholic is an incredibly diverse high school with goals to help the least favored. If I could change anything about my school, I would ask it to try and donate more to the community from our one big fundraising activity, and to try and enforce a higher hour requirement for service hours.