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For a Catholic school it is not too conservative or strict about its regimens. It lets anyone of any religion go to school there.
The majority of students, faculty, and parents are of conservative and Catholic views, but usually no one confronts or attacks those who disagree.
There are little to no issues of violence or drug usage in the school itself. There's bullying and gossip though.
The rich kids run the school and get away with everything. Although, everyone seems to find some group to join in the community.
Their education is incredible. Their academics are very good and some of the smartest kids imaginable come out of that place.
I have really enjoyed my last three years at Central Catholic. I am very fortunate to attend this school during my high school career. Central is not just a school to me, but a family. Everyone is welcome and I felt close with the student body, including the faculty members. Being able to talk to any of my teachers helped me with my academic abilities to succeed. I am very happy with my decision to attend Central, and to this day would choose the school again, and again.
I liked the close knit community atmosphere, and that everyone was part of a big family. Everyone is there to learn and be involved. Whether it is in athletics, academics, or clubs there is always something happening to better the students and the school as a whole.
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The smaller environment made it easier to get o know your teacher. This also made one on one interactions between the student and teacher easier and less scary.
I love the diversity and inclusivity of CCHS! We have great AP classes and teachers and amazing sports! I am on the tennis team and it is the best group of girls possible (plus we’ve been to states the last two years!) I love the Catholic feel and traditions of this school!!! I would recommend it to anyone!!
Canton Central Catholic has been an outstanding experience for me! I transferred over junior year and I cant lie, I was horrified. I had been going to North Canton Schools since the third grade and I wasn't ready for a change especially this late into my high school career. Everyone one there was just so welcoming like the students and the staff were very nice to me and helpful and I am grateful for that. The sports here at Central are also very fun. I play baseball for them and this has been one of the best coaching staff I have seen for awhile. All in all Canton Central Catholic is a great school and I am glad I transferred to it.
I liked the student to teacher ratio. Teachers always knew everyone name and made sure that everyone did good and was prepared for college. I do not like the condition of the school, its getting to be old and may need some new renovations.
Central Catholic is a good school that really pushes you on your academics and wants to help you further your education
I love the education we receive here, but I really wish to come back in the future and see more diversity. All the teachers are very smart.
We have a decent variety & you can create a new one
We are a college prep school & it really works
The teachers try very hard to engage the students.
Not the best health and safety, as kids are bullied and not always accepted. Most of the issues are actually between teachers/staff and students. Students don't generally fight each other, even if they make it plainly known that they hate each other; they just avoid the groups that they don't get along with.

Rich students and students that have relations to teachers/staff are not usually punished for anything they do, and it's covered up in the media.

They do teach about safety in some classes.
Extracurricular opportunities are pretty good. There's a different mix of school related clubs, artsy clubs, etc.
In general, this school is great. The students are friendly, even if you're not in their 'clique'. You might not find your best friend here, but you will make friends that you'll want to keep into contact with after you leave.

This is a Catholic school, so you are taught about their beliefs, but you are not forced to Believe them. Most teachers, staff, and even the President/Priest is very accepting and kind to all people, no matter what your beliefs, gender, or sexual preference.

There academics are incredible. They have many A.P. classes and they score very well on the tests. Z

There variety of courses that you can take are plenty in the major subjects such as Science, English, and History, and a few different, although not in - depth, Art and Business courses.

Scheduling is always an issue, and counselors are not helpful in most situations.

There are a bunch of people who are rude and childish; many of these are staff or teachers. There are students whom are mean and don't get in any sort of trouble for their actions, simply because they're rich or related to staff or teachers.

Overall, however, if you can find the nice groups and make friends with the kind teachers, you can avoid the nonsense and stupidity of the rest of the school and have a good High school experience.
There are several teachers that are kind and care about their students. They will help you at anytime and are super accommodating if you have problems. You can talk to them as if they are friends; they love hearing and considering student opinions.

There are, of course, many teachers who do not care. They have favorites. They don't grade fairly.

Generally, you can get through school without being Forced to ever take a class that they teach. There are a few teachers like this, however, who teach classes that Everyone has to take, so it can be difficult sometimes.
Central Catholic has many extracurricular opportunities. Whether it is sports,clubs, or community service, there is always a way to get invovled and meet new people!
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In my opinion, one thing stands out to me that makes Central Catholic unique. At Central Catholic, everyone is treated with respect and kindness. It is like one big family.
At Canton Central Catholic, every teacher takes the time to get to know each student individually and help them out in the classroom. They are very fun to be around and make class more interesting.
I have been involved in many sports (soccer, swimming, tennis, and lacrosse) in high school. I have also been involved in clubs like NHS and Crusaders for the Community (a club that focuses on service projects). I have greatly enjoyed my experiences in these extracurriculars
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