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I was a student here for 4 years. I feel very prepared for college. The teachers are very knowledgeable.Good school environment.
A strong college prep High School, based on Catholic values. It is a small school, so students are known and supported by caring teachers and staff. Sports and activities are encouraged and easy to join. Questions are answered by staff and principal in timely manner.
Great experience. I like the student to teacher ratio since it is a small private school. Teachers are almost always available to answer questions and offer help. There are a lot of ways to became active in school activities. It is a friendly and nourishing environment.
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My experience at Central Catholic was all around very good. I would describe it as a good, challenging catholic school. It was hard at times but I feel I am ready for college socially and academically. I was fairly social in the sence of doing as many clubs and sports as possible. I wish Central Catholic had larger choices for clubs. I would’ve loved to have a film club where we could make our own films and review the work together. I would also say that since the school is so small there are pros and cons. I love knowing everyone in the hallways and interacting with the teachers that know me well. Diversity is not as well spread out at Central since it is a small catholic school so I hope that can change. I am so proud to go to Central Catholic because it challenges me in a good way and helps me prepare for the path of my life.
The teachers prepared me for college, I know how to study and manage my time very well. The Catholic identity that CCHS upholds allowed me to grow in my faith and be confident in who I am. The staff makes each student feel cared for and wanted.
I had a great time attending this school! The teachers are very willing to help their students, and all of the staff are very kind. The student life seems to be quite cliquey, but that probably just depends on the class each year.
The sports play a huge factor in student life, while clubs and activities people still participate in, but not as many as sports.
My classes challenged and prepared me for my further education!
I enjoyed my education at CCHS. The School prepares me for college and I was able to be involved in our school playing sports and other groups. Great school and memories!
I really enjoyed how much of a tight-knit community Central is. What I didn't enjoy was the how teachers did not line their schedule and we would have weeks where we had huge projects in every class. Also, the culture is sometimes rough and students do not get in trouble for behavior.
I love the school and the family atmosphere and being able to know everyone. The teachers all strive to help the students as much as possible.
Central Catholic is the most rigorous high school in the area. The Washington Post ranked Central Catholic in the top 7% in the nation for most challenging high schools, and the top 5% in the state of Illinois, and the most academically challenging high school in Central Illinois. Throughout my four years of high school, I have enjoyed all of my experiences here. The teachers, staff, and alumni are amazing and are always willing to help students in any way they are able. Also, the sports teams and clubs are a lot of fun and almost the entire school is involved in at least one club.
Many of the students that go to Central Catholic High School have been attending Catholic school their entire life, and therefor have grown very close with their classmates over the years. The school truly does feel like a close-knit family community. The only major downside is that news travels fast and cliques can form.
Central Catholic has a great community and excellent academics. The school is challenging, the teachers are dedicated, and it is easy for students to become involved in a wide variety of activities. It is a small school, but that helps students because teachers have the time to work with each student individually and all students can become involved in sports.
Considering the size of Central Catholic, there is still a fairly wide variety of extracurriculars that encourage involvement mostly in academics, faith, service, and the arts. Almost all students are in a very large number of clubs. Some clubs require frequent attendance and participation, but for many of them, students place academics and sports first and only show up when they can. Some favorites include Student Ambassadors (which gives students opportunities to interact with students from CCHS's three junior high and elementary schools) and Interact Club (a service organization linked with the local Rotary organization). Some other popular favorites include Board Game Club, Spanish Club, Culinary Club, and Bowling Club. There's also a large interest in Choir because it offers opportunities to travel to places such as New York.
Overall I've had a great experience at CCHS. It's offered lots of opportunities to me academically, athletically, and in extracurriculars, that I may not have had at other schools. Because it's a smaller school, students get a lot of individualized attention from teachers and can feel connected with other students because we know nearly everyone. It's definitely a challenging school, but every student has the support of teachers, coaches, faculty, and some really good friends. Central Catholic is set apart from other schools because it encourages us to get involved in our faith, with clubs like Vita Christi and various Bible Study groups, and events like Rock the House and 24 for 24, but it's never required or forced.
Every teacher genuinely cares about the students - not just about ensuring that they're being challenged in class, but about each student's wellbeing as a whole. Teachers are available and willing to help before and after school, and they make an effort to attend all sporting events and student concerts as well as devoting tons of time to extracurricular clubs. Many students actually stay around after school and chat with teachers, not because they have to, but because they want to. In general, students and teachers have great mutual respect for each other at Central Catholic.
There is a genuine sense of caring from each and every teacher in the school. Their best interest rest with the student's success.
The variety ranging from competitive athletics to chess club, art club, international clubs seem to allow something for everyone to delve into. If there is an interest that is not available, the school is open to researching its viability.
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This school puts the student at the center of a faith based development of the entire person. The teachers have a unified approach that they are 1) preparing the student for college and 2) preparing the student for heaven. That may seem very different than some schools I am familiar with in the community, however as a parent, what better approach can there be!
When I was an incoming freshman, I had 3 choices of high schools: public school, private school, or private Catholic school. I choose private Catholic school, Central Catholic, and never once regretted my decision. Over the last 4 years, I have truly become the person I was made to be. My high school career has been full of ups and downs. Being part of the Central family, is something I never realized would be so important to me.
I am a Senior at Central Catholic. Through my 4 years of high school I have participated in 9 clubs and 2 sports: Interact Club, Student Ambassador, Well Project, International Club, Culinary Club, National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Scholastic Bowl, Vita Cristi, Varsity football/basketball cheerleading, and Varsity Track and Field. Every club or sport I have participated in I have enjoyed, not only the club itself but also the people. Not only am I in clubs and sports, I am in concert and jazz choir. There are so many possibilities at Central Catholic, you just have to be willing to try something new.
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