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I am very grateful to have been a student at Central Cass. I could not imagine myself graduating from a different school. I will truly miss my time here.
Central Cass has an average learning environment as there is not much done on the teacher's part to challenge students; however, many teachers attempt to create a positive learning atmosphere.
This past school year we got a new high counselor who is very involved with the students. She does a lot to help us find scholarships and apply for colleges. She takes time to connect with as many students as possible. I wish she would have been here since my first year of high school, but at least we have her now.
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Most teachers were very involved in my education. Others were not so much. The athletics department is amazing.
I really enjoy going to school at Central Cass. I've gone to school here from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. It's a smaller school, so most people know everyone they go to class with. I like the welcoming atmosphere.
The academics offered at this school are good. The teachers know what they are doing and have clear plans that they share with the students each week so that everyone knows what to expect that week. The teachers have set curriculums, but will modify them to assist the students when needed. The workload can be tough, but usually doable. Scheduling of the classes is difficult because certain classes are only offered once a day, so if there is a conflict, it is difficult to fix.
The students have good acceptance, but for student involvement, there is very little. The school is also lacking in school spirit, it is basically does not exist.
When I first started getting into extracurriculars, the programs were growing and very good, but as time went on, it slowly declined. The arts especially began to slide to the side, administration does not support the arts nearly as much as they do the athletic programs available.
I personally love the teachers at this school, but the administration and parents do not always follow standards that I hold to a higher degree. Administration is confusing and not always definite. If I had to do this all over again, I honestly do not know if I would come back, even though there are things I love about this school, my overall experience has not been the best.
Most of the teachers at Central Cass High School generally care for the students and want the students to succeed. They make learning fun and encourage you to ask questions everyday. There are a few select teachers that do not always live up to the other standards however.
Very little challenge. Most teachers don't seem to care beyond their class.
Sports are most important but they aren't very good.
Some teachers are good but most don't care. School counselor is a joke. Into herself not kids.
Lots of options for classes to take; teachers generally knowledgeable.
Clubs form based on need: no need, no club; need = club.
Teachers, curriculum, workload = balanced. Scheduling process = poor.
Lots of options, from sports (with a variety available) to music to theater (plays) to speech and debate.
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Several teachers were described and being my child's 'favorite'. Good quality teachers overall.
Central Cass has an available school nurse; security entrances; published disciplinary policies.
Some issues with the administration occurred, but were dealt with promptly by the ranking administration.
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