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Central Cambria High School Reviews

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This was a wonderful place to attend high school! The teachers & administrators care for students & are kind. They prepare students for life & further education wonderfully.
Central Cambria High School is an OK school overall. It's like watching a fight, it's not bad, but you definitely don't want to be there.
Central Cambria prepared me for college courses and I felt like I was ready to take them on when I began my undergraduate career. My only complaint about Central Cambria was how clicky the environment was. It was obviously very divided into set groups of people and I did not feel that the environment was always inclusive.
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The teachers at Central Cambria are very inviting and strive to ensure that students perform to their best abilities. This school provides the best materials for students and gives everyone the opportunity to succeed at their own pace.
I loved how everyone was involved in sporting activities playing or just by watching!! I wish the staff and administration cared a little more about their jobs and put more money into items the school needs instead of stupid things.
I have been attending Central Cambria High School for the past three years. Living in a small rural community presents very little diversity in our community. We also live in a small town and the Distruct does not have the greatest funding. The faculty truly cares about the students and wants to prepare them for life. It is a safe school. They will support students no matter their academic ability. They will try to push gifted kids and assist the kids that hate math. This school district knows how to prepare kids for the world ahead of them.
The teachers are great, but they often favor some students over others, thus helping those students grades. Students are awesome and so are the coaches.
The staff cares greatly about their students and does everything they can to make school a fun and safe learning environment for everybody.
I love the classes and the teachers, but i hate the way everyone treats each other and the overall atmosphere.
I believe the issues that exist with a lack of resources and facilities are being addressed. It is my hope that issues that currently plague the school will be resolved by the time the current elementary students matriculate to high school.
I would like to see a better quality for all athletic departments in the future along with more diverse classes other than classes revolving around the medical field, for example more computer courses or history courses.
the guidance and health departments are very helpful and willing when it comes to dealing with kids mental and physical problems
there is a club or organization for everyone and they are all run smoothly and with fun as a result.
I've had a wonderful experience at Central so far. It is mostly because of the life-long friends I have made there.
The teachers at Central care about their students and help them achieve their goals. They are usually available and easy to communicate with. The best way to contact a teacher is through e-mail. Most teachers are very friendly and listen to what you have to say.
our school nurse really cares about the students.
plenty to choose from for females and males.
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It s ok. Typical small town school.
Most of them give alot of effort.
I think there needs to be more security at this school..
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