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Central Cabarrus High School Reviews

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I think that this school could be better if the teachers there were all like some of the teachers I have had. Plus, the school is way too over populated, so getting around is annoying and takes forever.
Central Cabarrus High School was a great experience for me in the STEM Program. However, we did not have to resources that other schools had like good sports equipment or art supplies. I can only speak for STEM, but the teachers were great! Very helpful!
It was weird having 50% STEM classes then being forced to take classes with nonstem who just saw you as nerds or someone they could use to get free grades from.
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My experience with Central Cabarrus High School has been pretty ok. The teachers and the classes are amazing, but the school is run down and is in desperate need of renovations.
I transferred into Central Cabarrus High School my junior year after having a rough freshmen and sophomore year at another school in the county. The other students at central made me feel so welcomed and I didn't have any trouble making friends despite my social anxiety. Not only are the students nice but the staff and teachers are excellent and super nice.
I like that the school is very good at representing the student body and their characteristic. One thing to change is that the school is 53 years old and it shows in the facilities
I like Central because the STEM teachers are amazing and push for the very best in all their students.
My experience with Central Cabarrus is unpleasant. Currently, I'm a senior at Central Cabarrus. When I was a freshman at Central Cabarrus, I had a different perspective of my high school. I was excited to make new friends and teachers and overall seeing the campus. As time went by the teachers and students gave me a new perspective of them. The students were always rude and unpolite to each other. In an environment where all you wanted to do is learn, it was impossible to do so. Teachers expect you to know everything. Specifical I remember having teachers who taught me to look in the book and find the answer instead of them explaining. To be stuck in a small classroom filled with students who are rude and teachers are incompetent is unpleasant. The campus wasn't just small but filled with cockroaches. That is my experience with my high school.
Most of my academic experiences at Central Cabarrus have been great, which could in part be because I am in the STEM program. However, other aspects of my school apart from education have not been as wonderful.
I enjoyed the people their and the athletics program. I also enjoyed the teachers and I felt they had a strong impact on my life. I would like to see the athletic program get more funding for events gear and equipment.
I had a wonderful experience at Central Cabarrus. The faculty was very kind and the teachers provided me with structure and got me prepared for the future college life. I especially loved the Bible classes at Central. They started a passion to teach the Bible myself to other people and to learn more about the Bible. The Bible plays really helped me build my confidence in speaking and performing in front of people.
Rude staff and does care about others. You will hate this school and they do not involve parents in anything. Fights everyday and hacking here. Not a safe school
The STEM program at Central is very well-run. Only problem is the overpopulation, but besides that, the teachers care about their student's futures.
I used to go to this school. It was great my freshman and sophomore year, but in my junior year it started to get boring and I just found it hard to want to go to Central. They had this program called POWER. There was 40 minutes you had for lunch and 40 minutes you had to do homework, catch up on work, do activities, etc. But people started abusing POWER and it got taken away fully in my junior year. They also closed it because of overpopulation and the school was CROWDED despite it being small. The students and teachers were nice though. Teachers were always helpful and cared about your needs. There was also a bunch of different elective classes there which was sweet. I enjoyed my freshman and sophomore years and that was it. The school just kept declining to the point where I didn't want to be there much. - Jacob Nichols
The STEM program is great at Central. I don't go over the 'gen pop' much but if you're looking for a quality education I would make sure you're on the STEM side..the turf field is also nice!
I enjoyed my high school experience at Central Cabarrus. I don’t think I would have made it throughout the year without the friends I have. I would change the communication between the school and parents. It was very poor.
Sports and Musical experience is the best thing so far. Being able to have a chance to participate is great. Peers and staff not so great. Many staff members are not handling situations properly. School is not very clean or presentable.
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I liked that it had such great diversity and multiple classes that you could take and choose your field of study.
Central is an older school, not the prettiest. Sometimes we get visitors is class, like mice, snakes, rats, even a few birds. Even with it's flaws, the teachers care about their students. A few of my teachers are the nicest people I have ever met. They've impacted my life to pursue what I want to be.
I'm a current STEM student. It is overall an alright school, with its quirks - overpopulation being one of them.
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