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One of the major reasons I have enjoyed my time at CB West is because of the vibrant school spirit surrounding the sports teams. It is an amazing feeling to have the whole school rally together for the same reason. The other aspect I love about my school is the challenging academics. It is evident how hard the teachers work every day to make our learning experience meaningful, and it makes all of the students work hard as well. The only thing I would change about CB West is the scheduling system. With AP tests always in the spring, block scheduling makes it difficult to stay fresh in subjects taken only in the fall and the beginning of winter.
I feel very lucky to have gone to such a fantastic school. I had an amazing time as a student there; between the dynamic at sports games, dances, club meetings, and in classrooms, I always felt like I had the support of everyone around me. We have all experienced harships, and I believe this has brought us all together in a way not every school community can be.
Excellent teachers and students. Everyone treats each other how they’d want to be treated. In a way it’s like a community. 5/5
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A wonderful school with teachers who really care about your wellbeing. Every one here is super friendly and the classes prepare you for college.
Central Bucks West has a long and storied tradition in both athletics & academics, but its the staff and parents that make it go. Parents are always welcome to engage staff - and do freqently. The staff is not only active in the student's learning but in their mental well-being also. And the administration is constantly monitoring ways to keep the school safer, while proving increased and modern tools for both academics and athletics. One of the largest districts (3 HS) in Pennsylvania, none are left behind and every detail is investigated.
I am so lucky to be a CB West grad. I think my teachers at West were far more skilled and qualified than many of my college professors. Great location, inclusive school.
It's a great school. Go bucks! My only complaint is how competitive everyone is. I am taking 3 AP's this year and I still feel inferior to my classmates sometimes. Also, I'm very grateful we have air conditioning, but it's so cold I was wearing a sweater when we were released early due to scorching temperatures. While I'm freezing during my academics, during practice, girls are almost passing out because there is no a/c in the gym.
I think CB West was an incredibly accepting and hardworking high school. People were tolerant and cultivated an environment of academic success as well as fun
cb west is a very diverse school the is filled with great opportunities for all students. there are great programs/classes for art, music, sports, and many clubs to join.
I loved how Central Bucks High School West had such a friendly environment and made me feel like I belonged in my community. I wouldn't change a thing about it!
The school has a very close knit feel. It is right in the heart of Doylestown which is perfect for after school activities. The sports teams are good and they have great rivalries with the opposing Central Bucks schools.
The teachers and administration was very accepting, accommodating, and welcoming. The school facilities and grounds are very well kept and clean. CB West prepared me extremely well for college because of the constant encouragement to take more challenging classes, stay organized, see other peers' perspectives, and challenge ourselves to think in different ways. When I got to college, I felt very well prepared and ready to take on courses in the honors program.
The school atmosphere is very good. Academic wise, a lot of the students at west are taking AP classes, and are succeeding in them, which helps prepare us students for college. Almost every student is involved in some sort of extracurricular activity. a lot of students (mostly seniors, and some juniors)have committed to college on a sports scholarship. Everyone at CB West is inclusive, and the environment is friendly.
The education in the district is absurd. I honestly can say that I feel welcomed and feel like everyone is friendly for the most part. Some of the rules I do not agree with besides from the fact that I attend the school, but it does help build a level of trust and safeness with the rules we have in school. All of the teachers are patient and loving, if you put in the work they will not allow you to fail you just have to show that your care and growth mean a lot to you as a student and individual. I love it! and will gladyly send y future children ththeir at some poi nt .
CB West is an incredible and welcoming place full of people who just want to see the students grow and succeed. The wide variety of courses and clubs offered makes for an extremely well-rounded experience. I am and always will be so happy that I was lucky enough to go to such a fantastic school to help prepare me for my future in learning and making connections.
The teachers are invested in your success and always offer personalized attention. There are a wide variety of after school clubs and organizations. Students are friendly and always willing to help their peers.
I enjoyed making friends at West; the community there is great. the teachers are good and I looked forward to the after school activities every day
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At CB West you are valued as a unique individual.
No matter your "ability", race, religion, sexual preference,
the students at West have a place to feel at home without prejudice.
During a very difficult time for our family, CBW students, faculty and administrators supported our daughter, then a junior, and our family letting us know that we were not alone. West's ability to show compassion and concern has left an indelible mark.
CB West is a loving community full of great people and a good staff. There’s always a new event for everyone to participate in, whether it’s a fundraiser, sports event, fall carnival, etc. All my teachers get information across well and make it easy to understand.
I absolutely love West! The majority of teachers are always willing to help you after and before school, and will even reach out to you if they see you struggling. The administration and guidance counselors help a lot with the college admission process and always make you feel supported. A lot of discussions happen in the history & English classes which is a very fun and unique way to learn. There is a sense of community at west and everyone gets along with other students well.
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