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Central Bucks High School South has been a place that I have spent most my days in the last 3 years , but i also go to MBIT Middle Bucks Institute of Technology. Some time I just wish I new what was happening at South I am not there in the morning I have late arrival and I am not therein the afternoon because I am at tech. I also wish teachers could understand that just because I do not do much at CB South does not mean I do not do much at MBIT. I also have had good times at CB South knowing if i need to talk to a teach they are there and if i need a place to study they always find a spot.
My experience at south so far has been very good! My school has awesome teachers that truly want you to do your best and will help you get there. South has many clubs that anyone is welcomed to get involved in and many other opportunities. I have learned so much and continue to grow as a student. I feel as if I have a education that will prepare for college!
Although the school is very large with 600 per grade and only being 11th-12th grade, the school doesn't feel as big having only 20-30 students in your class. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach and will take their time to make sure you understand content.
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My overall experience at CB South has been good. When I first arrived in 10th grade, I was overwhelmed by the school's sheer size. Coming from a one-floor middle school, it was definitely an adjustment to arrive at a three-floor high school, knowing I'd have to have the guts to face the intimidation each day.
Through the years, my fellow classmates and I grew accustomed to CB South's environment, its mentality, and its way of life. While there were clearly items that had room for improvement, my overall experience has been good.
The school is very welcoming and offers a great environment for students and staff. There are numerous clubs and activities available for students and more made each year.
Central Bucks South is like no other school. Since 10th grade, this school has brought me so many new and wonderful opportunities and even better friends. The teachers here are always respectful of the students which then in turn makes the school have an overall respectful environment. As a senior in high school, I am very saddened to leave such a wonderful school but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to go to this school.
CB South provides lots of opportunities for students. There are many clubs, sports, and after school activities to join. The academics are excellent. Students are academically challenged everyday.
Attended this high school for three years and had an awesome time. Teacher and students are like family and willing to step in and assist others when the need arises.
A great school with nice facilities and up to date technology. Amazing staff who are always willing to stay and help their students. The school is very competitive and prepares their students for college. However many of the students are stressed from such a tough schedule and course workload
My high school was filled with teachers who really cared about their students. I recognize that now especially because of how prepared I am in college. All of my classes and experiences in high school helped me to be able to handle the workload of college life.
I would have not wanted to gone to a different high school. The teachers and faculty here are so welcoming, so compassionate, and such intelligent people to be surrounded with. They are truly mentors and amazing people to look up to before going off into the college world. I could not have had a better high school experience at Central Bucks South.
Overall, CB South has been great, especially compared to the middle schools Unami and Tammanend. Everything is a straight upgrade from those places. Literally, everything is better in some way or another. Everyone here at the very least likes it, and that's impressive.
Going into high school I was always nervous, but CB South made me feel like I was at home. I made so many new friends and became close to teachers who now help me create my path to college. I enjoy going to school because I love to learn in the atmosphere that South brings. School spirit, academics, the clubs etc. all make my school a place that everyone would want to be. I will definitely miss a part of my highschool when i leave for college.
Central Bucks High School South has so many classes to offer that are directed towards specific fields, like anatomy, forensics, business classes, computer classes, and many more! This school prepares you for college by making the students strive for success and the want to learn.
The learning was the high point; teachers were great and really went out of the way to help the students succeed.
Central Bucks High School South is a very good high school. The teachers care about your schooling and are very knowledgable in their fields.
The district's curriculum prepares students very well for their college careers. Also, their facilities are very nice and maintained.
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My experience at CB South was overall a very good experience. Many great teachers, many opportunities to get involved, many fun times on Friday nights at football games. Yet, I believe a big issue at CB South is involved with bullying. I have seen many students get bullied, myself included, and I believe it is unfair and cruel to students to have to go to school in fear every day just because they are afraid of being bullied.
South was a thriving, supportive community. Sure there were cliques, but by senior year, our entire class was closer than ever. There is a club for pretty much everything, and I regret not participating in more clubs during my time in school. There is a culture of academic success, but we were not overly-competitive.
I love my school. It has given me great opportunities to be involved. Especially thorough marching band and a club that I co founded. The teachers are challenging and easy to talk to.
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