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Central Bucks High School - South Reviews

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The teachers and other faculty are amazing and a great place to send future athletes. It was a great environment with no bullying or other negative externalizes.
I thought central bucks south is a very good school with lots of opportunities to join clubs and to meet new people
The education is pretty strong however there is a big toxic culture at the school and the divide between different students is pretty big. We have really smart and bright kids and then we have kids who slack off or do drugs and its an interesting and sort of poor dynamic. The administration does not care about the well being of its kids.
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I really enjoyed my time at south because it allowed me to become the young adult i am today. The teachers are super nice, the students are awesome, and the school itself is big and bright. It definitely has prepped me for college and i'm going to be visiting all the time when i'm on college.
It's a nice school to send your kids to. There are lots of academic opportunities, but it lacks in engaging clubs and activities and overall diversity. It can feel isolating at times.
Rated very highly within the state and country. The teachers are very caring and well prepared. The facilities are excellent and safety is a priority. They offer many programs and assemblies regarding college planning and assistance regarding financial aid applications.
Great highschool, but there is not much school spirit. Great selection of AP classes, especially the sciences and social studies. Great facilities.
I love the Central Bucks South High School atmosphere. One of my favorite parts is the football season. The student section is always packed with students having fun, mingling, and cheering on their team. I absolutely love the teachers I have now and had last year and they have done so much with recommending colleges and preparing me for what professors will do and what they expect. South is an amazing school and I am sad my time there will come to a close in June 2020, but it was a blast and if I could start my four years of high school over again, I most certainly would. Go Titans!
The teachers are beyond inspiring. Their passion for the subjects they teach motivate the student to look for learning beyond the classroom everyday. Beyond that, the school offers extra curricular for almost every interest out there, giving endless opportunities for athletics, music and volunteering to the student body.
C.B. South is fantastic! The teachers are amazing, the counselors have tons of information and are always willing to help you out, and people are always friendly! This school has a great sense of camaraderie. Anyone thinking about moving into this neighborhood will not regret it!
The teachers in this school make sure you're challenged and capable of fulfilling your full potential. I know that at CB South, I'm thriving academically and it's because of how everything is taught here and I know that I'll be successful in the future because of it.
Central Bucks South provided a challenging and fun learning environment to each and every student. They made everyone feel included and they have wonderful and highly skilled staff.
I have loved my experience at CB South! I have been involved in multiple clubs and the swim team for all of my years there. There are so many ways to be involved, something for everyone! My classes are challenging but the teachers go out of their way to help in and out of the classroom. I love that there are so many course options as well so it helps you figure out career paths early on. There are cliques like at any school but overall the students are welcoming. I will certainly miss being a Titan next year but I have made so many memories that I will take with me forever!
The size of the school made it possible for me to find a variety of different people I clicked with. I never experienced bullying, just the average teenager clique exclusivity. Teacher quality was outstanding- it made switching to block schedule much easier than expected. I would've enjoyed longer breaks throughout the day. Learning materials were up to date and abundant, along with technology and other resources.
I would like to see more professionalism in the workplace. I appreciate the attempt of trying to form bonds and relating to students, but I feel as though the CB teachers get away with everything. I would also like to see kinder, more enthusiastic teachers.
Central Bucks High School South has been a place that I have spent most my days in the last 3 years , but i also go to MBIT Middle Bucks Institute of Technology. Some time I just wish I new what was happening at South I am not there in the morning I have late arrival and I am not therein the afternoon because I am at tech. I also wish teachers could understand that just because I do not do much at CB South does not mean I do not do much at MBIT. I also have had good times at CB South knowing if i need to talk to a teach they are there and if i need a place to study they always find a spot.
My experience at south so far has been very good! My school has awesome teachers that truly want you to do your best and will help you get there. South has many clubs that anyone is welcomed to get involved in and many other opportunities. I have learned so much and continue to grow as a student. I feel as if I have a education that will prepare for college!
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Although the school is very large with 600 per grade and only being 11th-12th grade, the school doesn't feel as big having only 20-30 students in your class. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach and will take their time to make sure you understand content.
My overall experience at CB South has been good. When I first arrived in 10th grade, I was overwhelmed by the school's sheer size. Coming from a one-floor middle school, it was definitely an adjustment to arrive at a three-floor high school, knowing I'd have to have the guts to face the intimidation each day.
Through the years, my fellow classmates and I grew accustomed to CB South's environment, its mentality, and its way of life. While there were clearly items that had room for improvement, my overall experience has been good.
The school is very welcoming and offers a great environment for students and staff. There are numerous clubs and activities available for students and more made each year.
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