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Central Bucks High School - East Reviews

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Personally, I believe that there should have been more opportunities for personalized learning and accelerated courses; however, my overall experience was positive. The teachers are incredibly personable and being part of the East community is easy with many involvement opportunities.
It's okay. The competitive spirit is a bit overwhelming. It feels as if there is nowhere to relieve yourself of competition, instead of having fun, you're constantly worried about beating your peers on the next test.
I have met so many great people at east. The teachers really care for the most part, although the district could listen more to complaints and suggestions. I feel safe at east. It is very clean and the food is pretty good. Java City is my favorite. I think the teachers set you up for later in life because our school has very high stats. I feel very lucky to go to CBE because it is a great place to go to school, in a great area, with close access to the police and fire departments.
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Overall, East is a great school that provides students with a great education even though there can be faults in the allocation of funds, the diversity of the student body, and the administration's apathy towards cultivating a stronger school spirit, something the school really lacks.
Very good school with mostly good teachers. East is run by a professional staff who try to fit every student to his or her own path to success. Most things are standardized, as expected for a public school. I had one issue with a sexist teacher, but after bringing it up with the principal, it was quickly resolved. Teachers are respectful and intelligent and generally well-mannered.
Central Bucks East is a very strong high school. Their academics are great and they have many challenging AP's. I firmly believe I have received an excellent education from CB East.
The teachers are great! However, I thought the environment could have been more welcoming and inclusive. There was also a large focus on sports, especially football while other sports like soccer, swimming, and baseball and activities like music, art, and language were often overlooked.
The education and courses at East were very rigorous and the teachers do a great job of preparing students for college.
I absolutely loved East!! The school environment of patriotism is incredible and everyone is a big family who looks out for each other and encourages each other to succeed in their own path in life. Academics, sports, and the arts are all honored and encouraged here, and the students exhibit excellence in all three.!
Central Bucks East was a very good high school to go to, it was in a very safe area, and was not on a major road so there really wasn't anything to worry about vehicle wise. The classes were taught by mostly very intelligent teachers, who wanted to see you succeed and helped when asked for it. East had security guards and took the safety of it's students very seriously. All the principles were very amiable and easy to talk to if you had a problem. The only reason I did not give it a five star review, was because east was also strict in some aspects on things that were not really that important. For example, you weren't allowed in the hall during class hours or homeroom if you didn't have a pass. They took that pretty seriously and would write you up. Also, no one expects school food to be very good, but still the food was disappointing, though they did have a coffee shop which was definitely a bonus.
Cb east is a very unique school in a way that it provides the best education to each student that is enrolled in this school. My school has been nothing but great because the teachers are very nice and are connected throughout the whole school with each and every single student. The guidance counselors Mr. Sandstrom and Mrs.Jones are amazing and love helping their students be cognizant about everyday activities that go on at CB East. Each student from this school usually ends up going to college and my time at east is great. I am going to be a senior next year and i know wherever i want to go i will always have in my head that Cb east is always going to have my back.
Really awesome teachers, great students, safe atmosphere. You can tell that the administrators really care about education and overall well-being of the students.
As an Alumni of Central Bucks East, I can say this school has well prepared me for college academically. The rigor and expectations of the courses were always well explained and well correlated with the teachers. The harder the course the more enjoyable I found the teacher was able to make the class. In extra-curricular activities the director or coach was always accompanied by a respected staff/team. From what I gathered from my peers the activity was tough but many found assets in participating. The students who disliked staff I found only fostered these feelings from the staff not allowing common sense school codes to be broken; The disdain was rarely justified. All in all I had a positive time at this school, I developed a great work ethic, and social/academic relationships through many classes, sports and ensembles.
A good education that helped me prepare and succeed in university. Nicotine and weed is common in the 'popular' kids but easy to get around.
Your academic experience at East can vary greatly depending on what teachers you have. There are many teachers who don't get the class engaged, don't teach well, and just make the whole class feel pointless; however, if you get the better teachers, the experience is dramatically different.
I liked how big the class size was. All of the teachers were good. The school has a lot of school spirit. It was an enjoyable 4 years.
I have always loved my school and have recievef amazing opportunities thanks to all of the amazing people. I believe that my acedemic success is thanks to my hardworking teachers along with the work ethic that they engrained in me. One thing that I would like to see change is the amount of diversity in our school, to say that it is lacking is an understatement.
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95% of the teachers at East are amazing at what they do and care deeply about their students. Of course, no school is perfect, and in no way am I intending to claim that East is.
A very good school with motivated teachers that are always willing to help a student to be their best.
Teachers and classes are challenging if you would like them to be, but there is a lot of support to do your best in all of these classes. No teachers are over the top with work, and they are all very helpful. The school does a great job preparing us for district and national exams. All of the students are hardworking, but supportive of one another. School spirit is very prominent, and the extracurricular opportunities are phenomenal.
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