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Extremely horrible atmosphere! I went for a tour and was greeted with disgust. I am extremely unhappy with how I was treated!
If you are looking for a school that cares about your child's academic progression and spiritual life Central Baptist School may be what you're looking for. The teachers here will take time out of their personal schedule to help a student out whether it be pertaining to their grades or a personal need. Also one other perk is that Central Baptist School is very affordable compared to the other private schools in the area. Although their rules may be a little strict, it is a great school for a child to attend and grow academically and spiritually.
Adequate classrooms for learning what they need, but older.

Technology OK.

No guidance counselor, although the administration is helpful with sending whatever is needed to colleges.

Honors classes available.

Tutoring available; I'm not sure how much.

Lots of parent involvement.
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Most students are involved. However, there are always some who choose to just show up for class and go home. If a student wants to be involved, it's possible. There are really only 2 groups of students--white and African-American. They mingle together with no problem, even going as dates to events. There were a few foreign exchange students in the past and everyone seemed to like them. I'm sure the kids are not perfect, though, so I'm sure there is sometimes peer pressure and negativity. I know the school addresses bullying if they find out.
Overall, very good. Interest in the students is very high. Not all students get along with all teachers. Most teachers make their classes interesting, from what my children say. Teachers are available to help students who are struggling or just don't understand something.
They provide basic college prep courses. Because it is small, there are not a lot of electives. Some fantastic teachers, especially Mrs. Lacks, who teachers most of the science classes. Other popular teachers include Mrs. Amburgey, the Spanish teacher and Mr Nelson, senior high math. Students can take honors classes. Workload is not light, but not overwhelming.
The current administrator has been very good for the school. The dress code is reasonable. Plaid, kacki, navy or gray skirt, but only the plaid are expensive. For guys, any kacki pants. All wear polo shirts with the school logo. Communication is good; staff usually respond to questions same day. There is no full-time guidance counselor.
Because the classes are small, the teachers know the students well and are usually aware of bullying and fighting. I know bullying has occurred and has been addressed. No one is allowed in the school unless they sign in. I suppose someone could enter one of the buildings without going by the office, but there are security cameras with the images being streamed to the front desk at all times. There is no school nurse, but a student may get permission to leave medication with the secretary and take something if needed. I feel it is safe but in this day and age, I don't think any school is free from the possibility of someone trying to harm others.
Most of the students are involved in at least one sport a year. The last two years the teams have not done so well, but three years ago they were very competitive in all areas(they lost a big group of talented seniors). However, they comntinue to work hard and be amazingly well-supported by the school and parents. The athletic facilities are adequate but not modern. Good gym but the football field doesn't have lights.
Again, because it is a small school, there are not that many options. Sports include football, volleyball, basketball and soccer. They are very well supported by the school and students. Yearbook is offered to juniors and seniors. Honor society is for 10th to 12th grade. Music and drama productions are also offered each year. Art and speech competitions are also provided.
This is a small school with a few options if the students don't want to bring lunch from home. However, they do provide some variety in that you can get a salad, but they also offer some unhealthy choices(cheese sticks). It is a limited menu. Because it is a small school though, they do accomodate children with special food needs.
Because we do not have a lot of money to spend on tuition and wanted a small private school for our children, we chose Central Baptist. It has been a good fit for us. The academics have been good, and we feel our children are being prepared for college. One of the best aspects of the school is the school spirit. Parents are friendly and involved. There has not been a problem with cliques. Our children have been able to participate in sports, yearbook, and honor society, music and drama. The teachers know our children well and are always available.
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