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I like how God's word is used to help us in every situation.The teachers are really wonderful. The classes are smaller which gives more student teacher interaction.
Our teachers are excellent. They are all enthusiastic and willing to help every individual. They all have great teaching styles to fit the classes and they communicate very well what they expect. They truly show they care and will help anyone who struggles.
Our teachers do everything they can to help prepare you and supply any tools you need like college prep classes, tutoring. Our school is small, but not too small for the number of students it holds. We use the technology that is available whenever needed. And overall if you ask, it can usually be provided.
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We have a lot of basic extracurricular activities including Art, Yearbook, Music, Home Economics, And Sports.
We all have a lot of school spirit. Competitiveness and sports is a big thing! We play hard and do our best, but academics comes before sports, but we all do our best.
I feel very safe at my school. No one has ever been threatened and we have no need for any kind of security systems or regulations.
All the teachers are wonderful. Our curriculum has high standards. We do get quite a bit of homework, but if you strive to work hard, and pay attention in class it's not that bad.
I love my school! I have been here since. Kindergarten, and I am so grateful for it! I believe our education is great. I love playing sports, being involved in musical activities and I love the family atmosphere where we all care about each other!
Our administrator is great. He strives to be involved in the lives if the students and shows that he cares. All the staff cares about you as an individual and does their best to teach you to grow. We have a dres code, and although many students tend to complainan about it, it's really not all that bad. We understand the policies of the school represent what the school is all about, and therefore there are few problems concerning them.
The athletic program isn't very good. Due to our size, we don't have a lot of skill among the students, and our coaches aren't all really good. Everyone has a lot of fun in any athletic program, though.
Every single teacher knows me personally and cares very much about me exceeding in not only that subject but in all areas of life.
The school building is not very big, but it's in fine condition. We don't have a lot of good technology.
The dress code is strict. Girls have to wear a polo and either khaki pants or a skirt or a dress.
There is really no bullying in our school because it's so small. I have never witnessed bullying nor heard about it here.
There are no daily meals, but there are lunches that you can buy every day. Most of it isn't very good and definitely not healthy.
My school is awesome. I know everyone because it is so small, and I know all the teachers. I feel so comfortable there because of its size, and I never feel pressured into things or feel out of place. I would absolutely attend school there if I could do it over again.
All the general classes are offered but no AP/honors classes. Depending on your teacher, some classes are more difficult than even the average AP class of a public school but some are quite easy. All the teachers know you personally by name and are very interested in you and want to help you.
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There are not many extracurricular opportunities other than sports, music, yearbook staff, art, home economics, and all the basics. The faculty is very interested in you and want very much to see you excel.
This is a private christian school. They have several students from different ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is treated the same. Since we have to wear uniforms, there are not social peer pressure like some of my friends have to endure.
There are not as many classes offered here as at a public school. It does not have as many AP classes but they are getting more and more. All the classes in high school are honor classes. Unfortunately, they cannot offer dual enrollment classes at this time.
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