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I am a student there right now middle school going to 7th it’s good but the food its always fast food as we all know it’s not very healthy so I dislike it I may be a child but I still love vegetables and it’s taught me well spiritually but some things are not always good like some of the Coaches are very persistent in sports I would be playing volleyball and I was pretty good and one of them kept asking me you wanna join volleyball and are you sure you don’t? Other than those I like the kids there the seniors where great they helped me when I got into a fight not fist but words so it’s great enjoy! 🤗
What I liked most was the teachers, they took the time to go over information to make sure we the students understood the work. Many of the teachers even offered after school help hours to those who needed extra help, with that effort the teachers created a comfortable learning environment.
During our brief time at CBCS, the only problem I had was the lack of concern the principal displayed with a harassment issue. His failure to inform parents in a timely manner and his attitude, led me to take my daughter out after only a few weeks.
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I think this is a nice school ,expect they need a new principle, he's not very nice ,never speaks to parents walks around the School like he is God, very arrogant, rude to students in middle school ,beware of him ! Your child could be one he doesn't like and will say things example of your shirt isn't tuck in your suspended, next time it isn't tuck in your out of this school ,in other words a real jerk
Overall, this is a great school. All the teachers are very dedicated. Christian values are taught and emphasized, with the exception of the new principle. I really hope that god can give him the knowledge to be able to guide the students in a positive and christian environment, to bring the best out of them.
Central Baptist academy is a good school thay has so much potential and is a very calm and good learning environment from kindergarten to 12th grade it is fun and can be uplifting to come to this school im glad that i was apart of it.
I loked that the fact the teachers are always there and are able to help you understand. If you do not u derstand something they will help you, if you are to fail something, many teachers wont give you a second chance but most will and that is because they want you to succeed. What i would like to see change is one day the school just maximizes there growth.
I love chapel & religious activities. The sports at the school are improving & growing.
The teachers genuinely care about the students.
They are very strict and make sure the student feels safe and well at all times.
Honestly I love this school. It has taught me so much not only academically but also spiritually.
They are always so kind and a very helpful to students who haven't quite yet grasped the concept of what there teaching. They provide free tutoring classes after school which are always helpful.
There's not many extracurricular opportunities presented at this school. There are no clubs currently at this school. The students are only presented with elective opportunities during school hours.
My overall experience at this school hasn't really been great, but that's probably because the last school I attended was for about almost 10 years; so it was a very familiar environment for me. I'm not saying the school is the worst because it's not, but they are strict on a lot of things and then not strict on things they should be more strict. I've been going to a private school since the fourth grade, so of course if I could do it again I would love a change of environment, but I love the atmosphere of being open about what I believe and being surrounded by those that agree. Overall, I feel like I'm biased concerning these topics. My favorite experience, I would have to say, was being able to play a sport and definitely the Bible camp they always have at the beginning of the year. (Word of Life)
Not at all teachers are at the same level as others. Some are very strict in the way they teach and others are a little laid back, but not so much that they don't care about the students. Most times they teach and grade for the benefit of the students. They try to push the students to do better, but there are a lot of times that they just teach to cram knowledge into their heads. It could go both ways. I believe that all the teachers have like college degrees, but I'm not exactly 100% sure of that if I'm being honest. They all have very different teaching styles and they all work for that specific class, but if that doesn't work they will try to adjust the best they can to help the student learn.
Fence around back of school. Doors locked, fire drills, guests must sign in at office
A great school, we learn a lot and are challenged.
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It's a very good school, we are challenged.
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