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Dear,people I would love to take this time and tell everybody about how toxic this places and how there are the positives and negatives but if you are not mentally strong the negatives will affect you deeply and popularity contest and from what I know this is a very old school they have a rebuilt it well put it this way it's just mentally hard for you if you are not one of those popular kids that could get to know everybody and just nice I was only probably because I was black and that's just horrible just horrible flat horrible but I'd like to take the time to say the stats great the students are not that great there are some great students but just got to survive on your own you know just like High School but it's just felt way more comfortable being in public school no matter how much I could get picked on I'd have to weigh to be isolated you have no exact way to be isolated here everybody got their own group at some fashion but really you have to talk to them at some point
I loved being taught classes in a biblical worldview. The teachers genuinely cared about each student and knew the material they were teaching very well. I would love to see expansion of classes and extra-curricular activities.
I had a great experience at CBCA! I started attended in 6th grade, and graduated as the salutatorian of my class. The teachers are great at Central, and they truly care about their students.
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This school help me grow not just physically but spiritually, too. They help shape me into the person I have become. They also have a great program and willing hearts to want to help their student grow in all area in life. I strongly recommend this private school to anyone!
The menus are pretty good their is a variety of things offered each day & their is healthy options offered almost everyday.
My school offers many sports for students to play like soccer,basketball & also volleyball.In all these sports the players are encouraged to do their best & fans really support the teams a lot.School spirit is very good & soccer,basketball or volleyball games are the teams shows very good sportsmanship.
History which is very enjoyable with Mr churchward teaching it he makes it easier to understand,Mr churchward can be hard at times but you get good results in the end,scheduling is very easy thanks to Mrs liddle who work in admissions & the work load i feel is pretty is easy & sign language another class that is very beneficial because it teaches you that you can communicate with other then you voice which is taught by mrs freeland
they are doing pretty well with preping us for college
Teachers are an example of Christ to the students and are willing to pray with the students when ever they need it
the teachers are really good and there is some teachers that have been there for like 30 years which they still have a great type of teaching
most kids that come to central are accepted by others
sports at my school are good because they offer soccer,basketball,cheerleading and volleyball
the school nurse helps you when you are sick and does all that she can to make you feel better
my school i love and i enjoy going to school each day and this school is unique because our school shows others the love of Christ and i would definitely choose this school again
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