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Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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At this school I have experienced good and bad things. There are a lot of things that could change for this school to be as good as it could be.
My experience at Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School has been one I will always remember. I feel as though I am prepared to further my education in the coming years. I will miss the faculty and staff at Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School dearly, they have been such an amazing support team and I am very thankful for all of them.
The academics in this high school are beyond subpar. The environment is terrible, the students are stupid, and it is no place to go if you truly would like to learn. Do not send your child to this school.
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Central Aroostook is the best school ever. I have been in this school district since Pre-K and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers are friendly and there is always a helping hand not far from you.
This school consists of bullying everyday if a person doesn't fit in perfectly. There are also people in this school who scare me and I don't feel safe around them. Most of the time, I think about what happened if a shooter was in the school, how would we handle it, and it scares me. This school is safe to a certain degree. The school nurse is excellent, that's one good thing about this school. Other than that, this school is a big disappointment.
Because of how small this school is, there isn't much to offer. But the activities that are there, are decent because this school has a lot of athletic students. When I'm on a sports team, I feel like I'm a part of a family, and that's the greatest thing about sports in small schools.
Through my freshman and sophomore year, I had fun school experience. Until the principal got done, the new principal is different, and no on likes or respects her. She doesn't try to get along with the student's, and she likes the fact that she can control us. Since she became principal, school hasn't ben fun, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this.
Because Central Aroostook High School is small in size, not many clubs are offered and extracurriculars are offered. However, those that are tend to be well-kept and participated in. Cuts in funding make it hard for certain clubs to run, but usually the community is pretty supportive and the administration puts academic clubs above others. Enjoyable and popular clubs include Youth in Government, Future Farmers of America, and National Honor Society. These clubs take enjoyable trips that open up great incentive to join. Students who join are usually committed because they are somehow rewarded or genuinely enjoy the activity.
CAHS has been my home for the last 6 years of my life. As a freshman, I was tormented to the extent that I considered transferring schools. However, one thing that held me back. No, it was not the excellent education or the loving small school environment because trust me, CAHS lacks in both areas. What kept me at this school was the exceptional cheerleading program. If CAHS does anything right, it is it's athletic program. The relationship I formed with my coaches was enough for me to stick out my freshman year. I live for each winter and the satisfaction that comes with every Friday night game in the Panther Palace and every gold metal I ever won. While sometimes I regret not transferring for a better academic education, I know I couldn't win the regional and state cheerleading competition with any other school. While I can't consider the opinions of other students, what made the experience of Central Aroostook High School unique for me was continuing the legacy of my mom who was also a CAHS cheerleader in the late 80s and early 90s. I end my cheerleading career forever next month and I feel like I'm losing a piece of my heart. They say that the school hasn't changed in years, but maybe that's the beauty of it. Whatever the case, this small town and high school will always be home to me. It is that feeling that makes me think if I could do it all over again, I would not change a thing. Who knows, maybe in 25 years, I'll be watching my very own daughter in the very same high school gym.
The teaching staff at Central Aroostook High School varies greatly in age, teaching style, and personality. While many teachers are good at what they do, there are a handful of teachers who go beyond what is asked of them. For a great example, a particular English teacher sets aside a few minutes each Monday to discuss current events. Not only does this give the students a chance to cure the Monday blues, but the small time slot keeps students educated on the world around them and allows them a time to voice their opinions. With that, all teachers designate at least a few days a week to work with students outside of class. The teaching staff never likes to see a student fail and will always put their best foot forth to ensure it does not happen. All of the teachers at CAHS are friendly and enjoy casual conversation with the students. While some teachers are older and enjoy a more traditional lecture-style class, younger teachers usually incorporate more hands-on activity into their lessons. Although the teachers are currently struggling with the grading system due to new Maine laws on standard-based learning, the situation at hand is not the fault of the teachers. They truly do their best to work both with the law and the interest of their students. Teachers at CAHS come from several different backgrounds. While they are all intelligent in their field of study, many teachers are also well educated on further topics and share interests with students. That, however, may be thanks to the small, close-knit community. Overall, for what they are given, CAHS teaching staff deserves a pat on the back.
The building is nice and clean.
The books are up to date and helpful.
There is an abundance of laptops, desktops, kindles, and other electronics specifically here for learning.
The teachers are always willing to help and to learn from their students.
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