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Central Arkansas Christian High School Reviews

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The people at CAC are amazing. I had a great academic experience with outstanding teachers. Some of the policies are annoying and inconsistent however.
I like Central Arkansas Christian because I have found my very best friends there and great teachers. I love being involved in cheerleading, tennis, history club, and drama club. If I could change one thing about CAC, I would expand the class size number. I would do this so we would not have to have a huge jump in numbers between high school and college.
i went to cac from kindergarten to my sophomore year, i made a few good memories but most were unpleasant to say the very least. If you want your children to go to a school that tries to install moral values, have teachers who care, and is upper class and preppy, CAC has your name written all over it. With that being said, if you want your children to go to a school with a student body and staff that is accepting of every social class, and background, i would recommend looking somewhere else. Honestly, the school administration refuses to accept the fact that a student may be struggling with things at home or with mental illness. They refuse to accept anything that will effect a students ability to preform athletically or academically. I have no vendetta against the school or the admin and i have forgiven those who made my experience here less than acceptable.
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Moving from public school to CAC was the best decision I made. The level of education and the friends I've made have made my high school the best.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Central Arkansas Christian (CAC). I attended CAC for three years so far, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in enrolling their child in a private Christian school. The faculty and staff at CAC are very loving, caring, and they devote all of their time to the students. CAC has many programs for students to get involved in; drama, sports, art, and more. Academics are challenging, but very good because of the wonderful teachers.
My daughter went to CAC from 6th-12th grade. Overall it was a good experience. I hope they continue to grow so as to be able to offer a bigger variety of sports and activities.
CAC was the perfect fit for me. The teachers care for the students in a way that no other school offers. The small, private school class size offers lots of opportunities in sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars.
One thing I like about my school is that it allows me to learn in a safe environment as well was one that enhances my social life. All staff and teachers at Central Arkansas Christian really have a passion for what they do and it is very apparent in how they teach. I feel like I am very well prepared for college though the education I am receiving at Central Arkansas Christian.
My experience at CAC has been nothing sort of incredible. The faculty and staff are fully involved in each student’s life and they make sure that each student has what he or she needs to be successful both spiritually and academically.
The teachers really care about the students, and lunches are really good! I guess my problems would be the clique(iness) that goes on... but what high school doesn't have that.
During my time at CAC i valued the amount of respect the teachers had for us as students. The teachers had a genuine soul and they truly wanted us not only to receive a better education but to also grow older to be a better person. Although, i would change the food in the cafeteria. They have the same lunch offered every week, and as students we get very tired of eating the same thing all the time.
I have attended Central Arkansas Christian for the majority of my middle school and high school life. It was a very great experience with great people, great academics, and a great environment. I would like to see a change in the diversity level of the school.
My experience was very good. The Academics are very good and I loved the teachers. You get to have a close relationship with the teachers while learning a lot.
I like the culture and environment of the school however I wish there were more extracurricular and clubs.
I personally spent my whole life at Central Arkansas Christian, CAC. I started at the elementary campus in pre-k 3 moved my way up to the secondary campus. I enjoyed my time at CAC. I made life long friends and got to grow my faith with them. I liked how every one of my classes had a maximum of twenty kids. So, I could interact with the great teachers at CAC. The only change I would say CAC needed would be to be less strict on their uniform policy.
CAC has been my home since I was four years old. The school provides excellent education in both academic and spiritual aspects through exceptional teachers. The teachers actually love and care for all of their students and want them to fulfill their potential. The students' relationships with one another look less like friendships and more like family. How caring they are towards each other is something that is unmatched anywhere else. Everyone at CAC is involved, whether it's in state-championship winning sports, student council, various clubs, drama, choir, or band. CAC is a Christian school, and that is a title that is being lived out on a daily basis. All students take a Bible class and attend chapel assemblies everyday where they participate in a devotional. Throughout the year, students participate in several "Mustang Missions" to help those in need both in the local community and even abroad. CAC is much more than just a school. It's a family.
My experience with Central Arkansas Christian High School has been excellent. I began school there my freshman year and have had nothing but a wonderful experience. Students are able to work on a personal level with teachers as well as a educational level. Teachers are always there for their students and the students know they are able to talk to them no matter what. Each grade has around 60-70 kids and they all are like family. The school itself seems to be just like one large family.
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My experience at Central Arkansas Christian has been filled with great friends, great teachers, and great memories. The teachers provide an environment where the students feel loved and important. The school provides countless service opportunities throughout the year to aid the surrounding community. Sports are very important to the student body. At every meet, match, and game there is a student section cheering on their fellow classmates. The education at the school is carried out by teachers who love their subject and want the best for each student. Although I am finishing my time at Central Arkansas Christian, its impact on my life will last forever.
There are plenty of clubs and ways for students to get involved. I was involved in being a Junior Class Officer last year and it was an awesome opportunity to learn about leadership of the class and also grow closer to the other officers. It was so fun, and also a big responsibility. I learned a lot about commitment. A popular thing at CAC is student council because they pick the themes for school events and make a lot of decisions for the student body. Choir is a fun choice too. Our choir has been very successful in the past few years with all region and festivals. The fundraising is awesome for all of these extra-curriculars.
I have loved every minute I've spent at Central Arkansas Christian. We have laughed, cried, and mourned together as one big family. What makes CAC unique is the emphasis the teachers and staff put on serving others and doing everything we for the glory of God. One of my favorite days of the year is our Day of Service. We split up into group and go out into the community to serve others. It's just an awesome place to be a part of. I would choose CAC again every time if I did it all over. I would choose CAC for my kids in the future. To feel accepted by everybody in High School is so rare. It is so easy to get involved and become a part of this amazing family.
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