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Central Academy of Technology and Arts is a wonderful school. By pulling the brightest students from all across Union County, Central Academy creates a diverse and academically rigorous environment. Though there are plenty of resources to keep students successful. For example, the guidance counselors, teachers, and peers alike all work to make sure that the school environment is warm and respectful.
My experience with Central Academy of Technology and Arts has been great! I love that there are academy classes because I’m able to do what I love every day. Because I’m in the dance academy of performing arts, I’m able to express myself through dance every day and perform in front of all of my friends and family during the shows. I’m also able to choreograph dances which helps to expand my creativity. Because it’s also a very small school, there is a lot of one on one help from teachers. I believe this is why we are so successful in academics. One thing I would like to see change is CATA’s sports. Because our school is primarily for technology and performing arts, I believe a lot of the focus on sports is lost. It can be hard for anyone desiring a scholarship, for sports specifically, to achieve one if they don’t have the resources to be pushed to their highest potential. Other than that, I think CATA is a great school all around.
CATA is the only magnet school in Union County, NC and offers opportunities for students to study an academy of their interest such as: Pre-Engineering, Medical, Performing Arts, Automotive, Computer Science and much more. The teachers are wonderful and I feel like I have gained an insight to my career path that I just would not have obtained in any other school. It solidified my engineering career choice and helped me zone in on the branch in which I want to pursue.

The administration, counselors, and entire team at CATA have been there for me, supported me, guided me and I feel as if when you go to CATA, you are part of the Cougar Family forever!
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This school has prepared me for college. The best part about the school is the academics. This school has great teachers, and the classes allow us to become college-ready. Sports and school culture are the most lacking. People from all over Union County come to CATA so it's difficult for a singular culture to set in. And our sports programs are typically inferior to the other schools in the county.
It’s a great school and allows you to specialize in an area of study. Class sizes are small and all students are accepting of each other. Because students meet a minimum requirement in order to apply to the school, most kids want to be here and do well.
Amazing school! The experience at CATA is so unique and diverse because of the wide range of students attending from around the county and also the different paths of study offered.
I loved the environment that central academy brings forward. they are very involved in their activities like pep rallies and dances. The only thing is that the way the class rank system is set up is hard for students in other academies like Theatre and Dance to compare with Engineering students who are required to take AP Classes their freshman year.
Central Academy is a beautifully diverse place where students from all different schools and backgrounds are wonderfully prepared for college through vigorous academic courses. This however, does not come without its cons. Though the school fully prepares you for college, it creates a strong competition among students to strive to do better on the idea that failure is not an option. This puts extreme pressure on students.
CATA is an extremely diverse school with a wide variety of students who each have individual talents and skills. The school is divided by academies and different specialties, but still allows for different academies to intermingle. The only problem I ever had was when I would see the occasional bug.
This is a magnet public school with different academies focusing on medical, technology, engineering and the arts. I would highly recommend it as I received an excellent education here with lots of support.
The school is very good, with some issues here and there. There is a lot of diversity and the education is outstanding. The science classes are extremely rigorous and it offers most of the classes offered through Union County Public Schools. Some teachers are amazing, while others aren't as great. The AP potential is great. The academy classes are great also, but you can't switch academies, which is very upsetting.
CATA feels like a small school while offering big opportunities. It is a magnet school in the Union County School District. I have been part of the engineering program since 9th grade. The class sizes are good, especially within your concentration. The teachers all care about their students as do the guidance councilors. Being able to take courses that are geeked toward my future college major throughout high school has given me not only a leg up but the confidence I need going into college.
I like the college readiness portion of the school. The curriculum is pretty difficult. The school is an academic school, so it suffers greatly in being competitive in most sports.
Central Academy of Technology and Arts is a very hands on school. It has many different academies you can sign up for. These academies are a hands on experience of what you may see in what you want to major in. For example there is a medical academy we dissect hearts, kidneys, pigs..ect. If i could change one thing it would be to intermingle the kid from different academies.
I enjoyed my experience at CATA. I was in the Computer Engineering Academy and I really liked my teacher Mr. Markle. He taught us so much information and I feel like he really cared when he taught us. The staff at this school really care and they are some of the kindest people I know. The band at CATA is amazing and they have a real future ahead of them under the direction of Mr. Retzlaff.
Loved the fact that I was able to take so many engineering classes in my time there. Teachers and administrators were great when I attended.
Overall, CATA was the best place I could have spent my high school years at. While the academics were challenging, they were definitely manageable coupled with its very much encouraged extracurriculars. I felt that our pathways could have branched into more in depth explorations, especially in the arts academies, but I do feel that our ability to work in between academies was really rewarding.
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Central Academy of Technology & Arts is a magnet school, where people from all over the county can go to if they apply. I've been thankful for the fresh start and new opportunities. At CATA there are various academic pathways that you choose upon entry. I chose engineering and the vigorous classes have helped me prepare for my future. Engineering has taught me problem solving and working as a team. As a Junior, I have to take the SAT and ACT this year and my school makes all Juniors take these preparatory ACT practices. The sports at CATA aren't that good, but I think the pathways are trade-offs for sports. The administration does a really good job about informing the parents. My parents get newsletters and weekly calls informing them of what is happening. My mom gets texts sometimes which is a little much. Though I bring my lunch from home, the cafeteria had really tried this year to think of new menu items. They even offer free samples to encourage students to try new things.
My experience at this school has been amazing. I was taught by amazing teachers and I have learned so much from this place. I think anybody who has the opportunity to audition or apply to this school should, everybody will learn something new and fascinating!
Magnet school offers several different academies. Performing Arts academy is outstanding. Small class sizes, caring teachers who help students to be successful. Involved PTO who work together with admin and teachers to meet the needs of the students.
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