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I've always had a sense that administration weren't very well organized, they're always persisting that we're up to date, yet they're slacking more so than us. I can admit that I haven't learned anything since my middle school year at this school.
Being at Central my whole high school career, I've seen the good and bad side of Central. My freshman year you could see that the staff and faculty didn't really care about the students education and that the students did little to no work and still ended up passing their classes and/or graduating. But, as the years progressed you could see a drastic change within and outside of the school. Especially my senior year. My senior year, that's when Mr. Madry came from Texas and became our principle. He has done such a wonderful job with changing our school around for the better. Test scores increasing, attendance increased, class performance is better, more students are involved in extra curricular activities, etc. Even after I have graduated, I am still hearing wonderful things about my school. We now have a band, majorette team, more AP classes, new gym and football field, and much more. I am glad to say that I am an alumni of Central Academy of Excellence.
My experience at Central has overall been a good experience so far. One thing that I enjoy about Central is the faculty there. For instance they want to see you succeed. Also I enjoy the school spirit. At mostly all games we have we'll have many students show up and support. Things that I would like to see different is greater academic opportunities.
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In central you can tell that they have goals to be great but most of the times things don’t get followed through.
I like that Central Academy of Excellence pushes students to strive and help students study habits. Central Academy of Excellence track is the best known sport and most competitive sport as well.
At Central, teachers enjoy teaching and students enjoy learning. We also have a very successful sports program.
I first started going to Central my freshman year and it was horrible. The students were bad they didn't want to learn, they were always fighting, cursing the teachers out and everything. I didn't feel like i was going to learn anything. So sophomore year I left and went to Hogan, they were no better so I ended up back at Central Junior year. Since we've gotten a new principal he's been making a lot of changes for our school. He's gotten us new lunch tables, better field trips, and more. He also stays involved with the school, he interact with the students as well and were also learning more with new teachers. Central is way better than what it was before and I can finally say I actually like going to school now
Central is actually a very good school. They have a bunch of open opportunities that kids from 7-12 grade could do. They offer a whole lot of things , train children to work hard enough and helps them get jobs (involved in JAG Programs)
Our school is straight forward and on with bullying and personal safety. They try there best to make sure everyone is okay and at there best fit.
There are extracurricular activities, but I feel there could be more. At the other schools I attended, more was offered. Central should invest in a YearBook Club, Photography Club, etc.
At Central Academy of Excellence, some teachers teach and try more than others. What I mean by that, is that some teachers assign work and don't teach. Then some teachers teach very well.
The school is okay, we have our good and bad moments. Our school definitely isn't as bad as everyone makes it seem. But most students don't have any school spirit.
its not all that like i said it could be way better
it's horrible. you really don't hear anything good about students. the students need to take part of their education serious because the teacher are not going to be holding their hands all their life. i believe the teachers give their all even when they are getting disrespected.
i believe the recruiting of sports should be more available to the students so they get into a good college. i believe the technology should be more available to the students that don't have computers to access.
Most students don't attend games or play. i believe the sports can be more fun and full of students that really want to play. the weight room should be remodeled and have more weights.
some teachers care about their students education.
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the school administration make sure the school is in good condition. they treat everybody fair. they make sure everybody is in a safe and well taken care of.
The school gives the needed high school education.
The teachers are good but the students make their job harder than it needs to be by interrupting and disruptive behavior.
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