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Central Academy is a Poor school. The academics there is kind of below average. They don’t offer and AP classes and just regular classes that will not stand out on college applications. They way they treat their students is horrible. They are also racist and I do not recommend to anyone. They let the non-black kids say derogatory words and don’t do anything about it but when it’s black kids they act like it’s the end of the world. It was a regret decision for me to go there my freshman year of High school. Glad to say that I am moving on to a hopefully better school.
I liked that Central Academy offered many opportunities to their students to help them with their future.
I am going to be applying for colleges within the next month or so and was starting to get really stressed out when it came to how I would be paying for it all. Once I found Niche, everything just became much more easier and now I am able to apply for many scholarships all through Niche. Nothing really comes to mind when asked what could change; everything is great.
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They could do better but it isn't horrible unlike many schools I know.
I honestly wish there were more options for students.
The students aren't that friendly unless you are related to someone but there is the rare moment when a new person can slide into a group. There are a lot of cliques but they aren't mean,
They work hard to make sure the students are making it but they also force the students to be independent and handle their business
I liked the school
I had a great experience at central academy. I learned the true meaning of friendship and i learned how to manage my time wisely. I practiced stepping out f my hermit shell and engaging in school and community activities. i learned the importance of giving back to the community as well. Central Academy prepared me for college for that I will forever owe them my gratitude.
Bulling is not tolerated at central academy at all. Dress codes are taken very seriously and so are attendences. If a student misses a certain amount of days in a semester that student is required to either make up those credit hours during the summer or they must repeat that semester.
Bullying and violence are not acceptable at school under any circumstances at Central Academy. There are greive punishments that can go as far as a student getting expelled. Violence and bulling are taken very seriously, even situations between friends who are kidding around.
They offer us at central academy the very best that they can afford to provide for us. No our buses aren't the most high tech or fancy but they get students from point "A" to point "B" cost free and safely. Tutoring is offered most days after school and everyday during lunch time. There is always a way to get help , its the how that many people struggle with finding out.
Teachers and councilor are very open with student. They are very flexible with their time and very understanding when it comes to helping students who need extra help in classes . They care about the students getting what they are teaching and passing their classes.
Healthy foods are ofterd but generally they aren't as tasty and the one's students are used to. All special dietary accommodations are made.
The four years in high school most students have the opportunity to build special bond with their teachers. So even after they graduate they contact and teachers and staff members.
There are volunteer services. Such as recycling or tutoring peers.
Gym isn't simply an elective, it's a class to be taken seriously. Learning just as much important stuff in gym as you are in a average classroom. If not more.
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There is only one option and we eat in the gym. The food isnt that goos though but after all it is school lunch.
A strict uniform is enforced. Dress shirts and ties.
Its a small school with bot enough recourse. I also want more classes. I would also have liked a AP class.
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