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I transferred to Central A&M in the middle of my junior year and it has been like home since. The community involvement is very good and they are extremely involved in all of the schools endeavors. This school might not be the newest when it comes to the facilities but the culture makes up for it. Since the communities are so small everyone is more involved and everyone has everyone's back. I do not regret my decision to transfer at all and I highly recommend this school to anyone.
I love my school. We have such a tight knit community and that is shown at our school. I don’t think anything really needs to change.
Being a senior has shown me many things about A&M. I have never noticed how much the younger kids look up to me, they notice everything you do. Being a good student starts with having a good staff. That is exactly what A&M has.
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The teachers and administration at Central A&M High School go above and beyond. They are always looking out for the students and want to see them succeed. In the classroom, the teachers are able to easily engage their students; they know how to have fun in class but how to teach their students at the same time.
Our principal helps create a friendly environment. Every morning he walks through the hallways and greets students by name. He also acknowledges the success that every student has.
I could not imagine going to school anywhere other than Central A&M.
I am a junior at Central A&M high school. Overall it is a very good school but it could have a lot of changes to make it better. I think at Central A&M the dress code is very strict, which is okay to a certain extent, but it seems like the kids who play sports and such don't get dress coded as much as the students who don't play sports. Also the school, even though it is small, there is a lot of people there who are very rude, and they are very immature. Another thing is that we have no air conditioning, which isn't a very big deal, but whenever you make girls dress like it's winter whenever it's 100 degrees outside it's kind of ridiculous. I remember getting dress coded because my shoulders were showing, and it was about 100 degrees in the building.
If you are not straight, it can be very hard to get along with students and even some faculty. Some students are advocates, but most are not at all. Most of the teachers don't see sexuality acceptance as a problem, since they don't think those problems in school are prevalent. If this is not changed, people can live their lives not accepting who they are. They won't be prepared for real life problems when it comes to sexuality.
The school feels that it is safe enough to not do very many safety precautions, but it really isn't safe enough. We need more protection in our school for a lot of things.
They offer a decent amount of clubs, but it is mainly in physical activity and not in the arts or musical performance.
Most parents aren't teaching their kids about diversity. Really, it doesn't exist at our school.
The teachers, I've heard, have been better in the past. This first year for me, the teachers have been kinda bad. They don't typically care for students. Some do, but most don't. They seem to care more about getting on with the lesson than stopping and helping people who struggle with the lesson and struggle in the class. This may be due to the fact that we have teachers ideas that conflict with other ones. We also have a lot of first year teachers or ones that transfer.
When I was a three-sport athlete at Central A&M, the parents were so great to every athlete that played. In every sport, parents who didn't have children in sports came out and support the athletes. Going to state in basketball three years in a row, every person in the community came out and support us. We won the good sportsmanship for out student section two years in row. The parents and staff have raised the students to be supportive within every sport.
The teachers truly care about the well-being of students. They want to make every student succeed in everything they do,
For a small school, Central A&M does an okay job. With funding issues it's difficult to provide the top security and health programs here. But the school tries their best with what they have.
There is an activity for all types of students here. From sports, to science, to religious to music. Something for everyone.
Central A&M is a school that is focused on their students and their families. Participation at all events, sports, music or debate, by students and people in our community is outstanding. Parents take part in the school by participation in school board meetings, fund railings or chaperoning events. I would highly recommend Central A&M school district to anyone who feels that their family requires the best of public education.
The teachers at Central A&M I believe, are some of the best around. They are there when I needed them and are always willing to take extra time for their students. Their expectations were high for their students but that made me strive to be my best. They were also great role models outside of school. They attended extra circular activities and cheered everyone on regardless of the outcome.
Teachers will let people in through does near their rooms without making them go to the office in sign in all the time
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There aren't a lot of options here. Our school focuses on sports, and that's pretty much it. It would bother me if last year when I actually did sports, but Noe that I work I would still like to be a part of a club or organization.
Parents don't get involved in the school. They might show up to support their kid in one sport but having nothing else to do with the school the rest of the year
Several of our teachers seem like they truly don't know the material they are trying to teach. It makes it extremely difficult to take notes or reber something when the teacher has to keep going back three or four steps because she said she messed up.
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