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My experience at Centerville Senior High School has been pretty good in terms of academics and the fine arts programs. The one thing that the school struggles with is diversity among the student body and the staff. If there were more diversity among the school I think that students would have a better learning environment.
Centerville gave me a place to meet all of my best friends, and prepare for life after high school at the same time. one thing i would change about the school system is the overall is the school spirit. this is one thing that is lacking in all parties, students, staff, and administration a like.
Centerville provides many opportunities for every student no matter their interests. They know how to set you up for success, while providing a great environment. It’s a smaller school, but they do well with clubs and extracurriculars! The sports teams do pretty well for such a small student body.
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The thing I liked most about Centerville Senior High School was how the faculty pushed you to do your very best. The thing I did not like about Centerville Senior High School was what they put their funding towards.
Centerville High School is a special place to me and my entire family. Both sets of my grandparent and also my parents graduated from Centerville High School. My Grandmother just retired from teaching at Centerville Schools and my sister and all my cousins graduated from Centerville. It has a small hometown fill
Centerville is a good school. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and lots of honor class options. I have been able to explore my love of science and math with many different class options.
Centerville Senior High School is effective at college preparation, they have many club opportunities, vocational opportunities, great music programs, and a few sports to choose from. Centerville should work on improving their attendance policies and hallway policies. Centerville is a fairly safe school, somewhat small (but growing), and has a good academic reputation.
Centerville Senior High School has equipped me with all of the knowledge and opportunities I need to thrive in college. I'm leaving in better shape that I went in. Like all schools, it has it's flaws, but for my personal academic journey, it served me well.
The high school administrators had questionable ethics when investigating issues within the school. I personally was threaten to be suspended if I did not tell them the 100 percent truth about a particular situation in which I was a witness in.
Centerville schools have a very close knit community. The teachers and students take care of each other and support one another.
I loved the environment and the school spirit throughout the small town. People were always energetic and I loved growing up attending the school.
Many teachers that I had at Centerville Senior High School were very dedicated to helping the students. I had a lot of teachers that were very motivated and would spend extra hours helping me with school work. Communicating with the staff was easy and they were polite and kind. One thing I would like to see change would be the athletics department and their help with kids wanting to play sports in college.
I love attending Centerville Senior High School. There are many opportunities for help at this school.
I liked how closely the staff worked with the students and how they became like a family more than anything. I think its a great community and school to send your children to.
Centerville is full of caring people who treat you like family. The teachers always have an open door and are willing to listen to you about anything. Administrators are there to help us develop into mature young adults, and prepare us for our future lives beyond high school. Academics are extremely important and all students are encouraged to always do their best. Extracurricular activities are also important to Centerville. All students are encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities every year. Students are offered an abundance of sports and clubs. However, to participate in these activities you must have good grades. Therefore, everyone strives to get the best grades so that they can participate in the activities they love. Centerville is voted one of the best schools in the area for academics. I would love for Centerville to continue to grow academically and in extracurriculars and prosper into the full potential so students can succeed even more than they already do.
I feel that it is a very good school that genuinely tries to teach their students. The only thing I can complain about is the dress code which may seem like a complaint for every school. However, sometimes I feel they go overboard with it.
I have had a great experience at Centerville Senior High School! When I first moved to Indiana, I was terrified to be the new girl, but the staff and students here are par none! I cannot make a negative comment about any one of my teachers. They inspire me to work hard, stay true to myself, and encourage me to reach my goals in many different aspects of my life. They have impacted my life so greatly that I want to be a teacher so that I can make a positive difference in other students' lives just as they have done for me.
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Great School for anyone looking for a good education!!! I graduated this last year and I have to say I'm glad that I went here! Teachers are great, school is safe, academics are cut above the others, and you get a good quality education from there!
I think that centerville is a great school with a great faculty, however I do think there are some changes that would benefit our student body. I love the challenging courses our school offers. Centerville prepares their students for college. My changes would have to do with things such as discipline and help to get overall student involvement to rise. For instance, I have watched our dress code be unfairly enforced. By that I mean the principals pick and choose who gets sent home for the dress code and who they let "slide by with a warning". If the dress code is truely such a large problem, I believe our school should enforce it on all students: including athletes, good students, and "favorites". I also believe our school is so strict and principals scare the kids so much that our students lack desire to be at school and participate in activities like after school activities.
I like Centerville Senior High School. I think it should have better parent involvement. I feel like their academics get you prepared for college.
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