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What I liked about Centerville was that it was a place to get a good quality education to prepare me well for college. I greatly appreciate the hard work I put towards math and science in high school. However, what Centerville lacked and continues to struggle with is the enrollment status. My graduating class had a total of twelve students. I believe if we combined with another school, it would have granted not only me, but my class and underclassman more opportunities with not only academics, but also team building when I participated in sporting events and extracurricular activities. Therefore, Centerville High School has an okay academic program but needs to take into account the enrollment so each student is pushed to create new opportunities.
I am a transfer student and the one thing that I really enjoy about Centerville is how friendly all of the students are. Coming from a school where I was bullied this was a big change, but for the good. The teachers actually cared about how you were doing in and outside of school. They noticed when you had an off day and would pull you to the side to make sure that you were ok.
One thing I wish they would improve on is there being more options for classes.
A lot of the staff is bad.They seen judgmental people who only care about their students playing sport.They single people out and treat student differently.They expect kids to act mature but the adults can't even act mature.
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Our school doesn't offer a lot of extra classes. The classes offered are basically the common core classes you are required to take. Their are some agriculture classes and some online "LDL" classes. The curriculum in our school is 94 to get an A so many kids will work hard to reach the higher standards causing higher grades.
Coming from a small South Dakota School having metal detectors and armed forces is not common. We keep all doors locked except the main doors in case of a tragedy. There are security cameras located around or school in case of a happening. There is a school nurse that keeps a close eye on the many diabetics in our school. He is also there for any other medical reasons. I believe our school is safe because they are prepared for any situation.
There is a natural helpers program that allows high school kids to help kids of there age or younger. The after-school program is a place where you are allowed to stay for kids that wait for their parents to get off work. There is also sports, FFA, and oral interp that can take place after school or before school.
In my school district parents are very strong about excelling in sports and overlook some of the other extra-curricular activities. I like the extra curricular actives because the teachers in charge of the activities have a strong passion for them.
Teachers always have the doors open to us and engage us throughout classroom discussions. They are good about putting grades in but can sometimes fall behind. I know as a student all the teachers are there for us during school work and other situations in our life.
We have taken steps to protect the school by locking the doors, and we also have invested in a school nurse for the first time in many years.
Our principal and counselor are very helpful and organized. They take stands to address all school issues, however there aren't very many large issues.
We have some teachers that are extremely dedicated and supportive to everyone. However, we also have some teachers who are lazy and do not correct tests or assignments within a reasonable amount of time.
We do not have any after school activities outside of organized sports.
The athletes in our school are out for every single sport and support all of the sport teams, however if a student is not out for sports they rarely come to games or support.
The food at our cafeteria is often under cooked, over cooked, or just plain unappetizing.
The academics are good for the small school we have. Our teachers are great and over qualified to teach us.
There was not a lot of diversity in my school. Peer pressure was every where. Being a small town made us kind of a party school.
I believe most of our teachers were helpful and caring with the students. There were a few that probably should not have been teachers because of the way they interacted with their students.
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I feel that I could have been prepared more, but I don't blame that all on my teachers.
I would choose this school again because besides the small town drama the teachers were considerate and very capable of teaching students life lessons and information. Due to the small town environment the teachers were very involved with the students, maybe to involved with students personal issues. The school was very warm and inviting place to be.
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