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Centerville High School is a great school where so many opportunities can be found from the clubs that are available to the classes that help prepare you for college.
I have attended Centerville City Schools for my whole life, kindergarten to twelfth grade. Centerville is safe, welcoming and most importantly- my home. There’s always friends to be made and the staff at the school is very helpful with any problem that might arise. Living in Centerville and attending 3 different levels of school has been a pleasure and has allowed me opportunities that i might not have gotten from a different school.
An excellent school in a suburban area south of Dayton. Pretty diverse for the midwest. Fantastic STEM and Academic programs (Science Olympiad, HOSA, etc.)
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Centerville high school is discriminatory against students who stand out or are different from the crowd. If you do not fit the high-standard mold of Centerville you will be looked down upon and ridiculed by your peers. Any form of individuality or self-expression is immediately shamed and shut down. If you do not conform to Centerville's totalitarian dictatorship, you will be cast out and ignored. There is clear favoritism among the majority of the teachers and they force students out of their comfort zone. So glad I graduated out of there.
Centerville High school has helped me learn and grow as a person. It’s provided me with a great high school experience.
Centerville High School had a Biotechnology program that allowed students with ADHD like myself learn effectively and on their own time. I graduated and now have a 4.0 in collge for my Master's degree. The school district is safe and prepares its study body for adulthood and being successful in their lives.
I absolutely loved this school. There are so many clubs, sports and activities to get involved in that everyone will find something. The teachers at this school truly care about every student and although most classes are very challenging, they will ALWAYS find a way to help you succeed. The food was kinda gross but then again, it is cafeteria food.
I would love to see more recycling and caring about the environment. I really love how many opportunities there are at the school for clubs and sports!
Throughout Centerville High School, there are some gems in the student population and the faculty. I've met some of my best friends here, but I've also met some of the most inconsiderate people I've ever encountered here. Some very understanding, sweet teachers and some teachers who seemed like they wanted their students to fail. Overall, Centerville needs to improve it's flexibility with students who are sick or have a chronic illness, or are mentally unwell. But, the education and the performing arts program will continue on to be amazing.
I thoroughly enjoyed the theatre program. It gets many people involved and the productions are professional.
Centerville High School prepares students for many different future careers from medical to theater. The only qualm is that there aren’t enough counselors for all the students.
Centerville has so many opportunities that other schools around do not. The teachers all around are very good, and even most (although certainly not all) of them go above and beyond what they are required to do. Principals can be strict on some unnecessary things, but other than that, it is hard to be any better than it is. Our sports and academic extra curriculars are stellar(as far as coaches and players go) , many of which additionally do very well in competitions, tournament, and state rankings. The high school building itself is certainly on the older side, but improvements are slowly being made. There are lots of people who go to the school, which may be a turn off for some, but I personally have had a very enjoyable high school experience by meeting and getting to know lots of people with different backgrounds.
At Centerville High School there are high standards for academics and excellent teachers that will make you well prepared for college.
I loved Centerville High School. The academics were pristine and the teachers were phenomenal. However, the social aspect of the school was somewhat flawed. Bullying was not taken seriously and the supervisors of the school turned their head to multiple students in need. If I could change anything, I would have more counselors that actually care and someone that could be a trustworthy person to talk to.
Most of the teachers and athletics are good. Lockers and restrooms are dated. Kids don't really even use lockers anymore since most books are online. They took away student wifi. There are too many uncovered glass entrances for safety issues in todays world.
I really feel like most of the teachers really care about the students. There are teachers who clearly don't but I feel that's at every school.
CHS is a generally well-off school with a large variety of classes (one of the few schools that offer O Chem!) and a decent campus. They recently got some new carpet, too. They also have fancy water fountains courtesy of a previous senior class gift, just to mention an amenity. Though a few teachers have a reputation for being not amicable or for their lack of quality (I've had 1 teacher in my 4 years who was a snore), most are passionate and good at what they do. CHS hires the best which is why it has a reputation for being a good school. The location is good for a suburban area. I hear our cross country team is excellent. A student can encounter a lot of opportunities if they attend.
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I was in the Centerville City School District from kindergarten through high school graduation and my education prepared me very well for college. Teachers are very knowledgeable in their subjects and our school offers more AP courses than many other schools.
I love Centerville High School!! They are very open to new ideas and love when new students come to our school! The staff are very easy to talk to and care about the well being and their students academics. Centerville also has many opportunities to get involved in the community through clubs, sports, and applied tech programs. Centerville has prepared their students for college and many teachers teach their classes as a college level.
I loved going to Centerville High School! The teachers were really amazing and cared about you a lot. I had tons of opportunities to get involved and to gain quality experience for college. There were tons of opportunities to find people like you as well. I joined a Lacrosse team, Spanish club, Math Club, Yo-yo Club, Key Club and a couple others over my 4 years there. There was some issues with the levy passing and extras getting cut back but I still enjoyed it.
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