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After 13 years at COL, I had some useful information come out of classes from Centers of Learning and made a few great friends that I’ve known my entire life. Other than that I strongly suggest staying away. The sheer lack of teachers’ experience other than being in the church and around church kids, and the lack of student diversity and extremely small class size has created a major issue in every graduate of social inability and unawareness that they either have to struggle to overcome in the real world or decide to stay in within the strict, yet scary comfortable confines of the church. The teachers and officials are WAY too involved in the children and families’ personal lives, and tuition money is promised to things you’ll never see. Despite the high tuition and many families who sponser and donate, the teachers struggle with money. Church controlled, and the kids will seem extra cared for but the older they get the more severe and apparently harmful it becomes.
I absolutely love everything about this school and am so thankful that I attended it from 4th-12th grade. The teachers are spectacular. They go above and beyond to help every student succeed, and they cultivate great relationships with the students that make for very fun and engaging classes.
COL has a great culture of family atmosphere. Everyone, from the students to the teachers, genuinely cares about each other. I always felt safe and included among my peers.
The academics and college prep are excellent. My classes were fun, yet challenging. When I began taking college courses, I felt very prepared by the classes I had taken at COL. When I was applying for college, COL helped me with everything I needed, from SAT prep to information about the FAFSA. I was accepted into a top college right out of high school and am currently working on my bachelor's degree. This school is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
This school is a place where the kids feel free to express themselves. Many electives such as theater, film, and leadership give the kids opportunities to explore different fields to help develop their own creativity. The teachers are very good at conveying the material for the kids. They are extremely supportive and will spend extra time to make sure you understand the material. Overall, this school has been impacted my life immensely. I would highly recommend this school to everyone.
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I had the privilege to attend and graduate from Centers of Learning. While attending Centers of Learning I felt that the teachers cared for my well-being as well as my academic achievement. Centers of Learning gave me the opportunity to have internships that I would not have had in public school. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a personal and family oriented learning experience.
Centers Of Learning is a delightful school that will prepare you for the real world. It's home to teachers who care deeply about their classes and students. It's a place where students will excel and build great character. A school that challenges and nurtures their students. Truly a wonderful school environment to receive an education.
Centers of Learning delivers an excellent academic program in an atmosphere of acceptance and care for every student. The small class size allows for individual attention and direction, identifying and addressing each child’s learning need. As a graduate of Centers of Learning, now working in the public education field, I see so many disillusioned students and frustrated teachers, I can honestly say I am so thankful for my experience at Centers of Learning.
I have very much enjoyed going to centers of learning. I have been here for many years, and the classes feel like a family. Everyone knows each other, and you never feel isolated. I have been lucky to have been a part of COL’s excellent robotics program, which competes on a worldwide level. Centers of Learning has helped me foster a love of mathematics, robotics, and learning in general.
There is not much to like or enjoy for Centers Of Learning. The only good that has come from this school is that ability of some of the teachers to teach very well. Sadly this does not apply to all the teachers. the high school English teacher is quite a mess. She spent the majority of her time on her phone, watching videos, or eating. I have not seen her once get up and lecture. Many students get by the work from this teacher. As long as you sent her some form of paper, it doesn't matter if it is old you will get an A in the class. Students can not learn while from this habit. I wish that was the end, but this school is not for your child if you are not associated with The Church Of The Living Word. This school was originally only for church members children. In all honesty, it is still like that. If you or your child is not a part of their church you will be treated diffrently. This facility is full of liars. Giving you hope, but in the end fails.
I like that it's a family atmosphere, however I would like to see some things change. For instance, I got a demerit for participating in chapel and not letting my film teacher keep my hat. Like "that is my hat, you have no write to take it from me."
There are a variety of electives and afterschool activities. The robotics team recently got second place in Super Regionals and is going to Worlds.
This school has taught me more than academics. I have learned how to function in the real world as an adult. The teachers also prompt the students to actually think, not just regurgitate information. After each semester, the students take a survey to let the school know how effective the teachers were.
The school is connected to a church and many of the teachers and students attend the church. The relationship between students and teachers is close. In addition, the teachers are knowledgeable and always try to give a variety of assignments.
I'm very glad I chose to move to California and attend Centers of Learning. I've made great friends and feel like I've gotten a good education.
The teachers at Centers of Learning are knowledgeable and very invested in helping their students succeed.
The staff of the school helped teach me more than just bookwork. They taught how to conduct myself to prepare me for college.
The teachers are very personable to the students and assist them with their individual learning styles.
The school is very well maintained and has a beautiful campus.
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The school is very safe and I have never felt any threat while attending classes.
The teachers and staff are very personable and work to get each student to reach their full potential.
They have a barn with animal husbandry classes.
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