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The teachers are great and the food is better, but bullying can be a big problem. The teachers are willing to help you if you need it and they are sure to make sure you are prepared. The counselor is very patient and kind. Most teachers are going to make sure you are ready for college
Some particularly lovable about the campus at Centerpoint is the ability to be yourself. Despite different beliefs and ways to express yourself, Centerpoint teachers and facility allow you to be yourself any way possible. There are several courses they offer that prepare you for you college experience and never give up on helping you achieve your goals.
Centerpoint is the best place to let your children learn. Not only do they teach the students, but they take the time to know each student. All the teachers are wonderful. It’s a small school with a big heart!
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I absolutely loved this school up until 2 years ago. I had a great time. I participated in many sports and extra curricular activities. Most teachers are caring and good at what they do. However, this school in particular is going down hill. The academics is failing overall, the administration isn't doing a good job and the atmosphere and care of the students below me is sad and eliminates some of my hope for the future.
In Centerpoint, there are many good teachers who truly care about every student and want to see them succeed. There is a large range of classes and extra-curricular activities that one can participate in. The band is amazing and the director loves to teach the members. Most of the teachers at the school are very intelligent and are very good at teaching their subjects. Unfortunately, it is a small school so the teachers aren't paid very well. The administration at CenterPoint is questionable. It seems that there are new and unreasonable rules that come up very often. On the other hand, there are many reasonable rules that should be enforced but aren't.
Centerpoint High School has the best atmosphere, the teachers are always willing to work with you and to help you. The students get along very well with each other and help each other in time of need. We are very involved in the students and the community as well.
I started going to CenterPoint in 8th grade. I didn't know anyone but people weren't afraid to say hi. I made some friends and as the years went by I made more friends. The education is good, we have been 5th in the state the past two years for our testing scores at the end of the year. We have excellent teachers, who are always there to help. I would change the layout of classes, like the time limit. But other then that CenterPoint has been a great school.
It's an okay school, but the teachers and staff are more focused on who you are and what you can do, athletically, than if you're smart. If you're not pretty, popular, or athletic, you won't get anywhere with most teachers. They buy into the popularity contest and pick favorites to the extreme. There are exceptions, of course, the AP English teacher, the Geometry and Algebra 2 teacher, the band director, and the choir teacher.
They really have a great set of teachers that help make our students feel comfortable asking questions and make learning enjoyable! My daughter is taking Pre-AP courses this year, 7th grade. They may be a small school but they really are doing a great job! They are in the process of building a new school for Kindergarten - 5th grade next to the high school.
I have went to Centerpoint my entire life, I've grown up around the teachers and my other classmates, so in a way it's like another family and home. If I had a choice, going to any High School anywhere this would still be my choice. Although some of the other students can be irrational, the teachers excel in getting us prepared for college and helping us in anyway they can. I think Centerpoint is the best school all the way around in being that, we can choose our classes, AP classes are extremely helpful in the preparation for college.
The sports were really fun
I really liked how it felt like going to a school where everyone was like a family
They tend to interact with us the students, like asking questions.
The school is small so the teachers are very caring and want the students to be successful.
I get bullied day in and day out, i let it go though. The teachers and staff in general tell everyone its a bully free school, they tell lies, they don't help
Could offer some higher level courses.
Teachers and staff are great with their subjects and are willing to help students when needed.
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The teachers connect with the students. Extra-curricular activities are encouraged.
We have Asians Mexicans and pretty the ideal cultural melting pot
I am royally disgusted as well as having serious stomach pains. It is eatable and I've only thrown up once.
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