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Center Point-Urbana High School Reviews

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I liked that I was able to feel very welcome in the music department, but I wish that there would have been more opportunities for AP classes or college readiness classes.
Center Point-Urbana High School staff are awesome. The school has a lot of spirit. I really appreciate the Storm Lunches. I do wished that seniors have open campus for lunch. I would like to see some of the football student section regulations to change.
My experience at this high school was not anything special. I did the normal things like attend games and go to musicals. I became very close to many of my teachers and distanced myself from others. Something that I would love to see change is for the fine arts program to have more attention than it does, particularly show choir and jazz choir. It has moved backwards in progress and it is very disheartening to see.
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I was able to get involved in almost everything in my school all while getting an amazing education!
Center Point-Urbana High School is an amazing high school to attend for anyone. They provide a quality education to all students. Teachers are always willing to take time out of their busy lives to give students their undivided attention when a student needs help. Techers also do a great job of preparing students for college by teaching them effective study habits, how to properly write essays, and advising students on what information they need to focus on in their educational journey. Aside from academics, CPU has an amazing athletic program. Coaches not only teach our athletes how to be competitive athletes but good men and women. CPU helps to better the future of its students.
We support all the sports CPU offers, but there have been some sports that have been wanted from students that keep getting turned down. I think we have wonderful extracurricular activities but what about the ones we don't? There are some new clubs at our school and I think it's very for our students.
A big chunk of why this school is so amazing is because of the community. Everyone is so supportive and willing to help each other out. You can always count on community members watching your back.
The teacher at CPU are amazing! They are always willing to help students out, even if it requires extra work from them. They truly care about ALL of their students!
Overall, I feel safe at this school. We may not have the top notch security systems that other schools have, but that's mainly because we don't need them. We don't live in an area where crime is common, and most of the kids and staff look out for each other. We act as our own security system.
We have a wide variety of extracurricular programs at our school. I feel that there is almost something for everyone to do, no matter what they're interested. From computer club to cross country, there is something for everyone to do. We also have show choir, something that isn't found very often in our area.
The teachers are very passionate about teaching!
There is a lot to do, many different areas of interest are covered.
If I had to do school all over again, I'd choose Center Point-Urbana. The atmosphere is friendly and safe. I've made a few life long friends and am acquainted with almost everyone. Teachers care about you as a person, not just a number.
All of my teachers are well-educated in their subjects and they do their best to share their knowledge. I've had teachers that go above and beyond to help those falling behind. Almost every teacher I've had has cared about me as a person, not just about my scores.
CPU has random drug dogs come in monthly, very strict policy of bullying, many cameras, etc.
There are the usual clubs and organizations, but I feel like there could be more.
My favorite experiences are Friday night football games, and how nice and caring the teachers and most of the students were! I also enjoyed going to Girls State, which the school had helped guide me into!
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All throughout High School here, all of the teachers have been awesome, not only towards me, but others, too! They truely care about every ones education and well-being.
I have had a wonderful three and a half years so far. Since it is a small school you know many of the students in the other grades. This current year we have started a Storm Lunch program and it has good intentions but needs some slight adjustments. As a senior it is not as beneficial but the underclassmen can utilize it. Over all I like this school because it is small and comfortable to me. Our students have so much pride we will fight to win anything we participate in.
There's a great set of teachers and a good amount of people, but the food is...well... school food.
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