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I've been attending Center Point for all four years of my high school career. Although it is not very big, it comes with the small town feel of being close to everyone you meet and building relationships with these people that can last lifetimes. I believe this is a great community. You will receive an okay education but you will have the resources to make yourself better.
I would like for the school to get a bigger campus and better facilities. The school has a good background for teaching it just needs bigger classes and more of a variety of classes and electives in the school.
Center Point ISD is a very small school located in a very small small town. The time I had there was great, everyone knows everyone. There’s no pushing in the halls, everyone says hi. It’s a friendly school and town. I recommend it here
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I liked that teachers were willing to be flexible at times. Many of my teachers worked with me.I would like to see them make academics a priority instead of sports. There are some very bright minded individuals there, and I would like them to receive the necessary classes they need, but also the praise they deserve.
I have attended Center Point High School for all four years of my high school career. The small school offers an abundance of activities; FCCLA, 4-H, a very successful and growing FFA program, as well as Spanish club, Robotics Team, NHS, and Yearbook. Center Point's Athletic program is very competitive with influential coaches and peers. The small class sizes allow a student to be involved and ask questions that might not be answered in a bigger class. I wish to see more pride in Center Point. I would also like to see an improvement in a few facilities and higher- overall class average.
I liked the fact that it was a small, compact school. It was hard to really make any enemies with you seeing the same people at school every day no matter what. That being said, if there was another student that you really couldn't help not liking. It really was bad when you had to see them every day. Also if there was a teacher you didn't like, you were stuck with them for the rest of high school usually
At Center Point, the teachers are all very friendly and helpful. Some are better than others in the way that they teach but overall they are very educational and easy to follow along and understand.
Stony point is a really great school. People in the community said it used to be pretty bad but it's actually gotten better over the years. It has a really multifarious student body. It also has high scores in math and language arts, contrary to others' beliefs. There's many clubs and organizations for students to choose from and you feel like you be belong. Athletic events, specially football games and pep rallies, are filled with school spirit and everybody unites for one purpose. Our library has great books and the teachers actually care and want you to learn. Plus, the food is healthy and good! It's just great to be a tiger!
I'm a senior I will be graduating in four months and honestly I have had the best experiences of my life. I wouldn't trade my 1A school for anything else. We are tiny but mighty and at a small school you know everybody and you are friends with everybody, much like a true family. I will always be a Pirate!
All our teachers are pretty average they teach most of the time but we also have a lot a free quiet days. We have a classes a day so on occasion the workload is too much to handle.
Our school food is disgusting, but i wouldn't expect anything else. I usually don't eat when I'm at school I wil just buy a water and be on my way. To make it worse we don't have open lunch to where we can go out to buy food at the nearby restaurant.
We have many organizations to participate in from the art club to spanish club and even key club. We also have the Pirate Pride program that gives us an oppurtunity to be involved and we are rewarded for it at the end of the year.
We don't really have any bullying because most of us are all friends. The dress code is kind of strict but we are all used to it. We are not allowed to wear jeans with holes and the girls have to have shirts with sleeves that are three inches in width. All the guys have to be shaved and their hair can't be longer than their ear lobes.
This school is small and many people play more than one sport. The size of the kids are very small and short so the sport advantage is very well lacked. This school is very united and together. We all are very close and are willing to help anyone that needs the help.The school is small and the books need to be updated, but it is the best to get better learning through many great teachers.
The grade well and teach the subject they know personally about great.
There is a lot of peer pressure but you learn how to avoid it.
There is not much of anything here.
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I feel like I am not yet 100% prepared for the real world. I could use a bit more boost and reasurement about the real world to get me a bit more use to it.
The food could use a ton of improvement. sometimes the food is a bit overcooked and sometimes even comes out burned, and they still chose to serve it.
I do believe the school policies are very harsh. I have never attended a school, besides Center Point that does not allow facial piercings. I am not such a big fan about that. the dress code may be a bit unfair for guys since they always have to tuck in their shirt.
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