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I would like to see a lot of change with Center Line High School. The school is very old and needs to be remodeled. There needs to be more funding for all activities and not just football or basketball.
I have been going to Center Line public schools since I was in preschool. Center Line's district is quite small due to the fact it is a city within a city. The students here are average students with low test scores and or students that do not try hard enough causing roughly 150 to 200 students graduates in every class. I have personally been on the above-average side throughout my academic years. I just try a little harder than most. It is not hard to be in the top 20 of your class when the competition isn't hard but it definitely isn't easy. The teachers here will help you push through the obstacles you may face and want you to succeed in your life especially academically. They will try their hardest to create a bond with their students so they can feel more welcomed and safe with them. Overal the school has their ups and downs but what school doesnt?
The small town feeling and closeness of the parents groups, football games and the way the parents and School Board members work together for the common goal of the advancing the kids in their school careers. The district is not so big that we, as students lose track of our relationships with our teachers and counselors.
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A school environment can play a major roll on a kids education. In Center Line High school, I am currently a senior and have gone here for almost four years and can say that I am proud to be a student here. Being an Arab-American Muslim it can be hard to view yourself other than different, but because of the amount of diversity I never once have felt "different" or overwhelmed. The school is small which I appreciate since I know everyone that goes there and know all of my teachers well. The academics are challenging but in a way that ensures that I will have a good education and the safety as well is great. I love going to Center Line High School and will support its growth and everything it has given me.
The school district had some serious issues. They do not prepare well for college, they reward the trouble makers and do nothing for their few high achieving students. Too many teachers play favorites with students and the administration enforces nothing. They have a hand full of good teachers but many only like certain kids and those kids get preferential treatment. The school itself is old and outdated. We have no football field or stadium. The soccer field is disgraceful. I’m honestly glad to be out of the district as it just continues to get worse each year. Bullies and trouble makers and fights daily.
There’s lots of raw talent in our school, but our administration isn’t doing anything to help us become more broad with it.
Center Line is a decent district considering the poor resources they are given from the state. Our academics are far from the best, but we had the best teachers I had ever come across that sincerely care about their students and student success.
Center Line High School provided me with a fun high school experience, however, it did not prepare me for college. The classes at CLHS are not comparable to classes at other local high school and puts the students at an disadvantage when attending college.
At the time I was there, I can't complain about my high school experience. I was very involved which made my time there much more enjoyable. My class was very close and involved as well, which was nice.
It's genuinely a good school, just the fake people there make it suck. The academics are good and the sports are decent.
The teachers and the students are great and even some of the faculty in the bookstore and office, however the people that are in charge of center Line public schools (the board of education) and the principal of CLHS don't do what's best for the students and don't listen to what they have to say. They do what they think is best even if it makes the students experience at the schools worse. But the teachers at CLHS are incredible and are well educated and the students for the most part are some great people.
I like how Center Line is a small school and is easily manageable by the teachers and staff. The students are very friendly and nice. The classes provided are great but need improvement and more courses should be added. Also, the school needs to care more about all sports, not just one sport.
Center line high school has a lot to offer and i have a lot of fun there. They have lots of activities and I love the staff. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else
I just started using Niche to get scholarships for my first year of college and although it does connect me with scholarships, it can be a little confusing on which ones I have already applied. I also feel like the chances of actually winning one are slim. I dont want to spend all my time applying and not actually win one. The website though is organized nicely, but it could use some improvements.
It was like the teachers taught but it didn't come across or stick with the students. We didn't have a large work load and we all thought we were doing very well. But when it came to the ACT my class scored very poorly.
Because of the size of the school and the area it was it the school itself had a variety of students from all kinds of ethnicity's and cultures
There were plenty of options because of the size of the school and all the directors of the activities were very involved
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I enjoyed my high school experience. There was plenty of activities to get involved in and the school was the perfect size not too big so all the students knew each other and got along. No one was miserable to go to classes.
Some teachers engage more or less then others
The academics here are good, the teachers are by far the best and give a fair workload. The scheduling process though is not always fair and leaves many students repeating classes they already took.
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